Today is my day one!

  • Hello Everyone,

    My name is Jess and I live in San Francisco. I am using the BFL book and the website tools as a guideline, personal trainer and a way to chart my progress, stay focused and motivated. But know that I won't be doing the Challenge in it's official form.

    I'm in my mid 40's, I am focusing on making physical wellness (nutrition & exercise) a regular, consistent priority. I do get serious bouts of depression and laziness, but I feel I am very aware of what's happening and what my resources are to maintain overall health. I'm even looking to holistic ways to deal with depression and laziness instead of pills, and also cutting back on alcohol and other toxins.

    My plan is to always have a tangible goal (other than health and wellbeing). I can "lean up" but I would like to be more on the muscular side. Also, the Folsom Street Faire is coming up at the end of September, so that's my target. I started day one and was pretty successful! Some minor tweaking will happen so that I am closer to the weight poundage I should use.

    My obstacles will be my weird schedule with work (three days a week 3pm to midnight, and two days from 12 to 9pm), and my random bouts of insomnia. My gym closes at 10pm and I think I may change to one that is open 24 hours so that I can go right after work (given that this 24 hour gym is a block from my office).

    When I get home, I'll take some before pictures (even though I did my first work out today) and post them. This is kind of a big deal/sensitive spot as I have pectus excavatum, so I hope the ridicule, snarky remarks and judgement will be zero in these forums. (I'm projecting because I've been ridiculed or judged my whole life on this.)

    I'm looking forward to reading other people's posts, seeing if I'm the only one with P.E., and maybe even finding some BFL'ers in the area to work out with. I hope that sharing my journey will be of benefit to others.

    Ok,here we go!

  • Hi,

    Congratulations on your decision to start! This is definitely a great place for support and advice. I just started the challenge also June 25 and have gotten great support and advice on here. Brave starting on a holiday, sounds like you got it all worked out. I look forward to reading about your progress.


  • Hi SFNative,

    Congat's on taking the most important step the first one. You will suceed as long as you move forward. You might want to see if your trainer can move with you and yes definately move to the 24hr gym. Your trainer may not be able to work at the new gym. Something to think about before hand. You really need to plan everything for the week that's always been my challenge. I also started June 25 for C5, so I have been around a bit. I find that meal planning is the hardest part for me as I like a variety of foods and don't want to eat the same thing all the time. If you need extra support come over and join the Warrior thread we are all vetereans at this stuff with a wealth of knowledge and will kick your but every inch of the way if need be. We like to keep things positive the only negativity usually is from our selfs and someone always puts a positve spin on it.

    Take the Pic's and [post them you will not regret doing so. We are all a work in progress. those who fail stopped trying, so push forward as hard as you can and results will follow. Follow the book to the letter and you will see results. Plan,Plan, Plan for success. Enjoy the ride it only gets better. I will help you as much as I can.


  • Hi

    Congrats! I'm also starting today too