Wanting to get started

  • Hey everyone - just signed up today and have a question. First of all, let me applaud all of you for getting started on what I can guess is going to be a very exciting adventure towards better health and better habits. It won't be easy but you can do it.  I have been going to the gym now since February and have started eating healthier in this past year.  My challenge is, and I am almost embarrassed to even be here, are...I am almost 58 yrs old, 5'9" and 124 lbs. While a lot of you are not seeing the problem, it is simple for me.  I am a stick, no energy, no tone, I can hardly walk a half a block without becoming winded. I have no power, no muscle and at my height this is hard. My dream is to become well toned, with muscle definition. I saw Susan Grimes testimony and while I am not quite that slender I would like to add muscle.  I don't even know if this is the place for me to be, but wanted to give a shout out to see what came back. Can I accomplish this and how?

  • love777, Yes this is the place for you! There are so many great people here with lots of advice, encouragement and support!

    Putting on muscle takes dedication and hard work just like anything. And you are right, just because you are skinny doesn't mean you are in shape or healthy. I don't want to oversimplify but what you need is to be sure you are eating more calories than you are burning. In the BFL book those who wanted to add muscle, not loose weight, simply added a portion of quality carbs to their meals. This doesn't mean junk carbs but high quality, complex carbs. Without enough fuel (food) your body will burn fat and muscle and you won't add muscle or see the tone you are looking for.

    I would start by eating a little more and then after a week or two see how you feel and if you are adding the muscle and tone you want. If not eat a little more. If it feels like too much back off a bit. It will take a little experimenting but listen to your body and you will figure it out.

    You also might want to take it easy on the cardio. Cardio has numerous benefits so I wouldnt cut it out completely but you won't need the length  and intensity of those trying to burn serious calories.

    Just my thoughts :)

  • Most certainly! My personal recommendations (in addition to the obvious ones like "read the book" and "take a week or two to plan before starting") would be:

    (1) Pretty much every week, someone here starts a new forum thread for people starting the program that week to share their progress and encourage each other. Find the one for your week (or start it) and participate! The mutual encouragement is SO helpful - I'd have probably quit after a couple of weeks without it.

    (2) Read Dr. John Hussman's article "Why the Body for Life Program Works" (online at www.hussmanfitness.org/.../TPBodyforLife.html). He lists a number of "tweaks" that you can do and has a couple of specific suggestions for people looking for muscle gain rather than fat loss (the third bullet under "Tweaking the Program" and the two paragraphs right below the "Things you can't compromise on" bullet points) - his ideas are mostly more detailed versions of what Orrin suggested. Don't skip the rest of the article though! It's good stuff. The whole site has plenty of good info, and Bill Phillips himself recommended that people check it out.

  • Thank you for the info. Will be checking out your info and start moving forward.  Being a woman and always living by the numbers, putting on the weight is gonna be a tough one :0) But I know I need to do something.  I've never counted calories in my life and not sure how to even start with this one. No worries about cardio ( really don't like it at all) but, would like to be able to have the oomph to do something. Thank you for giving me the boost to start this journey.

  • Welcome home! Meet your new Body for Life family! :D:D

  • Thank you MK-WILDCHERRY. Started this week and gonna start posting. Very new to all of this but am looking forward to meeting everyone and for the changes that are going to take place.