BFL Texas style

  • Starting today on my challenge.  Hoping our great state of Texas has some BFLers starting too.  I am here to get encouragement and give what I can back.  Can't wait until I see myself in the end, but like I have been reading on some forums it is a lifestyle change not just a 90 day and done challenge.  This just jump starts you and helps to get you on the way and then the great BFLers on this and hopefully the ones you meet help keep you on the right path.  Can't wait to hear from some of you.

    New Man 12

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  • Welcome New Man 12 to the BFL forum and team. Best of wishes on your Challenge that is just starting. Hang in there it is really worth it.  I am just, today finishing my C3 Third BFL Challenge with some very positive results this time around. Hope more folks from Texas will rally to your side (just like they did to Sam Houston years ago). Keep Moving Forward as Bill Phillps always said.

  • Southwest Houston (Sugar Land). Welcome!

  • Welcome!  We're outside of San Antonio.  My husband and I started the challenge on Sunday.  We did the challenge in 2009 and had great results.  And yes, it is a lifestyle change.  We fell back into our old ways and here we are again.  But luckily, this time we don't have as far to go!  I didn't do the message boards last time.  I think it's important to have a support group.

  • Representing from Clear Lake, Texas!

    Started my 4th week on Monday... Really looking forward to the next 8 weeks to complete the challenge...and the large challenge ahead.... Sticking With It For A Lifetime!!!

  • Hi Texans!!!

    I can't call myself a Texan anymore....I moved to NC a year and a half ago. But, I lived in Sugar Land, TX (near Houston...Mythmere.....we might know each other...HA!) from 2000 to 2010 and I miss it a ton! Both my kids were born in Houston so I still have very fond memories and still keep in touch with a lot of my friends there.

    New Man 12: Welcome to BFL! I am a seasoned veteran and am currently on my 5th challenge. Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you out in any way. I mainly post on the "BFL Warrior" thread, which is a group of seasoned, dedicated, inspirational group of people. Come check us out! Posting on the BFL forum is great for motivation and accountability!!!

    Have a great day Texans!!!!

  • Howdy from Abilene!  My new friends on our thread (starting on May 7th) always comment on my use of "y'all." But what can I say? It's a good word!  I'm in week 9, and I love BFL!  It's the only thing I've ever done that I feel will actually work long-term.  Good luck and stick with it!

  • I have a friend in North SA that started on Monday with me.  I am in Bastrop so hopefully we can get together sometime

    New Man 12

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  • Week 1 down.  Did ok with my meals but need to figure out staying on track through the busy weekend work.  Use to run on tread mill so easy to do the interval trying to areobic piece down runnint outside.  Keep the fight alive,

    New Man 12

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  • New Man,

    I'm in North Dallas, Lewisville, TX more specifically.

    I wouldn't recommend you run outside other than early in the morning, i.e 5 or 6 am.  The heat is just brutal in the afternoon!!!!

    Keep us in the loop on how you are progressing!!!

    Semper Fi,


  • Hey yall, excited to see some Texas peeps in here. I started my challenge June 26th. I'm actually surprised with myself, I have stuck with this program. I don't know what's different about it; oh yeah I do, "I don't starve." I never knew putting a carb with a protein can make you feel full: I have learned so much in the past month and I'm continually learning new recipes and workouts. I have lost 14.6 pounds and I'm feeling strong: starting to like what I see in the mirror. The only thing I can't say I like is the free day, I'm having a hard time letting my body rest from working out. I have decided I won't weigh on Mondays because of the frustration of not seeing the scale go down. Can we just skip the free day? :) Well I'm proud of you all and I hope to see your updates of progress.


  • Hi,

    I started today, looking foward to the looking forward to the challege!

    Today is off to a good start.

    I am in the Dallas area (Carrollton TX)

  • Ok so into the middle of the challenge and have had some struggles.  We are into the busy season in the restaurant.  This has made it hard to manage my meal timing and having proper food items.  So I decided to just load up on EAS shakes and now have 3 or 4 during my 12 hour days.  Quick easy and right on the money.  Have finally got into a good areobic routine so that should help jump start me.  The first 4 weeks just had a weak will power on this piece.  I finally joined a gym where I can do the interval training on several different machine and not get 1 bored and more importantly have a guided interval workout.  I just did not seem to be able to regulate the proper increases by running or biking outside.  I would jump to high to soon etc.  I am learning what it feels like to do it the right way now so I can transfer this to outside after I finish this challenge and begin my next.  YES I SAID NEXT.  Life is a challenge so I am not taking any chances to fall back until this is a set in stone change in habit and lifestyle.  I did 3 challenges back in the ealry 2000 and fell away once I stopped enterign the challenges.  This happens to a lot of people so keep checking into the BFL website and read the forums etc to keep it alive in you.

    New Man 12

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  • Hi there,

    I have created a support group on Facebook called Body for Lifers!

    I have just started the Body For Life program (8/15/12) and know I need an easily accessible support group. I would really like to have a forum where questions can be answered, encouragement given, progress celebrated and ideas generated. I know that over the next 12 weeks it will be easy to get stuck in a rut either with eating or training and having a group of fellow Body for Lifers will be invaluable!

    Come join us!