6/18/2012 Start Date ~~Victory Is Ours!

  • Hi everyone!

    I am starting Body For Life today, and would love others to join me! I'm 36 and a former aerobics instructor (now a school teacher) who really needs to get back on the ball! I used Body for Life in '03 to shed some weight, but never finished the full twelve weeks. I would love to have a solid support group. I'm married, no kids, and off for the summer, so there is really no excuse why I can't focus on getting healthy!

    I have the BFL Success Journal and will use it as my daily guide. My main struggle is in my eating...love fried stuff and sweets, but they are ruining my health! It is time to step up. Time to take our health back. It's time for a change!

    There is no better day than today! Who's comin' with me?


  • Hi Jill!

    I'm starting today too! Would love to be a part of a group for some accountability.

  • Welcome Amybfl! Are you in FL? I am and your screen name has FL, so I thought I'd ask. :)

    Tell me a bit about you! Looking forward to lots of success!!

  • I would love to join you in here. I started on Saturday. Little about me: I'm 28, work full time, kids an married. I've been working out consistent for the past year but have not seen dramatic results. So I heard about bfl and am trying it.

    "What the mind believes, the body conceives"

  • Hi Jill,

    I'm starting today also!  This is not my first challenge, but will be the first I complete.  I have never made it past 4 weeks, but I'm determined to do it this time!  I recently lost 42 pounds on a "fad diet" and gained back 21 in less than 3 months.  It's time to do it the right way and stop letting life slip through my hands!

    I'm 43, married, and a mother of 3 girls that keep me busy.  Life is really stressful right now with lots of changes and I need to deal with the stress in a healthy way.  So to quote you, "It's time for a change!"


  • Nope, I'm on the west coast! The BFL is for Body For Life. I'm 30, married and have no kids. I have been pretty active for a number of years (lots of cardio), but have slacked on strength training for the past two years or so. I started lifting again about two months ago, although not as intensely as the BFL program is going to be. I don't have a ton of weight to lose, but I would like to lose some and gain more muscle/lean out. Looking forward to an upper body weight workout tonight - filled out one of the sheets with my plans yesterday! How are your meals going so far?

  • Welcome everyone!!

    dadof3...glad you came to join us!

  • What happened to the rest of my message?! I guess I'll retype it...

    girlpower, love the name! This will be my first COMPLETED 12 week challenge, too!

    Amy, thanks for the introduction! We'll be rockin' this thing from the east coast to the west coast then, chica! I'm in South FL!

    As for my food for today...it's tough switching from regular eating to 6 times a day! It's a MAJOR change! I've only eaten 3 times today...got off to a late start this morning! Oh, well...gonna go hit this upper body workout with a VENGEANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi, I started yesterday too. I'm married, kids, work part-time. I've lost a lot of weight this year with weight watchers, but was ready to change my shape, not just my size. So here goes. Two work-outs down so far, although I think eating will be the hardest part, not as flexible as what I'm used to. Happy to have a group for support.

    Good luck everybody.............Melissa


    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Women 18-29

  • So I ate perfect yesterDAY. Had a piece of pizza couple hours before bed. You know the hardest thing is to eat well when my wife and kids are eating something totally different. Anyone else have that problem? This morning was 5 egg whites and a handful of strawberries :) how can you tell if your getting enough calories or to much??

    "What the mind believes, the body conceives"

  • Hello and welcome to the other new people! How are you all doing today? My arms (triceps especially) are a bit sore today from yerserday's workout. I can tell already my upper body is going to be even more sore tomorrow - I felt I really pushed it more than I have been comfortable with.

    Dadof3, don't be too hard on yourself for the slip-up! It can be hard to have the temptation around.

  • Evening everyone, fellow "wanna lose the weight and start my life over" here. Little about me first. 45, 202, 5'8" and TIRED OF NOT GETTING INTO MY 32" jeans anymore. Let me tell you a little more! The TV is at the end of the bed, AND I CAN'T SEE IT over my belly. I'm tired of losing my breath, having to sit down, usually to eat more and NOW is the TIME for TRANSFORMATION! Not only PHYSICALLY but MENTALLY! There needs to be a MUTUAL want between them both and for my life, they both are in sync this time. LIFE needs TRANSFORMATION and I need my LIFE BACK! So with that, a fellow "newbie" will be looking for support and all the motivation I can muster up! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

  • Hi All,

    Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.  I was traveling yesterday which made it tougher to get started, but I managed to get to the gym when I got back to town.  Ate pretty well, but again with traveling it wasn't real easy.  Today went pretty well, but that 20 minute aerobic workout didn't tire me out as much as I thought it would.  Maybe I didn't push it hard enough?...  

    As for me, I just turned 60 on Sunday and decided that it's time to get in the best shape of my life!  I won't be doing it any younger...

    Glad to see so many others starting at the same time.  Let's all help each other.  


  • Hey dadof3...I'm trying to get my husband on board so that food planning and preparation is easier, but he seems to not want to eat this often, so I'm with you...I won't be eating the same things as him. That is definitely a challenge! And as far as not eating too much or too little. What are you using as your guide? I only own the BFL Success Journal, so all I have to go off of is the sample day of meals they list at the beginning.

    If you have a smart phone, there are apps like Lose It which allow you to track your intake. You might want to track for a week or two so you can get a better idea of portions. You can even scan the barcode on food packaging which makes it super simple!!  Since I am now eating 6 times instead of 3 or 4, I am basically eating what looks like mini portions! I feel fine...never get hungry...since I feel like I'm eating all day long!

    For example, my breakfast was a home made egg mcmuffin :) 1 egg and 1 egg white (scrambled), 1 slice ham, 1 tsp margarine, whole wheat English muffin.

  • Welcome Melissa and Michael!

    Melissa...I am with you...the food will be a great hurdle. I find myself having to set an alarm to remind me to eat because I am not really getting hungry. I just have an "I could eat" sort of feeling, yet it's time to eat!

    Michael...mind MUST be in sync! You are so right. When we are truly ready for a change, that is the fuel that pushes us on the days that we feel beaten, lazy or unmotivated. I love your introduction! Already inspiring others, and you've been here...what? a few hours?

    This is gonna be a GREAT group! Push hard everyone...so we can soon be discussing WEEK 1 SUCCESSES!!!!!!!!!!