New Start June 25- Vegetarian Style!

  • I survived the 4th of July! I think this would be the first time in history though. Usually at these events, they don't have much I can eat anyway other than fries and drink, but oh the boy did the drink almost had me. The German beer folks, the German beer. But I came armed with my cooler full of juices. Before I left home, I juiced me a half gallon of different of my favorite fruits and veggies to savor my taste buds from drinking. But it was something my husband said that really got me to thinking. He said, "Come on, its the holidays." Yes it was. Instead of saying to myself that my training day falls on a holiday, I flip it to say the holiday just happens to fall on my training day. I made my training day important and thus I focused on that. I know, I know, strange but that is how I made it without ruining my hard training and effort for the day. This day, I realize that my goals are more important than my stomach.

    My lunch on the 4th of July was:

    Vegetarian Chicken Ceasar Wrap (modified with Morning Star veggie strips) pg. 259 Eating for Life cookbook

  • A raw food chef! Super excited for your recipes! Love all the pics! Keep it coming!

  • Tonight I experimented with making a delicious vegan "gorilla" burger. I would give this attempt an C-. Oh as a raw food chef, I can whip up a mean raw burger. It's the cooked food I have problems with lol.  But I so welcome the challenge and will master this burger! Tomorrow I can't decided whether to have vegetarian french toast or vegan protein pancakes. . .decisions, decisions.

  • Hey ArmyVegan,

    Go for the pancakes, you can make a big batch and freeze them to have on hand in a pinch. I make the Buckwheat ones out of the Thrive book. Hope to make some today and will put some over ripe bananna's in them. I find alot of Brendan's recipe's need tweeking they are so bland to me. I need more flavour. Love the concept and understand why he does it. Just not for me.

    You can take my brownnie recipe and make it vegan by subbing out the eggs and using flax being a chef I know you know how it's done. If not let me know. I also made that recipe raw vegan just let it sit until all the liquid is absorbed and add nuts and berries. I keep it refridgerated or frozen once I portion it out. Ready to go treats. Let us know what you decided on. Are you getting those wo's in. I hope so.

    Have a great day!


  • Had a great Leg and ab workout today. Missed my cardio workout yesterday due to my hubby being out of town (no childcare) and a bad storm keeping me from the gym so I did 20 minutes of HIT on the stepper prior to working legs today.

    Here's a pic of one of my favorite (quick, easy, and tasty) raw, green, protein smoothies. One 6 oz bag spinach, 2 stalks celery, 3 TBS raw hemp seeds, 2 small apples (about a cup chopped) , water to thin to desired consistency and blend. You can't even taste the veggies. Just tastes like apple sauce. Approx 300 calories, 18 grams protein, 11 grams of healthy fat (from the hemp seeds)...and a whole lot of plant goodness! You won't be hungry after this!

  • Mmmmmmm, I'm gonna try today!

  • I need to do groceries either today or tomorrow will be giving this a try. My wife wants to try some vegitarian recipes as she doesn't want to commit to full on vegan lifestyle yet. She is hooked on dairy cheeses and yogurt and I also thinks it plays with her beleifs, being brought up on meat and potatoes the North American way? She says she can take it or leave it when it comes to meat just not durring BBQ season. What do vegans BBQ anyway. Thanks for the recipe.


  • Claude,

    I put peppers, onions, and mushrooms, stuff like that on skewers. But oh my goodness, Morning Star has a BBQ rib that absolutely sinful, lol. It is so good, I have found non-vegans at the commissary buying it. We also do veggie burgers and grilled corn.

  • Hey Army,

    Not sure if I can get that product up here will check though. Does it contain gluten if so it's not for me. If you have a good gluten free recipe for seitan let me know. That's the vegan alternative to meet I think. I'm going to be making a bunch of Brendan's Buckwheat Pancakes with bananna's and cinnamon to have on hand since the rest of the house is sleeping I have two teenagers who stay up late and wake up latter and so does my wife. She fell a while back and is waiting for an MRI to see what the damage is. Could take 6 weeks or longer. She needs to rest. I'm getting rid of the meat no one else will eat then on to my vegan ways including dairy. I'm currently sticking with almond milk liking that and enjoy the shelf life too way longer than cows milk. I like to cook new recipes. My next new recipe will be MJAHL MURRI an Indian Snack. Wil try it and if successful will dumb down the spices for the rest of the family to try. There are other Indian snacks I want to try just have to figure out which ones. Will be exploring snack foods from across the world. This will be an adventure. Today is my free day might have a couple of pints. I found a gluten free beer I like.

    Stay on track and you will succeed. I know you can fight off those DEMONS.

    Have a great day


  • Hi ya'll (as we Southerners say),

    I had an awesome weekend. I must admit, my free day started Saturday and ended today Sunday. I love medieval festivals and went to the local one here in my German town. I am headed out to my garden and pick some tomatoes, bell peppers, and hot peppers for salsa for the training week. I feel so bloated so I've decided that Mondays will be my juice detox days. My husband says he feels heavy also and will join. He usually last only for one day so I've decided just to do one day also. He's decided that he will only eat meat three times a week. Don't understand why, because I've never forced vegan on him, he just said he wants to cut back on meat. 

    I love Brendan's Buckwheat pancakes. I usually eat them with blueberry date syrup. Now I just use Ms Butterworth's sugar free so hubby can eat them with me. I am looking forward to this upcoming training week. I feel a few inches lost already. 

    Claude, keep us posted on your recipe adventures!

  • Another week down folks, we got this!

  • Hey there,

    Had a crazy week so sorry for not keeping in touch. Are you still in the game or have you given up? Will try and do better. I am still plugging along. I am cutting back on meat only one meat dish a day so not too bad. Also started sprouting and loving it.


  • I am in the middle of a military move from Germany to CA. They have already picked up our household and our internet and phone are off. I am on post at the local internet cafe typing this. I am still doing the program. It will be hard this week because tomorrow I fly to Italy for vacation but will try my best!

  • Let me know when you are settled in back in the USA.

    Thanks for the update. Enjoy Italy watch those cals. hahahah!