Wiser this time around

  • Hi, my name is Cynthia. I did the Body For Life Challenge almost 11 years ago with great results ( started at 177lbs, ended at 154 lbs, lost 10% bf, felt great). After finishing, I took a break..that never ended, got pregnant (on bed rest a lot) and weighed 221 when my daughter was born. Thankfully I got back down to 165 and maintained the 160's for the past 9 years. Recently I hit 171 and knew I was out of control. I started BFL three weeks and three days ago at 168.5. Today I'm 164. I'll redo my measurements at week 4 and post my 4 week pics then, as well.

    My first challenge was all about finishing strong, and looking all ripped like many of the Grand Champions. While I had great results, I didn't look like them, and had no plans established for "after the challenge". I was a perfect candidate to gain it all back because I never overcame why I overate and never fell in love with exercising. My workouts were a battle, never a blessing. Now I am enjoying the challenge. 

    So here I am. I'm wiser, older, and have a little girl who is watching me closely. I am grateful that muscle has memory and I'm hoping to end this challenge fitter and fine lol. 

    My hubby of almost 15 years is a wonderful support, my daughter is my biggest fan, and my cat seems to think the treadmill is to lay on whenever I need to use it. 

    My 12 week Challenge ends Aug 28th. Looking for support and encouragement, and looking to support and encourage!
  • Hi,

    Good luck with your challenge and if you need any support give me a shout.


  • Best wishes , Good Luck on your upcoming Challenge (C2), I am sure you learned a lot from your first Challenge that will help you with this one. Keep Moving Forward and keep us posted and of course, Welcome Back to BFL!!

  • Thanks, Rich!

  • Thank you! It's funny I'm only on week 2 day 3 and thought I was on week 3 (I counted my before pics as week 1, and my week 2 pics as week 3). Lol

  • Lol That's from the thin blood in the head from working our so hard! :)