My start date is July 09, 2012! Who else is up for the challenge?

  • Hello everyone!! I'm going to join your forum!! I started as well on July 8th! I like saturdays to be my day off. I did this challenge a few years ago. and I lost about 40 lbs and built a lot of muscle! It truely works. Now, twin boys later and I need to start over!! So I began again! I actually came across BFL 10 years ago. I would start off and on through out the years. This has always been my go to plan! It works the best for me. Im pretty sore today. I didn't let that stop me from my cardio workout.

    I know a lot of people are asking about supplements. I have tried a few. Right now I"m taking whey protein shakes, betagen, and a thermal dynamic pill, besides my daily vitamin, fish oil, n xtra calcium! I'm a big fan a Betagen. They took it away for awhile but brought it back and a better formula.  I love my protein shakes because there is just no way for me to prepare 6 small meals a day. I have a husband, four kids at home, and a full time job, so I need these meal replacements along with protein bars. It makes things so much easier!!

    Good luck to everyone!! Stay strong!! and when you are having days that you are struggling. I have learned a couple tricks that work for me. If I slip up, I tell myself everyone moment is a new beginning, so forget about it and get back on track. and when I don't feel like working out or I say "I don't have time".. Instead I say "it's not my priority"  There's something about wording it that way that rubs me wrong and I tell myself to get moving!!

    Have a great day!!!

  • Hello Everyone, I started on July 10 and I like to see all this activity with this forum. I have completed the challenge back in January and I am committed to completing it again. What I learned from the first challenge life will always throw more obsticles at you and in order to succeed you need to adapt to change! Well I have injured my knees and trying to take care of them while completing this challenge. I will not give up and I really want this. Best of luck to everyone and I hope to chat soon!!!

  • Hello everyone. I started on the 9th as well. Today is Friday and thus far have done well with my eating and exercise. I did this about 4-5 years ago and the results were great until life got in the way (work, injuries etc.) and I started eating worse and missed a lot of gym due to injuries and illness. I ended up gaining back what I lost but not all fat as I still hit the gym when I can so I'm nowhere as bad as I was the first time around shape wise.

    This time I plan to be more aggressive and not let life get in the way but adjust to it. Also I refuse to be a scale addict. I have had the wife hide the scale and I don't plan to bring it out but once a month. I have found that it's much easier to cheat after you see a few pounds drop off so I don't want to fall into that trap.

    I'm not a working in the morning guy as I get up so damn early for work as it is. Getting up at 4am is simply not going to happen. My typical day this week as been get up at 5:30am. Shower, then Protein Shake with 2% milk, go to work. Once there I have an Egg White with a Bowl of 1/2 cup OatMeal with a little bit of Agave Nectar on top and a cup of coffee with again some cream and Agave Nectar. Lunch this week was a Baked/Broiled Lemon Pepper Chicken Breast with a Red Potato and a bit of Ketchup.Snack wise I have had ether an apple, yogurt or both. After the gym I have another Protein Shake (On Whey)  Dinner has been a mix but last night was Grilled Squash/Egg Plant with breaded/baked Salmon. Snack in the evening is usually 1/2 cup Cottage Cheese or some almonds.

    Workouts have been good and intense. I get to the gym around 5:30pm and workout pretty much on par with the plan. I tend to use the machines as they are simpler to change the weights as I think I would get dirty looks if I bogarted a string of dumbbells. Cardio I do all the time on the elliptical so I decided to change that and do my intervals on the stair stepper. I can't do the treadmill due to bad shin splints.

    Supplements - I take Vitamin D, Arginine, Multivitamin, and 2 baby aspirins daily. 

    Anyway, that's how my week went.

  • Hello everyone, week one done. I didn't have the best week one but progress not perfection way of thinking needs to kick in here! Week two, knee injuries are way better and I'm ready to push myself a little more. How is everyone else doing with starting week two? Hang in there and forgive yourself for any mistakes you have made and more forward:) Upper body for me today at lunch.

  • Yep first week down. I did my cheat day yesterday. Got up around 8am, showered and headed out the door for a good breakfast. Rode the motorcycle to a local breakfast place and ordered a meal that  was for a king. 2 eggs sunny side up, hash browns, ham, sausage and toast with coffee. Well what I use to scarf down I could barely eat. I took the 2 sausage patties home as I simply could not eat them as I was stuffed.

    Went home and felt like crap until around 4pm where I went to have Sushi. Had some Sake Sashimi and one roll a little cup of Edamame went back home and thought my stomach was going to explode. Later had some good bread with some olive oil/balsamic as a snack and was done for the day.

    Not sure if I liked my cheat day. Seriously I felt like crap all day from the food. Anyone else feel the same way?

  • Hi Kayenne,

    My name is Sara and I started on July 9th as well! How has it been going for you??

  • And how is everyone else doing?? I am still trying to figure out how this whole forum thing works..:)

  • How is everyone doing?? I had a pretty good week! I managed not to cheat at all and worked out hard the whole week.  I know I shouldn't jump on the scale all the time but I can't help it. but I lost 8 lbs the first week. I'm pretty excited. to top it off I now have a workout partner. My friend joined me this week!  I'm still trying to decide what all supplements to take. Ive been sampling different ones. I think I want to try a pre-workout and post-workout one. Just not sure which to choose. I guess I'll go off of taste. Try and find one that I don't mind. I hope you guys are all doing great!!

  • Great Cardio workout this afternoon. Love all the comments that people are making and keep up the good work! LINZGROUND you are motivating me to not cheat this entire week as well. Hope to hear more motivating stories soon!