Consolidated 5/21 Starters Thread

  • I don't know, Schattenreich. I haven't measured my body fat either.

  • Question, I usually just use the same exercises when doing my weight training according to the BFL guidelines and I was wondering if it's necessary to completely change the exercises to get results instead of just increasing weights with the same routine?

  • I would strongly suggest to switch up your weight exercises. Same with your food and cardio.

    The body is a very "smart" machine. It will adapt to get as efficient as possible (i.e. burn the least calories possible, extract the most out of food and storing it etc.).

    Muscle confusion at a minimum is essential. Mixing up the cardio I noticed seems to be really important though, too. If you struggle with food schedule adjustments for this program for now just stabilize it but try to switch it around a bit every 3 or so weeks at a min.