6/04/2012 challange start date

  • Hello everyone..I just thought Id send this out there but Im planning on starting a new BFL challange this coming June 4.  I successfully did the BFL back in 2009 and since then had my share of ups and downs and stressful life styles. But all that is behind me and I have a positive outlook on life and an amazing man to go with it.  So Im planning jumping back on board with BFL once again along with bringing my bf with me.  So Im looking to see whomelse is planning on doing the challange starting this coming monday?  and help each other along to stay on track and keep ourselves accountable.  Im ready to drop this extra weight i gained and get back into feeling awesome.



  • I'm there with you! Have done the challenge 10 years ago this summer! Wow that makes me feel old! Now 2 babies and 10 years have taken its toll. Going back to the thing that worked the best for me! I have somewhat followed the plan ever since but am going go give it my all for the next 12 and see what comes of it!!

  • I totally agree..i have tried many other programs but in the end this one really did it for me.  And what i like about it the most is the weight training workouts are already there layed out for you all you have to do is plan when you go to the gym and keep consistant on it.  The food is a challange for me and has been this last two years but i plan to not let it be an issue.  Ive hit rock bottom and beyond disappointed in myself that I allowed myself to regain all that weight back.  I have a closet of clothes i once fit into that i want to get back into again..and stay there.  Look forward to the next 12 weeks..:-)

  • i did the challange 7 years ago and was very happy with the results, i looked great, i was toned, i felt great. i remember i felt so good i would just jump out of bed in the mornings. but like you, years and a new marriage, and a new baby has taken its toll on me.

    for the past 3 years i have been looking for that magic pill, i had a basket for of diet pills ( my husband found 2 days ago, he took them to his work and threw them away).

    i looked in the mirror and i said, "tonya, you know how to do this, there is no magic pill, it takes controlling you diet and woorking out, moving your body. you can do it" so now i just have to do it.

  • I have to say I was there as well..looking under my bathroom sink seeing all the diet pills i have bought and shocked that I was hiding them..!!! and i was like that after my first BFL success you couldnt keep me in bed let alone in the house.  I was dying to get outside and do something active.  I miss those days.  We have a great group going on FB and have found its much easier to communicate on there.  I have been drinking water like a camel for the last three days and so far im feeling a difference..sleeping a bit better and the body is so sore from the WT days.  There is no magic pill and only eating clean and keeping your work outs going and with the right intensity will you see the results.

    Look forward to seeing how your journey goes and the amazing results you will have..



  • I just started yesterday. I am a real newby. I was on facebook and saw that my cousin's husband was starting so I went online and checked it out.I am so excited and a little nervous.

  • Wonderful to hear that Teen..why not check out our fb group page and join in..your more than welcome to come aboard with the rest of us regardless of when you started the program.  Summer BFL Challenge 2012

    good luck and look forward to hearing from you both.



  • Hi Sounds like your on track with the right attitude, I started up June 4th with my hubby and my 23 year old son started also, this is the 1st time for us but here we are on day 5 and we feel great, my husband and I have been working out mostly cardio since January 2012 we have lost weigh, Ive lost 27 lbs since January, we wanted to keep going and during the summer break and complete the Body For Life Challenge.....I have wanted to jump in for years....have a great weekend tomorrow cardio then our 1st free day.....hope I dont go nuts....

  • Why to go on your first week !! keep on working at it and youll be happy you made that desisioin to do the BFL challenge.  Feel free to jump on our fb group anytime..



  • Hi Dawn, I started on the 4th of June too! I also did BFL years ago. Let's all keep eachother accountable, one week down 11 to go!

  • I also started on 6/4/12.  But I have to ask, has anyone else gained weight in the first week?  Maybe this is why I am supposed to wait until four weeks to weigh myself.   Im going to keep moving forward even though I feel pretty disappointed about that.

  • I lost only a pound the first week but it was due to my salt intake..been putting the water away the last two days to test a theroy out and its worked..ive lost 1.5 pounds since monday..jump on board to our fb page well help you keep on track and give you good feedback and support..

    Keep pushing forward..dont get discouraged..



  • I started on June 4th also!  I have completed 2 challenges before (one in Dec 11 and one in May 12).  I didn't lose much either of those challenges.  But I did learn an awful lot about nutrition and exercise!  I now know how to approach this challenge. I have no desire to eat unless it's clean.  That is so not me.  I am from the south, and y'all know we southerners like our food fried!!!!  lol.  I do still appreciate an occasional southern meal, but I no longer have the desire to eat like that on a regular basis.

    My goal is to lose down from 165 to 125-130.  I am 5'4, 37.  I am considered "obese" on the charts and that just really bothers me.  I have always been active, just not active enough to burn the calories I eat!  I am DISGUSTED w/ the way I look.  I love super cute clothes and by fall, I WILL be wearing things other than my nursing scrubs and over-sized T's and shorts!  

    God bless and Rock hard!


    Do things now that others won't, so you can enjoy the things later that others can't