Before Picture Question?

  • Hi All! I have been reading the forum for a while, but this is my first post. I have a question about my before pictures. I looked at them last night and realized I have only 1 picture that is full body, but it is kind of blurry. The other pictures I really show my starting point, but they are from shorts up.  The before pictures definitely show the differences in body composition. They just are not of my whole body. I noticed looking through the BFL books that not all people had full body shots.

    Is that going to be a problem when I send in my before pictures? Will I still be able to enter the challenge at the end?



  • I'm sure it won't be a problem but if you read the new "starter kit" it says "please send full body shot".

    Best of luck to you! I'm right there with ya.


  • I suggest you call EAS at 1-800-297-9776 and ask them.  I didn't have a full body before photo either but still sent my packet in, however, I knew it wasn't a champion caliber packet.  So, if you do not care if you win or not, send it in.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!