Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?

  • Hi ladies!  My start date is tomorrow, Wednesday, July 18th, 2012!  It's awesome to read so many positive influences.  Let's do this!

  • Day 2 was a success. Two in a row woo hoo! Hey, it adds up, right? ;-) I was even able to finish my upper body routine right on time. (I started Day 1 with cardio, that's why it sounds like I'm backwards).

    The new eating lifestyle (I almost typed DIET, ew) has been surprisingly easy so far. I will say that at night I get that usual sugar craving after dinner but I just drink water and ignore it. Hopefully with time that will pass, at least to some degree.

    Anyway, you guys are really inspirational and sometimes I think about posting here in the middle of a workout. I want to be able to come back and tell you that I DID IT and read that you did it too.

    Question: Anyone else have a desk job besides me? I've been trying to get up and take more breaks (go for a lap around the office, stretch, etc) but I feel like it holds me back big time in terms of resting activity levels.

  • Shellbells, I know how you feel about the back before picture. I was like, where did these ROLLS come from?! I just assumed I still had the same lean back I had 40 pounds ago. Silly assumption, but ignorance is bliss (or so they say). I also thought I looked ok when I would see myself in the mirror with clothes on. But yeah, those before pics were EYE OPENING in a get-yourself-into-gear kinda way!

    The feeling of being back in control is really great. Even just two days of it has made me feel empowered already. We got this!!

  • Hi all!  I started the 16th, I'd love to join you.

    Shell bells: your comment caught my attention as I get this often from my little ones. If you can swing it, maybe you could have some protein smoothie Popsicles ready for your Thursday playdate?  Here is one:  

    You may have to swap the agave for stevia and I haven't looked at the ratios but it's a starting point. I'd also consider a whole orange, almond milk, and vanilla protein powder all blended together and frozen.  Hope this helps somehow!  

  • I also meant to say holy crow, yes! Getting a good look at my back was an eye opener.  Not sure why as my stomach looks no better lol.  I really enjoyed the stretch and burn while I was doing dumbbell bench pullovers on Monday.  I was visualizing all those rolls melting away!

  • Happy Wednesday Everyone and welcome Southernbutterflies and Angelikaforlife!

    I am officially on Day 4 - it was leg day today, I am backwards too since I started with a cardio day.  Anyhoo, I dread leg day since I know it will be hard.  All those big muscles (hee) firing and burning.  I did it and I completed my abs section in the allotted time, so proud.  

    So cute about the peanut loving grandson - I love him already!  ;o)  What wonderful memories you are creating for him with your Thursday traditions.  I love the idea of making a healthy pop for your sunset watching.  I remember doing that when my daughter was younger and she loved them.  As I recall it was with greek yogurt, fresh fruit, stevia to sweeten - blend and freeze.  I like the idea of adding protein powder too.

    I have been peanut butter free for 24 hours now!  I realize how easy it is to kid yourself that all those trips with a spoon to the fridge can really add up.  Also realizing that perhaps I will reserve peanut butter for my "free day", since I don't really do the free day thing like I did years ago.  It gets way to out of hand for me.  Anyone else have that experience?

    I can relate to the sweet treat after dinner craving.  I have tried doing an herbal tea with a little stevia and splash of almond milk - that usually does it for me.  Or even a cold brew tea if it is too hot.  I've been trying to go straight from kitchen clean up to outside to water flowers or take dog out etc. just to break the cycle.  Then I have usually forgotten about my tummy when I am done.  ;o)  It is a very noisy, pesky little voice that tummy.... grrrrr.

    Have a great day ladies!

  • For you PB lovers, have any of you looked into PB2?  This is something I stir into my egg white oats for a bit of flavor and tad more protein. It is basically defatted peanut butter, I think peanut flour may be similar.  Stats for 2tbs is 45 calories, 1g fat, 6g carbs ( I'm looking at the chocolate PB flavor) and 4g protein.  You mix as needed by adding 1tbs water to net 1tbs PB (for you dippers!) add dry to smoothies, oatmeal, etc. You can buy it via amazon or direct at

    Phew, did my first leg workout and totally hit the wall during hamstrings!!  It didn't hurt, my muscles just flat out refused to obey.  Then I had to run up the stairs to help my son and about fell on my face lol. We all got a giant laugh out of that one!  I just couldn't make my legs pick themselves up but my upper body thought we were going up!  I did manage to finish strong on calves and abs at least.

    Hope everyone is feeling good today!

  • Back to share with you all my second love... which is Almond Butter.  I have gone so far as to dip almonds in almond butter.  Redundant?  Perhaps.  But delish!  I currently do not have any in the house which is good.

    Ooh, thank you for the PB2 recommendation, I am looking it up promptly as I have never heard of it.  How can that be?  Perhaps this is the cure I have been waiting for...

  • Bahahah almonds in almond butter!  That is awesome!  No subs for that one I'm afraid. :-)

  • Well, I wanted you all to know I just ordered 4 jars of PB2!  In case you had concerns that my addiction would go unsatisfied.  I may need to seek some therapy, really.  I am planning to use it in smoothies and homemade protein pancakes.  Any other ideas are welcome!!  Ooh... in oatmeal... all the flavor 1/4 the guilt.  Love it!!  Thank you Southernbutterflies you made my day.  ;o)

  • HI everyone!  I am late posting today....what a BUSY day it was for me... but got the lower body done today.  My muscles are fatigued.  Everytime I get up they are shaky!  

    Well, yesterday I had a very tough day.  My upperbody hurt so bad and my cardio was so hard (normally isnt that hard - have done this cardio for 10 years) but holy smoly....  I started really doubting myself and got very anxious thinking that maybe I am kidding myself that I can do this again.  Tears and everything....didnt sleep so well last night cause I hurt and I am scared.  NO Problem with Eating so far....that seems like the easy part for whatever reason.

    But this morning got up surprisingly refreshed despite little sleep, had a VERY productive day.  Upper body is finally feeling bettter and my lower body workout today was I feel better and not so emotional.

    Southerbutterflies:  Thanks for much for the recipe!  I will be making them - ill let you know how they turn out.

    Haylzabub:  I literally sit at a desk 10-12 hours a day.  I work for a New York company but live in California.  I work out of my house.  I start working at 4AM (7AM eastern) through 4PM (Pacific) - on the phone and computer ALLLLLL DAY!!!!   that's because I have a customer who is in ALL time zones...Europe, East, central and pacific as well as Pacific it's like a new day every couple hours.  Because of being heavy and so stagnant, I have had severe back and shoulder problems that are surprisingly feeling better after the last three days.  I have a TERRIFIC Stretch series that's on PBC called classic stretch so I think a few times a week I will do those in the afternoon "after work" just to feel like I am moving.  Today, while on the phone, I was doing leg lifts and light squats, etc....just to keep moving.  I also plan on sitting on a fitness ball instead of a chair.  We'll see how that goes.  When I worked in an office they were BIG on BFL and lots of us walked and stretched at breaks. Good luck with finding ways to move!!

    So I leave for New York for TWO WEEKS in AUgust and I am petrified.  I am trying to plan out now what to do.....EEEK!!

    Hope all you ladies keep up the great work - you all sound AWESOME!

  • OH I FORGOT.  I do my workouts with the Weights in about 48 minutes...I used a stop watch and keep moving through it.  I do not rush my excercise and do them slowly but I know what I am going to do next, where I need to be and how much weight I need to lift.  I keep my excercise sheet with me on the floor and well as copies of all excercises from the book so in case I forget, I can see it quickly.  Trust will get down to that took me about 2 weeks the first time to really start adjusting to the swift time schedule.  Still when I am done...I think...hmm.  That's it?? but it WORKS!!

    hope that helps to you tomorrow!

  • Snowpuff - so glad to hear it!  I hope it's useful.  Do you have a protein pancake recipe you currently like?  I found this one but haven't made the trip to get pumpkin yet:  

    This is a good time for me to ask when you guys eat fruit?  I have the champion's book not the original BFL book and the whole fruit/carbs issue is unclear for me.  I may have a piece of fruit for my carb serving at a meal but I'm not sure how that should work completely.

    shellbells - I've made the coconut lime posicles using Jay Robb vanilla whey protein and the whole family really liked those.  I think the lime helped cut the stevia taste.  I poked around on Amy's site and today made the peanut butter fudgsicles and just tested them out.  Awful!  I think probably due to the chocolate protein powder I used.  Too much stevia made them bitter, bitter.  Glad to hear you ended on a positive note for the day!  It couldn't have been easy after an emotional toll the day before.

    We are planning a trip to Disney during week 11.  I'm already stressing!  (Does it mean I'm really going to kick this lifestyle in the booty if I counted out my days just to see where it fit into the challenge?  I hope so!)  I guess I'll be relying on lots of protein drinks and bars for snacks while we're walking.  I'm not going for the food but we really love being able to meander Epcot and sample so many cuisines and brews.  It made the treacherous walking and line standing tolerable lol

    Most of you are probably out for the count, I hope you all wake up in the morning raring to go and kick the day in the pants!

  • Hey everyone!!

    So happy to hear that we are all pushing through our (VERY) sore muscles in order to acheive our goals and results in 12 weeks time! Its not easy.... my arms were still sore 3 DAYS AFTER the Upper Body workout... hahaha! Im glad someone has told you about PB2, i also read about it somewhere and hope that satisfies your cravings! For me i love chocolate..... but havent been too tempted (YET)!

    Ive had a minor setback, had a suprise minor op on my big toe yesterday which has put me out of action until Sunday. It means i wont complete 3 workouts this week but i am happy that the issue has been resolved. I am currently living and working in a developing country and have not received adequate medical care until now, so im happy for the outcome. Im staying really positive and continue to follow the eating plan. Im really proud of myself cuz in the past i would have felt like a failure and gone on a massive binge. This shows me how powerful our goals and this program really is... and that i really do see this as a commitment for life, not just a diet i can start and stop!

    Had an interesting expereince trying to buy protein powder here as well! There is a very limited selection, and the stuff i brought is clear when you shake it up and tastes like icing sugar!!!! I feared that it may actually have been icing sugar but i have been able to loose weight this week using it so hopefully its legit..... looking forward to buying a more reputable brand when i viist Thailand for R&R next month!

    Southernbutterlies and Shellbells - i totally understand your anxieties about travelling and keeping the BFL routine going... its hard enough to complete it at home yet in a foreign place. I think thats where preparation is key to planning to stay in a hotel with a gym or somewhere near a gym. Protien powder/bars etc. are great travel companions as they are so easy to consume on the move. I was looking for a hotel in Thailand with a gym, and even doing that made me feel so good - i just feel more in control!!!

    Best of luck to everyone with finishing the week off strong ladies!!!

  • Hey All!:)  I started at the beginning of this week and I'm ready for 90 days of craziness, but it's worth it!!!  Like some of you, I've entered before but was never able to finish....something always happened to I'm hoping that things work out here!  I want to lose 20 pounds.  I am 36 years old, 5'3 and currently weigh about 150...well I've lost a couple of pounds already this yahhh!...some of that is water weight due to the steroids I just got off of (I had a bad reaction to some posoin ivy).

    I've enjoyed reading this thread and I think you all will be able to help keep me going!:)  I'm ready to see and feel a better me!!!