Vegetarian Fell Hard off Wagon

  • I was doing so great this week, really I was. Then my husband had to bring home German beer after I've work in the hot sun all day in the garden. The beer was screaming my name all evening and that night I succumb to two. My excuse I told myself was, "hey you only have a month left in Europe enjoy." No, bad veggie. Today I will NOT drink alcohol or give in to temptation. This will be interesting because Germans love festivals and I'm headed to one today. My plan of attack is to juice some of my favorite juices and carry those with me. It worked during the 4th of July celebration on post, it should work today. Wish me luck--good German beer is my weakness.

  • Hey life happens and sometimes you cave. Sounds like you have refocused and only 2 beers not so bad. Just don't go crazy on you free day if you are taking one. I went to Red Lobster last night had salmon and dicovered I could have desert . So I did New York Style Strawberry Cheese Cake. I haven't had that in yrs. due to Celiac Disease. Going to Kettle Bell Class this morning that should take care of the extra cals. If it's 2 beers once a week until you get back to USA not so bad what's done is done no going back only forward.