Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?

  • Hi BFLers!

    I have to admit this is a major step for me... posting in a forum.  It is quite a commitment to put your journey out there for everyone to see, terrifying in fact.  I have taken the dreadful before photos (AACKKK!), printed out the official entry kit and will soon work on my goal statements.  Not finishing is not an option.  Is anyone out there feeling the same?  Been there, done that and it doesn't feel good. 

    To share a little about my story, I started BFL in 2002 and 6 weeks into it realized I was pregnant with my daughter.  I tried again in 2004, when she was a year, and made it to day 45 before getting bored, defeated or something.  Beyond that I have done P90X, P90X2, Cathe STS etc. etc.  I start and I don't finish.  It is all in the mind and the belief.  I love to workout and I love to eat right (most of the time!).  My struggle is with tripping over myself and creating barriers to my own success.  I stumbled across a thread just yesterday talking about BFL and something just struck.  I dusted off my book and began reading.  Perhaps I need to return to the beginning to finish this one out, for good.  Not to be too philosophical, but perhaps it is cathartic.  We shall see.

    I would love to hear your stories and your successes as we forge ahead on this 12 week transformation.  And any wisdom from success stories are SO welcome!!

  • Hi Snowpuff,

    I'm actually starting tomorrow, July 16th, but that's close enough right? I wanted Sundays to be my rest days from exercising. I've never tried BFL but like you I've tried so many other programs in the past. I was looking for something simple and straight forward, although those two things do not mean it will be easy. I am actually anticipating challenges but through planning and preparation I hope to overcome them. I just went to the grocery store and bought my food for the week. My strategy is to take it one day at a time and use my BFL journal daily.

    Let's do this! I know we can do it.

  • Hi Guys...

    I am starting today (7/16) - I am excited and nervous for a lot of reasons.  Back in 2002/2003 my husband and I did the Weight watchers food plan and following (somewhat) the BFL Food plan whcih fit into WW.  I also did the BFL weight lifting and cardio and to this day STILL do the cardio work outs the BFL way..   I was too scared to do the challenge back then.  I was fearful I couldnt do it...nothing worked before (you know how it goes)  But our transformation was great in the first 16 weeks but was really amazing by week 28. I lost 55 lbs, was tone and muscular and fit.  I kept it up for 2 years!  But  unfortunately, my 16 year old daughter got into drugs and literally pulled the whole famility into a 7 year abyss.  I felt like my life was destroyed and while I was fighting for her life, I wanted to end mine.....literally.  Blame, guilt, depression so bad, I couldnt even get out of bed some days. Work outs stopped, eating plan out the window and I ballooned up about 70 pounds.  The good news is my daughter is now on her own, drug free and doing spectacular.  My husband and I are JUST NOW feeling like we can pick ourselves up and start again.  I cannot kick myself in the butt any more.  It is what is is.  All I can do is draw a line in the sand and begin again....acdept this time, I am 10 years older and I worry that it's too late (which i know it isnt).  In one sense, I am glad it happened like this because I know i will NEVER be cured of the tendancy to be obese.  So I have to do what my daughter does - Take every single day at one time.

    This time, we are joining the challenge because I know it works.  I am taking pictures and doing measurements  today and am already crying about it...(literally).   I know crying doesnt help...but I cant help it - I am so darn emotional about it.

    But I am prepared.  I went shopping.  Pre-cooked chicken and rice for the fridge.  created a menu and will write everything down.  I charted my weight program and am working on my goals too.

    I am determined as this weight is causing tremendous physical pain in my knees and back.

    I would be thrilled to go on this journey with you guys!

  • Shellbells,

    It sounds like you have been through a LOT. More than I could ever imagine. I think planning will be EVERYTHING for me to be successful on this Challenge. I did my workout this morning and have been sticking to my meal plan so far. One day at a time! That is my motto as well. Like you I did prep work in the kitchen for most of the week. I want to leave the guess work out of this and have a solid plan to follow every day. My before pictures made me sob but when I was done crying I got up and prepped my food. This is truly a new day for me. We can do this!

  • Hi Snowpuff,

    I started on 7/9, so I am a week in and loving it so far! I had a baby (my first) 3.5 months ago and am looking to get back in shape. Actually, I want to be in even better shape than I was before having the baby! I gained more weight than I should have during pregnancy (about 50 lbs, yikes). Honestly, the first 30 lbs. came off with little to no effort and then the scale just stopped moving. Despite running 4-5 miles 4-5 times a week and eating very healthy and very little (probably too little), I just could not lose a single pound. It was so discouraging! I started BFL last Monday and I lost 7 lbs. the first week! I was shocked. I felt a million times better this past week (more energy, a lot less hungry, etc.) than I have the past few months, so I really feel that this is the right thing for me to be doing. It is not easy. I have to wake up a 5am during the week to get my workouts done because I am back to work full time and I refuse to do the workouts after work and miss time with my baby. However, it feels great to have the workouts done by 6am and have the rest  of the day ahead of me. Good luck to you and everyone else! :)

  • Hi Shellbells and Haylzabub,

    I am so glad you are out there and we are journeying together!  

    I am so encouraged by your story Shellbells and your previous success.  You have persevered and overcome a lot!  Is your husband doing the plan with you this time too?

    Haylzabub - I am with you on "anticipating challenges" and taking it one day at a time.  My goal it to complete each day, put my sticker on my calendar (yes, I really am 10!) and enjoy each day as a success.  If I wait to the end to pat myself on the back I won't make it.

    This was Day 2 for me, upper body.  It took way longer than 46 minutes so I need to figure that out.  And I am super tired and it is only 10:23am.  Yikes.  Although having been down this road before I know the first week to expect fatigue.  I had a moment last night before bed where I got into a serious bad mood.  I realized I was feeling overwhelmed at the enormity of it all.  Fearful that this time will be like all the others.  It is going to be my full time job to replace the negative thoughts and reprogram my mind.  The workouts and eating are the easy part.  ;o)

    Have a great workout today ladies!

  • Thanks so much for your support....

    Haylzabub - The way I look at it is everyone has their problems and everyone's pain is just as bad as everyone elses so I try to remember that.  I think that  its all in the way a person handles them and CLEARL, I  didnt handle it well...certainly didnt handle them like the strong person I thought I was.  

    You are right.  PLANNING IS EVERYTHING.

    I started the upper body today also.  Gosh, I felt like such a weakling!!  It was hard, but on Wednesday I will try harder.

    Yes My husband is doing this with me also....He's not going to join the challenge officially but he's going to do it.  So fard, the food portion was easier than I thought and at lunch he siad "I remember LIKING eating this way years ago...I already feel healthier"  which makes me happy.

    Gosh, the exhaustion I can relate to.  All day today I have been fighting needing a nap.  I dont know if it was the workout or the fact that I was up all night worrying about the BFL plan (like a DORK)

    Snowpuff -  I track with your comment about negative thoughts also.  Those negative and destructive thoughts are responsible for creating my 70/lb overweight, depressed self.  Im looking into getting a hypnosis CD to help with that.

    I've done this "unofficially" before and I know I can do it....and I AM STILL HAVING THOUGHTS OF DOUBT!  Like I said I didnt sleep last night..I just kept thinking "how did I let this happen"

    Im happy we are all committed!!

  • Day 1 down, 83 to go. Ha! The good news is that my Day 1 went very well. I did my workout first thing this morning (I started with a cardio day) and stuck to my meal plan perfectly.

    Shellbells, I feel like I could have written some of the exact sentences that you did - especially about the thoughts of doubt. I was looking at my honeymoon pics (Oct 2008) and marveling at how amazing I looked. I was in great shape. I worked hard for that body and it showed. Now almost 4 years later I am bigger than I have EVER been. I'm 5'9" and weight 204 pounds. I have gained so much weight that I have given myself horrible red stretch marks all up and down my inner thighs. They are hideous and I feel like a gross blob. I sobbed for an hour after looking at them over the weekend and seeing just how badly I've been treating myself. No matter how well I end up doing, I will always have these ugly scars. That is disheartening.

    On my honeymoon I was about 170 but I was pretty solid and my size 10 jeans were loose. I can't believe how far I've fallen. It is depressing to think about. It's no wonder that I'm afraid to fail. I've been failing for years. So many first days, so many new plans. But, here I am and I did the first day perfectly. That has to count for something, and it's all that I I'm clinging to it until I go to sleep. Tomorrow I will wake up and try to repeat the successes that I had today.

    I am wondering if I am able to string several successful days together if I will start to build confidence. At this point, I feel that achievement and keeping my word to MYSELF is the only way I'm going to feel better and get to day 84 with increased confidence and a smile on my face.

  • Hello,  I'm starting as well.  Reading some of your comments made me see I can do this.   Thanks for being there

  • Hey Ladies!

    Congrats on starting, i also started on the 15th, we are now up to Day 3 and im already feeling better, both physically and mentally.... viewing the transformation photos of others who have completed 84 days has been so inspiring and motivating for me... you should check them out and BELIEVE that we can also look so good...! Like many this is my second attempt at BFL, got to week 8 last time in 2009 and then fell off the wagon! I have 25kgs to loose and am determined to succeed for as long as it takes!  


    Best of luck with your eating and workout today!!

  • GymJunkie,

    Thanks for your words of encouragement. Of COURSE our goals are achievable - you helped remind me of that. I do enjoy looking at the before and after pictures from other BFLers. Really helps with my motivation. I think the first couple of weeks will be "easy" in that I'm feeling excited about the program, and then the "real" challenge will come around week 4 or 5 when it's more routine. Does that make sense? Anyway, like others have said before me it all comes back to ONE DAY AT A TIME. One thing I loved about Day 1 was how much better I felt just with 20 minutes of intense cardio and a clean eating program. I never got that greasy, queasy feeling in my stomach that comes from eating food that's bad for me. I know some people would say well DUH but I'm just acknowledging how good it made me feel.

    We can come here and keep each other motivated!! One day closer to believing I can do this.....


  • Good morning Ladies!

    Well, Day one down and it went well.  I started with upper body.  BOY!  I forgot just how sore you get!  Every upper body muscle group HURTS this morning.  I cant wait until my body is recovering like it used to!!  And lets talk about water....I drank all the water...but I forget just how much you have to go to the bathroom!   I work out of my house and in between phone calls, I would dart to the bathroom. I know that too gets better.

    I really didnt realize how often I open the pantry and SNACK!  I did it all day yesterday....walk inthe kitchen and open the pantry....then I thought "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING and WHY?"  YIKES....luckily I didnt eat in between meals or  anything unauthroized.

    HAYLZABUB - I know just what you are going through.  I too have stretch marks BUT, after I lost the weight they sort of faded into skin color and it wasnt so bad.  When I lost all my weight last time (went from size 14 to size 6), I had some sexy (clean) pics taken at a professional photographer for my husband for valentines day....They were awesome and I looked the best in my life.  I have one of those pics hanging on my fridge now to remind me that's where I want to be again.  I guess what shocked me MOST about these darn before pictures was the back shot....UNBELIEVABLE.  I always thought my back was my best attribute...OMG was I wrong.  After these pictures I turned to my husband (of 30 years - yes I was a BABY) and said HOW COULD YOU LOVE ME LIKE THIS????  I looked like I have a LITTLE TINY HEAD and this HUGE body.  But looking into the mirror I dont see a fat blob when I get dressed.  Can our brains lie to us THAT MUCH?  wow....clothes hide so much (thankfully).

    Today, I have already had 3 glasses of water and going to have my first meal now then Excercise at 9AM (Cardio)

    I went to bed with a sense that "all was good in the world" and that My eating and excercising are now  getting UNDER CONTROL again and that makes me feel sucessful already!!

  • Good Morning Ladies and welcome to our latest joiners... sarakate, highonlife and gymjunkieinthemaking!  So glad we are all in this together.

    Today was Day 3 for me and 20MAS was on the schedule.  I was SO sore from upper body yesterday and had to drag myself down to the treadmill for cardio - but I did it.  

    Shellbells - you are our poster woman for BFL success here on this thread.  I read your posts and believe it can be done because you are living proof that it can!  You went from a size 14 to a 6 - that is awesome.  I am currently at a 12 and I am planning on single digits for sure.  You give me hope!  

    Haylzabub - you have been there too and you will do it again!

    SaraKate - 7lbs in week 1, you go girl that is awesome!  It looks like your body was waiting for just the right combo to shed the weight.  I've been in that mindset, as a runner, that more is better and why isn't all this cardio working.  

    Gymjunkieinthemaking - I also have looked at the before and afters so many times - since I originally bought the book more than 10 years ago.  I think the images are burned into my brain.  I think that may be a good thing!?

    So here is my biggest obstacle, peanut butter.  I have been comforting myself for the past three years through my various health struggles and challenges with none other than the glorious creaminess of Peanut Butter.  Natural of course, but peanutty nonetheless.  I find myself opening the fridge with spoon in hand multiple times per day (not since starting the program - yea!).  I'm not hungry, I have often just eaten.  I don't need it physically to keep going.  I have definitely convinced myself mentally that I need it to feel better.  I am 3 days clean, but fearful of the peanut demons!  There I said it.... feeling a bit freer now.  ;o)

    Picking up the before photos today - scary.  I plan to look at that reality every day.  I agree that we can trick ourselves and not see what is really there.  I can see it now and it is appalling what I have allowed to happen over the past three years.  Enough is enough, right ladies?  Let's slay this dragon!

  • I can totally relate to the peanut butter is one of my very favorite foods! I have had a tiny bit a few times so far throughout the challenge (I'm on week 2) and it doesn't seem to be having any negative effects. When I have it, I just have many 1/2 a tbsp. and count it as my healthy fat for the day. What do you all think about this? Okay to do or no?

    I can also relate to the workouts taking more than 46 minutes! I think I have gotten a bit quicker with them in my second week, but still not very close to 46 minutes. Has anyone been able to complete theirs within that time?

    Hang in there everyone, we can do this! :)

  • snowpuff:

    You made me laugh so hard.  ITS SO TRUE!  we have certain things we love.  For instance my 3 year old grandson (who is the light of my life) LOVES PEANUTS...the love peanut EVERYTHING.  He snacks on peanuts, he love peanut butter sandwhiches and celery, he love chili peanuts - and when we comes over, I BETTER have those peanuts.  He says "grandma....where are my peanuts...did you eat them?"  LOL - I always have several bags in the freezer to keep them fresh.

    I too go to the cupboard and grab the peanuts...oh, lets see.  About 5 times a's just a little handful right?  ARRGGH!  and my husband is the spoon in hand peanut butter guy....I spoonful here and there...

    SUCH A HARD HABIT TO BREAK...but break it we will.  We simply dont have anymore choices - we are OUT OF OPTIONS.  

    I cannot go back to the OB and let her go on and on about how obsese I am.  So embarassing

    I babysit EVERY thrusday and this will be the tough day for me.  We have a ritual my little guy and me.  We sit and have peanuts and then we have Otter pops on his favorite chair and we peole watch and see the California sun go down.  EVERYWEEK WEEK. (he is a little creature of habit)

    What will I do this Thursday??   Everytime I try not to eat this stuff, he gets upset and says...."grandma, eat with me" with those BIG GORGEOUS EYES!"  and I cant resist.