Here We Go, Aiming for Success 06/04/2012

  • My name is Palmir and I have attempted this challenge a few times but I never completed the full 12 weeks.  At this point in my life (38) I'm in the worst shape I have ever been.  No more.

    I'm heading to Vegas this weekend.  This trip was planned a while back but now I will use this trip as the last hard core party time for the next 12 weeks.  Upon my return, I will focus on this 100%. 

    I'm 5'7", 190lbs with 25 to 27% fat.  My goal is to reach 170lbs with 18% fat.  I believe these goals are realistic and I will do all in my power to succeed.

    I will be posting my progress on a weekly basis and I invite any motivated and motivating people to join in the quest.  I believe that we will succeed.

    My plan is to workout monday to friday at 5am and on Saturday I will simply do some sort of unplanned physical activity like basketball, running etc... I believe that I will succeed.

    By the time my 39th birthday arrives, I want to be in the best shape possible.  I plan to enjoy my last year as a 30 something.  My B'day is 11/11.

  • Sound like your goals are realistic and your attitude is great too!  Best of wishes to you on your BFL Challenge upcoming and welcome to the BFL forum as well. Feel free to ask the forum for advice and support along the way during your 12 weeks and beyond.  be careful of those parties in Vegas (remember the hangover movie?)

  • Thanks for the encouragement and I promise not to duplicate the Hangover.

  • I am staring on the fourth as well and wish you the best of luck!

  • Good luck to you to Erik.  We will need all the motivation we can get.  This will be a fun and challenging process.  We are ready...

  • Hey Guys! I will be starting on June 4th too. By the way, my name is Lana, and I am 28 years old. It's nice to meet all of you. I always seem to have a hard time keeping with it and completing any challenges. I think it is the motivation factor. I have nobody else that lives around me that is interested in getting into shape. I think it would help a great deal if we kept each other accountable. Good luck on the 12 weeks for everyone starting on Monday!! I will be checking out the forums frequently, and will stay motivated to finish. I would like to enter an official challenge this time.

  • All the best to you in your fitness journey. You can do this!!!!!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • And I'm starting on the 4th as well! And I too promise not to duplicate a hangover party this weekend, lol!!! I'm excited! I did the challenge the 1st time in '98 (?)....didn't register---but wanted the lifestyle change. I've since been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and have gained 40# (undiagnosed had it's upside!) and have blown my knee and pretty much stopped working out. I have the summer to do anything I please.....and this pleases me:)

    Sending good vibes to everyone!

  • Hi Marien! It is great to have you on board at the same time too. We need to keep each other accountable! I know it won't be an easy walk in the park, but I just keep envisioning how nice we will all feel after the challenge is done. We just need to take it one day at a time. Good Luck!!

  • I love the traction we are getting.  This will be fun.

    Please continue to reply on a consistent basis, I will keep track of everyone and I will send a report each week so me know who is still going strong.  The goal is to have all of us complete successfully.

    Today is my last slacking day.  Let's get excited, this will be awesome and needed.

  • I think that sounds like a great idea to keep track of everyone.

  • Looking forward to this!  I just finished building a spreadsheet that will help me to plan and track my meals for week 1.  Planning 36 meals in advance is a lot but will be worth it.  I will try and post often on this thread with my updates.  Please me accountable!  I look forward to spending the next 12 weeks with everyone.


  • Hello everyone..glad to see even more people onboard for this monday start challange.  Ive proposed on another posting about putting together a closed facebook group page..might make it easier for some to log on and post comments and ideas..etc..let me know and Ill put one together.. take charge of each day one at a time everyone..and keep it clean, motivaing and all of us be accountable to amazing results..!!



  • Workout one done. Got up at 4:30 and was at the gym at 5. I felt good but kind of went easy. Now the fun part, trying to eat 6 meals for the remainder of the day.

    hope everyone does well today. Make sure to post status.

  • @irongirl, Im all for the facebook page.