What is "realistic" ? (first timer)

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to formulate my goals - well I have formulated them - but I don't want to set myself up for failure or disappointment because they are not realistic.

    I've never done BFL before but 2 years ago I lost 90 lbs in 9 months eating a very low calorie but high protein diet (about 1000 calories a day) and working out a lot. I have recently gained 10 lbs back and I never was down to where I really wanted to be, so I'm left with 30 lbs of fat I'd like to get rid of. I'm already in decent shape and don't really feel like "building muscle" is a goal.

    I am a 28 year old female, 5'7", large framed, and athletic my whole life despite being overweight. So at currently 193 lbs, I would like to lose 30 lbs of fat and end up in the 160s or even 170s would be ok if I gained muscle in the process.

    I have before lost 2.5 lbs per week, but I am probably going to be consuming more calories on BFL than I did at that point. Of course they will still be really high quality, nutritious calories, but I want to know if anyone has accomplished this or if it seems unrealistic.

    Either way, that's my goal and I believe I can do it, which I guess is all that matters. But I'd love to hear from others who were in a similar place and if this is possible.

  • My starting weight was alot higher than yours i started at 225lbs also im male and 50yrs old, but ive just started week 10 and im down to 191 lbs a loss of nearly 35lbs with 2 weeks to go, and i have by no means done a perfect challenge but ive been consistent and not given up, ive just about met all my expectations but 1 six pack abs, this i will get on my 2nd challenge and get it before i complete it, but i focus on the goals i have achieved or just about achieved rather than on those i didnt.

    Not everyones body responds the same, but i believe set high goals, some easier ones, and go for it

    Best of Luck, plan plan plan

  • My first thought is, it's not "failure" to not reach your goals in a set time as long as you're making strong progress towards them.

    I'm just over 7 weeks into my first challenge, and it's clear I'm not going to make my initial goals. I wanted to drop from 230 lbs and 34% body fat to 185 lbs and 12% body fat, which meant losing 56 lbs fat and adding 11 lbs of lean (Champion-level results). After 7 weeks, I've lost 21.4 lbs of fat, or 3 lbs/wk - great results, but well short of the 4-2/3 lbs/wk I needed to hit my goal. I also hadn't counted on how badly dehydrated I was when I started (never used to drink much water, plus I'd just finished Lent), so my lean gain has been just under 16 lbs already, with about half of that probably water weight. To reach my 12% body fat goal now would require losing almost 7 lbs of fat per week for five weeks - not gonna happen.

    BUT - I feel better, can keep up with my kids better, I can finally tie my shoes again leaning forward without having to turn my leg sideways, I don't get winded taking two flights of stairs anymore, and there are so many other reasons to consider this Challenge a "success" already.

    As rodie said, not everyone's body responds the same to the program, so it's hard to know what's "realistic" to accomplish in 12 weeks. I agree with him that it's better to set high goals; just be prepared to need another Challenge to reach them if your body doesn't respond as well as you'd like. And be prepared to modify them (I'll probably adjust my weight goal to 195 for my next Challenge, since 185 was based on a lower lean weight than I have now).

  • Thunder,

    Do you know your % body fat?  I would start there and find out your body mass lbs of fat & lean.  I was over 30% body fat on my 1st challenge and about week 10 - I wasn't meeting my goals.  I started reading and it is difficult to get the below 20% body fat by the end of the 12 weeks and planning on doing another challenge.  Currently, I am following the BFL routine with smaller fitness goals.  You can read my profile for the exact % that I had, but in 12 weeks I lost 14lbs of fat, but I only lost 12 lbs on the scale.  I love my results - I am fit, have more energy & plan on not getting out of shape again.  

    Now, you are at the beginning of your challenge - you may want to add more cardio to get the results that you are wanting.  I read that one of the champions did the BFL program and added extra cardio (longer runs/rides) to get her results.  We are all different & results vary!  I wish you the very best and I think that you will love this program.  Personally,  I would toss the scale and use your measurements, body fat % & new size as your real measuring tool.  

    Keep it strong & keep going,