Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?

  • Funlibrarian- Welcome! I am also 5'3 ish and started at about 150 lbs. so we are in the same boat! :)

    Shellsbells- Good for you for getting your workouts done in 48 minutes! I am able to get through the lower body workouts in that amount of time, but I am still slower with upper body.

    For those looking for a protein pancake recipe, I recently tried one from Emily Alvers' website (previous BFL winner) and really liked it! It is made using sweet potatos. Here is the link:

    Southernbutterflies-That's exciting that you have a trip to look forward to! Since you are going on week 11 you are going to be so close to finishing the challenge, so hopefully knowing that will be the motivation you need to make it through :) P.S. I am a big fan of the carrots and cake blog you mentioned!

    Gymjunkieinthemaking- I can relate to the VERY sore muscles. My lower body is still sore from my workout Monday! Tomorrow is another lower body day, so hopefully I can complete the workout okay! I just started taking Glutamine at the recommendation of my husband, which is supposed to help with muscle recovery. Anyone else using this?

    Haylzabub- I LOVE that you said "ew" to the word diet. I cannot stand that word! :)

    Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

  • love this! and i relate.  i should introduce myself, 'cause i've been enjoying everyone's posts this week. 

    i'm just on the very tail end of 36.  i did bfl religiously about 6 years and 90 pounds ago.  since that time my life's taken some crazy turns but it's all come out for the better.  i had some problems with food relationships, alcohol, with my marriage with myself.  i've worked really hard on all these things.  been sober for just over 3 years now which helped my marriage :) and last year i had a baby.  oh how i adore her!  so in the hustle and bustle of life, i've let my weight and health just go unchecked. 

    when i did this before, i was so unhappy with myself and bfl totally helped me gain some control.  i'm in such a different place now.  i'm generally ok with who i am as a person, but i'm realizing that i'd be free-er without this extra weight.  i could enjoy every minute of my life SO MUCH MORE!  how cool will that be?!  so i've decided to turn back to what i know works.  what i love about this program is that it's such a mental thing.  i felt so completely centered when i was at the gym and used to be able to get so much done around the house and with personal goals when i was working this.

    because i haven't had a chance yet to sit down and plan everything out, i'm getting a head start by eating the program way and getting some exercise in every day (mostly in the form of walks) when i start officially, Sunday, it will be the bfl way - all the way.

    thanks for your stories and your honesty!  it was the extra nudge i needed to dive in.

    love, heather

  • Welcome to Gymjunkieinthemaking, funlibriarian, SaraKate, and heathercita!  I love that we're all of us roughly 5 days into this thing and we all act like we're welcoming new peeps into a years old club.

    SaraKate - I am using glutatamine.  I know I am crazy sore but I also know I've been much MORE sore in previous endeavors.  How much are you supplementing?  What is your preferred way to take it?  I've been having about a teaspoon 2x a day, sometimes in my protein smoothie, sometimes with a dab of yogurt to make it all stay together.  Funny, I actually found cake n carrots while searching for pumpkin protein pancakes as suggested by another winner's menu.  I added her to my blog roll but haven't had a chance to read yet.  Good to know it's a good one!

    gymjunkieinthemaking - I adore you just for having such an incredible attitude despite a bum toe and limited resources.  I hope you push through this week and keep on truckin'.  I found the protein powder story interesting.

    I had a hard time sleeping because it was such an effort to roll over in the middle of the night lol.  My hamstrings and triceps are still crazy tight.  And it hurts to sit!  I am looking forward to HIIT today so I can get some blood flow and stretch everything out.  I'm also happy because even though my upper body hurts I love being able to feel my muscles when I use them.

    Hope it's a great day!

  • Welcome to everyone who has joined our little group! It is amazing what support from strangers on the web can accomplish. For example, my company had a party today and as I speak there are delicious, buttery, soft vanilla cupcakes with piles of white icing just sitting in the break room. But I swear to you I thought to myself, NO! I want to be able to tell my girls on the forum that I resisted! And so, I have resisted! As much as I think I want one, I know that the guilt and disappointment I would feel if I indulged would outweigh any temporary benefit. Gotta wait for my cheat day! So, I'd just like to say thank you just for being here to read my words. I'm happy to return to the favor to each and every one of you. We can do this!! Lower body workout tonight after work, I'm ready!! BRING IT!

  • And let me just say to you, haylzabub, I am so incredibly proud of you while reading your words that you did resist!  You are right, there is accountability that is so fun to share.  Way to go!  I'll be thinking of you and how well you did when I hit my next temptation.

  • Ladies, Ladies, Lasdies,

    I am SOOOO proud of all of you!  

    Reading these posts makes me feel better (such a wierd emotional week for me) and I was in tears reading a couple.


    I read your Biography.  You are amazing.  We could be kind of twins....I am so thrilled for you and that you are back.  I too an FULLY AWARE of how this program works.  And after the last year of trying EVERYTHING else  I realized this is what I dont want it to be...(does that sound weird) Healthy diet and hard work.  I wanted EASY, but nothing good happened for NO WORK.....


    So proud of you for resisting!  I hope you enjoy something yummy and satisfying on your free day.

    Southernbelles:  Were you a cheerleader?   You are sooo positive, warm and encouraging - thank you.

    EVERYONE else!  Thanks so much for writing of your success this week.  This first week is hard (especially if youre like me)  and this is what is needed to feel connected to something bigger than ourselves...

    Here is what I am figuring out:

    When I did BFL before, I worked out at 4:30AM every morning.  But now, I cannot work out in the morning.  I am up at .3:45AM to start work at 4AM (east coast hours).  so instead I work out at 9AM -10AM (my east coast lunch hour)  BUT since we are supposed to work out on an empty stomach...this is what happens.  I start work at 4AM drink 2 cups water.  WORK until about 6AM - no food but I am STARVING.  I eat my first meal at 6AM - next meal scheduled by 9AM but I work out instead.  THen the program says dont eat for 1 hour after.  BUt by my workouts at 9AM I am starving again.  weight days its not so bad, but the cardio days I just simply dont have enought feul to feel good.  By the time I eat my next meal at 10:30 to 11AM I am FAMISHED and shakey.  Even with the meal, I dont feel better for hours.  I feel like if I eat before the workout (like 30 minutes) I am not following the program to the letter.

    So I am really trying to find a way to fit this work out in and still be on an empty stomach without feeling gross.

    IF you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

  • Shellbells, my suggestion is that the program is a set of guidelines to get results in 12 weeks.  but really, this is a lifestyle change so it needs work for you.   as long as you're getting 6 meals a day in - and you're following the "authorized" foods you shouldn't make yourself sick trying to fit that weird schedule in.

  • Shellbells, I agree with heathercita. I read a blog where the author did BFL in the past and had AMAZING results. I don't think she ever once worked out in the morning...she did all her workouts after work. She said that she just made sure not to eat for about 2 hours before the workout, so your body is still in a "fasted state." I thought you had to go for longer without eating to be in a "fasted state," but it 100% worked for her so I believe it :)

    Did anyone eat anything especially good today? I am looking for new food ideas!

    Southerbutterflies- The glutamine I am taking is actually in pill form rather than the powder. I take one 500mg pill a day. I am taking it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach because I read it is supposed to work best that way.

  • shellbells, never a cheerleader but I am a homeschool mom so does that count? :)  Thanks for such a gracious compliment, it made my day!  I wondered if you could eat at 4 and 7 then work out at 9?  If not I agree with the others, make this work for you!  I know I will probably never get a morning workout in, so be it.  I had a huge mental block to overcome on that as I used to get hung up on if I'm not doing it 100% by the book then why do it at all?  Ridiculous, I finally figured out.   Any positive change I make is better than the years of no change under my belt.  I hope you find a balance that works for you to fit it all in.  I really liked hearing about the previous member SaraKate referenced.  

    SaraKate, too funny as I read you should take it before and after your workout and also read you should take it 3x a day!  One teaspoon of mine should be approximately 4500mg, I am noticing that is quite the difference from your 500mg.  I will have to look some more into it.

    Something delicious I ate today was an open faced sandwich on whole wheat with avocado, tomatoes, salt/pepper, and roasted chicken breast.  

  • Haylzabub (and really the collective group), I thought of you today.  I am in the unfortunate position of having to find some space between myself and who I would have called my best friend.  Recently some discussions have come up about some serious topics...teenage sex, faith or lack of, drug use, that has, I think, left both of us realizing we are worlds apart in opinion despite how much we enjoy being together.  To complicate matters our children are also the very best of friends but I just cannot let how she parents and thus her children influence my children via the way of their friendship.  And she probably thinks the very same of me.  So we are drifting, intentionally, but we still have weekly homeschool activities we partake in.  Today was such a day and it was really awkward.  It is clear we are both taking steps to separate us.  We moved to this area about a year ago and it has been a struggle to find people we connect with, we near left earlier in the year due to this.  I'm feeling very lost again not having her to text and email and plan and play date and teach with.  My kids don't understand, I don't want to make it a big deal to them but they are asking why this family we have previously spent 1-2 days a week without fail hasn't been coming over.  They have new plans to make with them and I'm at a loss with reasons why it won't happen.

    Very long story shortened, I didn't take a snack with me so it had been 4 hours since I had eaten (the crab monster due to lack of food is my other personality) and as a result of this and my crazy feelings I came home and headed straight to the freezer to get ice cream.  I know!!!  What was I thinking!  I didn't even get a bite in though, I thought of you ladies and that we all have a struggle today, perhaps yesterday, maybe tomorrow, and put it back in the freezer.  I'm not entitled to this silly-doesn't-solve-anything indulgence more than any of you.  That sounds harsh but I took comfort and strength in it.

    Thanks to each of you!!  I'd have been mad I gave up my free day and couldn't take advantage of it. ;-)

  • Hi Everyone!  Wow this is a hoppin' thread I'm trying to keep up!!

    I want to respond to SouthernButterflies since I just saw your post and say HURRAY you did it, you slayed the dragon today.  That is so encouraging and I am going to think of you all when that day comes for me and it will.  On another note I want to say how much I respect your decision to protect your family and your values - that is such a tough decision to make.

    Today was a cardio day for me.  However, I have already bucked the program, geez.  I have started playing tennis again (my passion) and I am taking a drills class on Thursdays.  I didn't think I could handle both the cardio and the 1.1/2 hour class, in addition to my feeling a bit sinusy this morning.  Grrrr.  I may have to rearrange my schedule and do a double workout on these days, adding in weights in the afternoon or something.  I am going to see how my energy is as the weeks go by.

    Gymjunkie- can I say wow, you are doing BFL in a developing country with a bad toe and icing for protein powder!  You rock girl.  No excuses for any of us.  ;o)

    I wanted to throw out there that I too am 5'5" and 156 (eek!).  So there are a few of us in the same boat.  I have regular doubts that I can actually take this weight off this time.  I feel as if my body has betrayed me and I am stuck forever.

    48 hours of no peanut butter, just in case you were wondering.  I am so proud, I think I need a badge.

    Have a super night everyone!!

    P.S.  Way to overcome those cupcakes Haylzabub!

  • Southernbutterflies - hang in there. You showed amazing strength today and you can lay your head down tonight knowing that you made the right decision for your long term goals. I am so sorry that you are going through that heavy stuff in your personal life, but I admire the commitment you have to your beliefs and values.

    I don't think we have to do this program PERFECTLY to get real results. We are human! We have real lives and real obstacles and, in my case, ANY improvement to exercise and diet is going to get results. I think we just have to remember that while we aren't always going to be perfect and by the book, we are moving towards long term success.

    This is such a positive and supportive group. I'm so glad we found each other on these forums. Just for the record, I am 5'9" and weighed in at 204 (!!!) the day before I started, wearing a size 14 pants. Good thing that Sunday the 15th was the last time I'll ever see THOSE number again. Well, except for the height ;-)

  • I'm back, only to say that like you Haylzabub - I am OVER the size 12 jeans I have been wearing for the past three years.  Yuck.  I want to burn them when this challenge is over and treat myself to some new pants!  Pants have been the devil for me, I just don't buy them because I can't stand to try on a size 12.  Anyone with me there?

    I find myself thinking of you ladies when I am in the kitchen - a lot.  Thank you for being out there.... wherever you are.  Accountability is a magical thing.

  • Thank you, Snowpuff and Haylzabub, for your kind words.  Minor, in the grand scheme of life, but sure feels heavy today.

    It sounds like many of us are right around the same size, I am fighting to stay in my 12's!  I did buy a pair of 10's at the thrift store to have on hand to try on every week and mark progress.  I've also been pinning outfits I like on Pinterest to keep my motivation and interest up.  I really like this outfit:   Also at the thrift store I found a few pieces similar to it in a smaller but attainable size to stash in my closet.  It'll be either an in progress victory outfit or an end of challenge celebratory outfit but either way I'm wearing it this year!  And if I hate it on me despite the new me I'm only out $10 or so.

    Hope you all are sleeping blissfully, we are closing in on the end of week 1!

  • Hi Snowpuff - I'll take the challenge along with you 'cause we have similar stories. I like to work out, eat well (most of the time) and started BFL in 2002 and quit for same reasons - bored, defeated or something sums it up perfectly. This time it's for real - quitting is not an option neither are excuses for doing it half-butt. I'm starting Aug 1 'cause I am re-reading the book, making notes, writing down my weight lifting routine and oh yea, I'm going to clean  my fridge this weekend to prepare it for lots of fresh veggies and fruits. I already told my husband my plan and he will take my photos and is ready to support me. I gained approx 15 lbs since Christmas and although I don't like what I see in the mirror anymore, my mind has been ignoring it. Not no more. I have crossed the abyss. I am excited to begin.