My start date is July 09, 2012! Who else is up for the challenge?

  • Hello fellow Body for Life Challengers,


    My name is Kayenne. I'm curious, whom of my fellow Body for Life Challengers will be starting July 09, 2012?

  • Hello Kayenne,

    My name is Kryslynn. I will also begin July 9, 2012. Maybe we can stay in touch thorugh our journey of transformation!

  • I am also planning to start on Monday and am getting quite nervously excited about it!!!! This is willpower on a very high level for me....

  • Im starting July 5th, so let's hit it strong and finish strong!

  • I am starting Monday, July 9, as well! I can't wait for the changes!

  • I'm starting on Sunday 07-08 so I can use Saturdays for my free day! Looking forward to keeping in touch.

  • starting 7/9 - I will post pics every two weeks..whoelse  is going to be brave and post pictures?

  • how come i always can't wait and look forward to starting, then when it comes time i back out or drop out?

  • I think you subconsciously like to remain in that zone where you allow yourself to be excited that something good is going to happen, without you being part of it, since it is supposed to occur sometimes in the  immediate future. When it moves to the phase of the present where you are required to step up to the place, you bail out. The danger is the more your repeat this and the more reinforced it becomes insuring future failures. And the slighest steps your accomplish to transform, depending on the consistency with which you do, and the more probability you give yourself to pull out from this red zone.

    "An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory." – Ralph Waldo Emerson---

  • Hi, I'm Heather and I'm ready for my journey to begin. I'm wondering what products everyone will use. I'm going to get Myoplex lite shakes and CLA tomorrow and will plan my week's workouts. Let's do it!

  • Hi Kayenne and everyone else!  I'm Anita and am starting Body for Life on 7/9, so I'm right there with you.  Cleaning out the the fridge today, packing lunch for tomorrow and taking my photos.  I've done BFL before and have done well, but I now want to REALLY clean up my diet and bring intensity back into my workouts.  It's easy to slack and I'm seeing it in my body.  I've never actually felt like I've really finished a challenge, so that is going to be a big obstacle for me, being persistent and sticking with it.  Great post Daisyattempt!  It hit home.  The challenge can touch so many areas of your life.  But don't let it be overwhelming, just follow the plan one day at a time, one meal at a time, one workout at a time.  We can do it!!!

  • I am all in!! I start tomorrow and am so excited!! I was supposed to start last Monday but we were without power from the crazy storms that ripped through Ohio, we just got it back Friday! I am planning my week all out and super thrilled to be doing this. I did BFL back in HS at the athletic club I belonged to and this time, after losing 150 lbs (I still have 20 left to go, ugh! scale doesn't want to budge!) I've decided to do this challenge to truly focus on my physical health and eating clean (fueling the flames in the right way). So excited to have others to do this with!!


    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. 

  • btw-- any supplements anyone recommends?? I have my EAS Myoplex Light shakes but I wasn't sure about other supplements??


    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. 

  • I am starting July 9th also!  Here we go!  Good luck everyone...we can do it!    Melarie :)

  • I'm starting tomorrow 7/9/12 as well!  I was cleaning up my desk about 30 minutes ago, came across my login info for the website and a light bulb went off.  This is exactly what I need!!!  Good luck everyone... though I don't think you need luck... we just need to persevere!  :)  I'm curious what supplements everyone is using.  I'm nervous about the heavy metal findings in some of the shakes (to see them check consumer reports).  Generally I don't like to use supplements though I'm not totally opposed to it but want to make sure I don't do any damage in the process.  I'm a vegetarian and want to make sure my protein levels are met, especially now that I'm kicking up my workouts.  Thanks for any advice!!!!