Just starting the BFL Challenge. Almonds, String Cheese, Bananas???

  • Are almonds and string cheese ok together as a snack on the plan?

  • G'day Sunshine!

    Firstly, just the question you asked....  If you looked at the fat content, protein content and carb protein of these two items together, they don't constitute a "meal" on the plan.  We use the fist and palm method for most foods, but you can't use that for these items because their "ratio's" are out of balance, so, if you work on 20-25 grams of protein, same for carbs and a small amount of fat, the string cheese and almonds don't measure up (there is a thread link below - have a look at that after you've read this).

    Be wary of all nuts - high in fat, in BFL they are considered "fats" and not "protein", if eaten at all.  In saying that, this is how I used to incorporate almonds because I love the chewing part:

    Buy pure "whey" protein powder and make your own shake and add some berries, this is when you could eat 1/2 doz almonds as the "good fat" for that meal, or some people would put flaxseed oil in the shake or take CLA - all good fats - Omega 6/9.

    String Cheese - I've seen lots of the champs quote it in their plans,but  just like nuts, any cheese you need to be wary of and always think in terms of how much satisfaction a food will give you compared to how much your really "need it" - what I'm saying is there are "better" choices of protein than string cheese.

    Bananas - high glycemic, if anything have a "small" or 1/2 banana as a carb choice, most people avoid them for the first 12 weeks of have on free day only as there are more satiating carbs to use.  Check out this link (scroll down the page a bit)

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  • Thanks.  Starting tomorrow and trying to plan out my first week.  I need easy to eat items at my desk when working, talking to customers on the phone or in person.  I don't feel right sitting there eating yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.  I need to plan 2 meals like this at my desk.  For one I figured a myoplex lite drink.  Looking for ideas on the second so I don't have to resort to another myoplex shake or bar.  Any suggestions welcome.

  • Sorry I must correct you again debs but this banana fear really does annoy me, bananas are a natural food and are quite low to mod on the Glycemic index , I can think of a whole lot of other carbs sources which are  even higher on the glycemic scale than bananas which are still BFL approved foods.

    Bananas are even mentioned by Bill on page 88 of the original BFL book in the chapter on fruit all you have to do is pick your portion size

  • You are looking for soemthing quick and easy but don't want to have cottage cheese and yogurt, etc. Any other cheese is not recommended during the challenge.  I know you don't want to have a shake or bar, but depending on the reasons for that, I have to ask why not?   It would best serve your purpose and is part of the reason why these supplements exist.  There's nothing wrong with doing it.  I would suggest looking into the bars.

  • Thank you for the info.  I appreciate it.

  • Thank you Armster.  I do like cottage cheese and yogurt, thankfully.  I'm just worried about getting burned out on this combo after a few weeks.  I do have a supply of the bars and shakes now.  Same issue, worried about getting burned out on them.  Had a Myoplex bar today and it was fine.  But 12 weeeks of the same bars may get old.  How do the different Kashi bars rank against the Myoplex bars??

  • Well, I have a myoplex lite bar on cardio days and myoplex carb control on weight days, also I have cottage cheese pretty much everyday, same with a shake.  I've been doing this for 15 weeks straight and have not had an issue.  I realize I am different than you and I do understand what you are saying because around the 9th week I was really tired of chicken ***, fish, and brown rice.  That said, the results that were rapidly occurring, got me over that hump very quickly.  Now, everything is standard...it is what it is and I am not really sick of anything.  Think about it this way:  When you were eating your cookies(or whatever it was you would snack on) pre-BFL, did you get sick of those?  Look at your midmeal snacks as your 'cookies'.

    Also, while I can fully appreciate your foresight, I would suggest not worrying about it right now.  go with what is going to work and cross that road when you come to it.

    My $.02.