July 1, 2012 START! Need support?!

  • What about ROCKETS for the name?  

    Reprimand????  I work better with rewards......  For example on July 8th I will reward myself with a pedicure for successfully completing the week one of our challenge.  Each week I will reward myself.

    Drizzy- you could make a sign and hold it on a busy street with your EXCUSE why you could not "do" what you needed to do and post a picture or video.  Each time you mess up you should remove a clothing item.  I think that might help motivate you??

    I am trying to post a profile picture....... how??

    One foot in front of the other, just keep moving!

  • hello all

    i started june 11, did not do well.

    restarting july 2

    one thing i would like to say is for the first 2 weeks i was eating clean. this last week i havnt been eating well at all, and let me tell you people, i can feel the difference. i remeber when i did the challenge 7 years ago (i did 3 back to back, i lost a ton of weight.) but what i remeber the most was how i felt. it was amazing.

    thats what i am looking forward to the most is feeling great, of course i was to look great to. when my alram would go off i was no longer hitting the snoze button 2-3 times, i didnt hit that slump around 3:00pm, i had no trouble falling asleep, my skin looked great, i wasnt popping tums all night long.

    anyway, thats what i need to focus on is feeling better and getting all of the above list gone from my life.

    so i will be here trying to stay focused.

    take care


  • I dont know how i stumbbled across this site but i need to lose 2 stone! as i sit reading this with another stella getting chucked down my neck!

    is there room for a Scottish blood in your team?

    Live for today as tomorrow is never promised!

  • Mind if I join this "no bs" group? Exactly what I need come July 1st!!

  • Starting a new post..... look for ROCKET

    One foot in front of the other, just keep moving!

  • I would also like to jump on board.  I started with a group in may, but fell off the wagon.  Looking to start again on Monday, and finish the challenge this time!

  • My husband and I are starting a new challenge today as well. I would love to join your group.    Like LauraJean, we used the BFL ideas and over the course of about 6 months, I lost  50 pounds.  I remember on our free days, I might get a cheeseburger and fries and I couldn't really finish.  Of course, I did, but felt bloated.   Well now, I get fast food and think I could really go for more!  Also, I felt so energized on the program. Now, my workouts consist of  getting from the couch to the laundry room and carrying the clothes basket- LOL!

    I'd like to lose 25 pounds and turn the flab into muscle! I've  got to increase my energy level!  Last week, I wouldn't even go to Sea World with my husband and 5 year old.  I claimed it was because of the Texas heat, but I was just too lazy to walk around the park - how pathetic!!

    The hardest part is just getting started...each day.

    Let's do this!

    Good Luck, Everybody:)

  • I'm in

  • Great!  This thread is CLOSED


    One foot in front of the other, just keep moving!

  • Count me in! I lost 18 lbs last Oct-Jan 2012, and would like another 15 off through BFL. I've been working @ Insanity and walking (both 3-4 days/week), with a couple of friends for several months, and now am ready to have a more balanced diet again.  Going on a family vacay end of this week, but planning to take fruits/veggies and other good-for-you-foods, so keeping on track should not be problematic.  Also, we always hike and are active during this annual techno-free week in the mountains, so I don't expect issues re: falling off the wagon. Good luck to the rest of you who are starting this month!

  • I am starting the Challenge tomorrow too. 6:00a.m. workout here I come.

  • jengary, I'm with you on the Texa heat.Three or more summers ago I did marching band and it was in 100 degrees F* for 60 days straight.

  • Hey all, im on the 02 Jul bus as well, first time around but will complete. chat soon

  • i started july 1st too very hard long way to go but we can all do it !!!