Challenge start date: 06/11/12 Let's do it! Support group

  • im glad you stuck it out and didnt buy crap. im sure youll feel good after you eat something like a healthy snack and just know you dont want to be overweight any more. for me i put pitures of me over weight on the bath room mirror and kitchen fridge that way i can see what i dont weant to look like any more so far it works. no more cravings for fatty foods i hate being overweight looking at myself. so just stick it out and remember you have a free day . how can it get any better.

    good luck

  • Hi Everyone!

    I'm still learning this site so I'm jumping in late. I think you all are doing great. I've been reading all your posts. Don't give up even if you don't feel so positive or cheery about it. Keep plowing forward if that's what it takes.

    COFFEE WITH DRAWLS... I couldn't handle them and the headaches. Let me tell you the headaches go away.

    PRE COOK PRE COOK PRECOOK  it helps me out soooooo much!

    I didn't feel like I was doing this right. I'm still working with my workouts.

    DID ANYONE TRY THE SIT UPS THAT ARE IN THE BOOK? My back hurts when I do this, anyone else going thru this?



    Keep it up! :)

  • morning all,

    didnt have a very good weekend i used last weeks free day sat and this weeks free day sunday, ha prob not allowed but the weekends are hard, the futher i get into this the better i am.

    i have all my meals planned for the day and my workouts so i am good to go for today. hope all of you are doing great. i belive that slip up are to be expected, just keep on with the plan. i know it can be done, i have done it. so now i just have to do it again.

    take care


  • I can relate to you Tonya,

    I slipped up like that too.

    I had a miserable day yesterday. It was my birthday and my free day but I just had coffee in the morning and left for church. Church was good, got new pots and pans and a purse. My favorite restaurant was closed so we had burritos....Really? Not what I had hoped for my free day or my birthday.

    Then my husband called me a F** idiot. and went to bed mad. needless to say sucked. Happy birthday.

    He apologized this morning for it but  insisted he didn't use the F word.....          

      it still sucks. :(

    I'm still moving forward, would like to know if someone's reading this out there.



  • Hi Karen,

    I'm reading this. Sometimes our husbands don't even hear what they say. My husband does help me a lot but I feel he doesn't appreciate me and what I do. I have never heard my husband say sorry for anything, so good job to your hubby for that. Happy Birthday to you and I'm glad you are doing the challenge for yourself. It will make a big difference in your life. Keep it up.

  • Hi everyone!

    How are you all hanging in? I've weighed myself (once weekly) and have only lost 5 lbs, however...I have lost an inch on my waist and thighs!

    So remember that although you may not be seeing huge losses on the scale, the tape measure is a much more accurate measure of your progress. Muscle weighs more than fat and we are building muscles!

    Still having an issue eating six times a day...grrr.

    I really try to cram as many fruit and greens as I can in the morning, so I have a sunrise smoothie (1 cup frozen blueberries, 1/2 a frozen banana, 1/2 orange, and 3 handfuls of spinach in my Vitamix blender), which is so delicious and refreshing and 3 oz of eggs (1 whole egg and 2 whites) and a big glass of water and coffee with Splenda. (I find coffee helps me with my workout productivity and studies show it improves athletic performance in professional athletes so I allow myself a cup a day before my workout).

    After this breakfast though, I struggle with the rest of my meals. I've considered just repeating breakfast 6 times a day lol.

    Any suggestions? Recipes? lol

    Good luck on your BFL journeys everyone!

    Keep up the consistency and solid effort!

  • Happy belated birthday Karen!

    I'm sorry your husband was a jerk on your special day. Sometimes I wonder if they're necessary at all LOL.

    My husband can be a jerk sometimes too, lucky for me, my memory sucks and a few minutes later I don't remember I"m mad, which he says is great.

    Name calling and especially throwing in the F bomb is so hurtful and it lingers, crappy apology or not.

    I pray something really special happens for you this week that lets you know you are loved and appreciated 8)

    God bless and keep up the consistency!

    P.S. No one has the right to speak to us like that - we only accept it / allow it if we speak to ourselves that way. Make an effort to be your greatest encouragement with your own thoughts and words. IF a complete stranger called me an idiot or told me I was stupid, I'd challenge that and possibly haul off and smack them!

    Anyways, I think I just ranted at you, not my purpose!

  • DessaT

    you are so totally right, thank you for posting your thoughts.

    and Karen,

    when people call you names and put down it harms how you see yourself, it hurts your progress, it keeps you down. please dont let him talk to you like that. this challenge is about a total transformation. a transformation of mind and body. the BFL journal is an awesome tool to use. bill phillips has you write down your daily goals and things you can do to hit your goals. it keeps you on track to developing a better mind which will help you develope a better body and a better life.

    if i were you i would explain to your hubby how much this transformation means to you and that you would like to meet your goals, i would explain to him that words and names do hurt and can make you feel as though you wont make it. if he loves you this is something he needs to work on. if he wont then you might want to consider counseling.

    anyway sorry about all that, i have been there and i know how it can keep you down, especially if your an emotional eater like me.

    karen if you ever need any help with anything let me know. btw my birthday was the 26th, we are fellow cancers. lol

  • How did week two go? It was a hard one for me.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I have not been on this thread but came across the start date and realized that this is when I started my 2nd Challenge!

    SO HELLO!!

    I have read all of your posts and have to say everyone is doing great!

    My frist challenge was 4 years ago after I had my baby and I lost 22lbs. SO I know this works. I have not gained any weight back but I am looking for more focus in my workouts and eating patterns. I could see things starting to get lazy....yikes!

    I have to share this with you all because it was my AH-HA moment in my last challenge.

    I could notices small changes in myself and body all the way through, but it wasn't until around WEEK 8 that others started to really notice.

    I had someone say to me:

    "So what did you do go on that Atkins diet because all of a sudden you lost a ton of weight?"

    HA!! I couldn't help but laugh because I had been working my butt off for the last 8 Weeks.

    So what I realized was that First 8 weeks I had been building all this muscle, while shedding fat and FINALLY my body was kicking it into high gear.

    That's The Week 8 Miracle they talk about!!!

    Hang In There Everyone, Your Closer Then You Think!!!!!

  • Vanity4me, thank you for posting that. I think this is the first week that I have lost very little weight. Its also the first week where I really feel everything is coming together in the gym! I haven't missed a single workout yet, but some of my work outs have been less than 10's until now. I have tried BFL many times before, but gave up early on. This time is different - I'm going strong and your post helps me realize that I must not be put off if results don't show straight away because it is not a linear process.

    Hope everyone has a great Week 4 :)

  • Hi everyone, I am super excited!!  I have missed a couple of workouts which is a bummer but over all I feel pretty good.  Its week 4 and I cant see myself going back.  My free day was crazy I thought I wanted all this stuff it only made me feel awful.  So I look forward to the days to come.  I havent notice a chang in weight really but I am wearing clothes I havent worn in a long time so thats rewarding.  Its hard not paying attention to the scale.  I have started BFL several times never to complete it.  This time it feels different this time.  I feel like this 4 weeks have flown by. I cant wait for my week 8 miracle!!!  Talk to you all soon.

  • Today is hard. I had a great work out in the morning and an unexpected very good 2nd workout in the evening. I ate well and felt great though super tired and ready to crash by the evening. I had my last snack at 10:00PM. Then I woke up at 3:30 in the morning due to an alarm issue and realized I was really hungry I was not able to get back to sleep for at least a couple hours. So when I woke up this morning I was groggy and hungry. I ate my usual breakfast of 4 egg whites, a little cheese, a wasa cracker and a small portion of trail mix at 8:15.... now it is 9:45 and I am STARVING. My next meal is not until 11:00 and it will only be a 300 Kcal Myoplex shake... pre-work out  :-(

    I have set my food schedule for today so I will have had eaten about 1800 calories by the end of it which is about my average.

    Should I add some more food to it today? Or do I just need to get through it? Is my body tellling me I am undereating for my current activity\metabolism level or do I need to totally stick to my schedule when things like this happen?

    Thoughts please?

    (P.S.: I am in week 3 now... in case that is relevant...)