starting bodyforlife 12 week challenge tomorrow, what our some things that motivated you guys and is motivating you guys

  • what week did you guys start noticing major results like everyone could tell your body was changing

  • im finishing week 4 this week, once again i am loving the progress im making each week, ive noticed my cardio improve from last week as well as i am continuing to gain strength, my only set back thsi week was eating i am still eating 4-5 hours apart, so this time for week 5 i am making it a mission to get it down and eat every 2.5 hours

    i was just wondering what our some challenges you guys faced during body for life and how you guys overcame them

  • grai-congrats on the continuing progress! It only gets better from here on out! :)

    Is your eating off because of scheduling conflicts or what? Are you writing down when you're going to eat and what you're going to eat?

    I've found that if I write everything down the night before in my journal then then my  day goes much smoother...I try and make my lunch the night before so I can just grab and go in the morning since they are so rushed.

    My challenge NOW will be staying with my schedule that I've had since December...I'm a teacher and we just got out of school today so...this summer will be interesting!

    Best wishes for your success!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • im on week 6 this week and 6 more weeks to go after this

  • grai if you are still having trouble getting your meals scheduled in at 2.5 to 3 hours, one thing a lot of us do is set reminders on our cell phones or computers.  I know sometimes I am busy at unexpected times (seems like it happens at meal times a lot) so I always try to keep extra ready to drink shakes at work to drink down in a hurry.  

    It sounds like you are making great progress, if you get your meals timed right, you'll make even better progress.  I hope we keep hearing from you over the next 6 weeks and beyond.


  • hey stephanie al im going to take yoru suggestion, another mistake ive made is i forget when i eat so i can't track when to eat next, but im just gonna set reminders on my phone

    as well i started week 7 today, havn't seen to much physical change but reading my progress journal i am getting a lil stronger each day i hit the weights and each week my cardio has improved

  • update

    so i started week 8 on sunday this week, but for week 7 i did fall off the wagen and only went to the gym twice and eat what ever last week and week 6 i managed to go to the gym every day but didn't eat right every day

    i am angry for falling off the way i did, but for week 8 ive bin dedicated this whole week so far, ive bin having challenges eating on time so im keeping my diet simple its a chicken *** with a peace of fruit for each meal of the day with two meals containing vegatables such as cucumbers and spinach, i can eat within 5 minutes and this way i have bin able to eat every 2-3 hours so far this week

    and ive bin training hard this week and i think the anger of just giving up last week has me fired up again this week to keep going

  • going to be finishing week 9 tomorrow, but once4 again down on motivation, usually im motivated before i get to the gym, but when im their im having a hard time pushing myself, what do you guys do when this happends

  • First, for the longest time I walked around with my workout plan on a clipboard.  Whenever I didn't have it, I was usually not motivated because I forgot what I needed to do, how much weight, etc.

    Second unmotivated situation (without clipboard), I try to relax and listen to uplifting motivating songs on my iPod.  When I'm not motivated I start to stress about being at the gym and getting the workout done in the timeframe I need to finish.   Once I'm relaxed I could get started.

    Third, I'll watch everyone else and how hard they are working. :-)

    Lastly, if I'm unmotivated before going to the gym, I read this forum and that usually helps.  Put one foot in front of the other and before I know it I'm at the gym and so glad I went when the workout is over.

    Hope this helps.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Do you listen to music while you're working out? Its all about the music for me to amp me up and make me work in the gym.

  • i have an ipod i listen to, like im pumped going to the gym their's no problem of me going their, i see the progress im making but when i get their and start i feel unmotivated to push myself, its only bin going on this week, do you guys ever have that were your doing an excersise and you feel unmotivated to push yourself and want to kind of take it easy

  • I just try to remember my old jeans that hanged near the mirror, imagining I fit into it on the end of 12 weeks, and repeat the words "BURN THAT FAT!" on my head.. congrats on finishing week9, grai! mine will finish next week.. do u already have the 'miracle'?

  • grai  Maybe this will help.  It is something that Mike Harris posted about weeks 10, 11, and 12, but sometimes it happens a little earlier.

    WEEKS 10, 11 and 12!

    Many are talking about how hard the last two or three weeks are. The feelings are described as feeling "weak" or "lethargic" or having a "who cares" attitude. Here is what is happening in those last weeks. Fat stores are being consumed, and the body doesn’t run as efficently and happily on fat as it does on blood sugar from high glycemic carbs. Muscle density and volume has increased, and the needs of your body to heat and feed that muscle have increased.

    All this takes more energy, and if you don’t put more food in your body, the energy deficit grows, which means you will shrink up more. Muscles are getting fatigued and suffering micro damage from the hard workouts.

    Healing is taking a bit longer due to the other things I just mentioned. In other words, folks, you have done a bang up job of working and dieting like a trooper and the last three weeks will be the payoff!

    But, it will come with pain and both physical and mental struggles because your body and your mind will fight you to the bitter end to avoid giving up those past significant fat stores!

    To win, you don’t need to feel glorious and joyful, or even look that way, but you need to feel and act indestructible and victorious. You are almost there!!

    You CAN do this–and the finish line is almost in sight! If you give up now, you’ve wasted the whole 2 months before now! Give it all you have–drink tons of water–take leisurely walks in the light and the cool of the day–and speak and think good thoughts! Don’t focus on YOU, but focus on the new you at the end of these few more weeks!

    Hang in there–pray hard–and don’t give up the prize for something incredibly stupid like a package of M & Ms!!

    Hang in there grai!!  GREAT THINGS ARE COMING YOUR WAY!!!!