Starting Monday 5/21/12

  •   I am finally giving myself a kick in the pants and joining the challenge. 

    I'll be harassing you all and asking lots of questions as of Monday. 

    Can't wait!!!

    I have 30 pounds to lose, so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to lose in the 12 week period???

  • I will be starting Monday also! Let's share tips and keep each other motivated!

  • I am starting Monday too.  :)

  • There is a large group of us who started this week.  Most started on the 14th. I started on the 15th.  Feel free to join in on the May 14th thread :)  Lots of encouragement there.  A May 14th FB group was also started.

  • I am starting on Monday as well. @Chappyswife- Thanks for the advice. I will look into that group right now. I definitely need all the motivation I can get!

  • Me too! I have about the same amount of weight to lose.

  • I'm starting Monday also! I'm nervous and excited. I have so much weight to loose, I hope this is where I need to begin! Good luck to all of us

  • I'm starting on Monday too....I have been putting this off long enough..  I have some serious toning to do...It would be nice to share progress reports with all of you....The best of luck to everyone!

  • I'm starting tomorrow too!  

  • Hi KiwiGal,

    I'm starting Challenge 2 today. I lost 30lbs by week 10 of Challenge 1, so you can do it! Follow the program & you can't go wrong. :) All the best with your challenge!!

    "Eat clean, train mean, live lean!"

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm starting tomorrow too.  Does anyone have tips for staying focused on the eating part.  The exercise part I'm ok with, but I am an emotional eater in a stressful world... ;)

    Good luck to everyone and look forward to staying in touch!

  • @klang - Have you set yourself some goals? What do you want to achieve from this Challenge/ why have you decided to start the challenge, etc. It gets easier as you go along, but I found if I was craving 'naughty' food during the week, I needed to remind myself why I started & that rest day wasn't far away :) Everyone has their own approach, but that's what worked for me. A lot of ppl I've come across have said that they write down their cravings, to get them out of their system, so to speak. Then on rest day, satisfy that craving.

    Most importantly, don't beat yourself up if you slip. We're human after all. :) Just go back to the plan with your next meal.

    All the best!

    "Eat clean, train mean, live lean!"

  • I'm starting tomorrow as well.  I just finished a Fitness Challenge at my local gym and was looking for another challenge to keep me motivated.  I'm excited to start this journey!!  If anyone is interested in a FB support group for those of us starting on the 21st I could create one - or as mentioned above we can join in with the group that started last week!

    @klang - I'm an emotional eater as well so hopefully we can support each other on the nutrition end of this challenge.  I'm hoping that the free day does help me channel my cravings. :)

    Good Luck everyone!!

  • Good luck to everyone starting day 1 today! I'm also starting today, hoping also to lose around 30 lbs. Here's to a successful first week for all of us!!

  • Week 1, Day far so good. I woke up at 6am and completed the upper body workout. For me, that is the best time of the day to get the workout in, before the daily "obstacles" start making my goals and vision blurry.

    @klang- Be sure to clean out all your pantry and get rid of any "unauthorized" foods. And get of healthy snacks that can help you get over that eating hump, when you need to. Stay strong and focused. (I am speaking now to myself as well ;)

    @Genesiah- great tip about writing down the craving! I will definitely try that during this challenge. And congrats on all the previous weight loss! 30 lbs of weight removal is astounding!

    Let's keep up the momentum, people!