This week's focus goals

  • This week I have three goals for each day. 1. No added salt to anything I eat. 2. Get my workouts in every day (duh, but some days it's hard for me) and 3. Drink at least 2 32oz water bottles per day. That's a half gallon, I am trying to work up to more, but with only a port-o-potty to share with truck drivers all day, I tend to limit my beverage intake during the day. EEEK!

    I went through my success journal and made those three goals my top three items to do.

    What are YOUR goals this week?

  • Hi Erica1234:  Thank You for posting your weekly goals-it definitely has got me thinking.  I started week 7 today-yeah!  but my head isn't in the game.  2 weeks ago I felt like I was really doing this program-I was feeling strong and empowered!!-Then my sister and I had a disagreement--we agreed to disagree about a 30 year old issue that has never been resolved, and I must admit I'm wiped out!  I still go to the gym every day but my diet isn't as tight as it was.  I'm sleeping alot and I know I'm experiencing a greiving process over my sister.    Adversity has always been a huge stumbling block in my life-but I've always overcome things-and it's made me a stronger person for it. And I truly thought my sister was part of my cheering section-but I found out it's not true!!  What I've come to realize these last two weeks is that my sister doesn't want me to succeed in my life.(Not Really)   She needs to have me "Down" rather than see me soaring!   Big Awakening!!! So I let her go from my life!  Because I truly believe in this program and in myself!  And I was sorry to hear her negative words to me.  It has kicked me in the heart-but I'm still here.  A little beat up and bruised but I'm not out of the game!!  Thank you for "  allowing me to blog this-  My 3 goals for this week are:1) Tighten up my diet 2) Keep getting to gym daily 3)  Smile-I'm tougher than adversity!! and remember--"No one can make me feel un-worthy-- without my consent. " Not even her!

  • Hi Annie,  I'm in week 7 too.  I just wanted to say I'm glad you posted your goals for the week and your story about the issues you are facing with your sister.  Family is so important.. but you do not need negative people in your life.. family or not.  We all need people who can lift us up and encourage us.  That is one of the things I love about this website and these forums.. So when you need some motivation and a cheering section just logon here!  :)  I love the last line of your post!!  See you back on the "starting April 2.. thread)  :)  Have a wonderful day!

  • Annie50, those are great goals to focus on for the week! Especially smiling! That is something my mother always drilled into me, and now that she is gone, I find myself remembering to do exactly that!

  • Hi Lady's  Thank you for your encouraging words.  It's rocked me but I am finding my way through it all. Erica1234-your enthusiasm is contagious-Keep up the great work.!  MrsAttAdj  Thank you for caring-see you on Starting Apr 2 thread! I'm truly in this to transform myself. Week #7 may have been somewhat rocky but I;m getting ready for week #8


  • It's Friday! And so far I have stuck to my goals this week. There were a few days I really wanted to bail on the cardio, but I sucked it up and did it anyway and I am so glad I did. The no salt thing was easier than I thought, but I still struggle getting in lots of water. Although, during this week I have definitely improved, so that's good.

    Arms tonight, and tomorrow in place of intervals, I am going to the mountains for some backpacking! WooHoo!