Geez, I feel like a pest!

  • Ok, here's another question for you experts.  Looking at the sample week menu there is a breakfast burrito for day one.  This burrito has turkey sausage, eggs and cheese,  that would be three proteins, this does not make sense to me.  These are the things that keep me confused about the program (god I hope I get my book tomorrow)  My understanding is 1 protein, 1 carb so how can this breakfast burrito be on plan?  Is it a matter of using three proteins but they would equal one by combining them and it be the size of your palm?  I see we can have turkey sausage (according to this recipe) so would morningstar original breakfast patty be a legal item on the food list?  Obviously if this burrito is legal for the plan my idea for breakfast would be egg white, morningstar sausage on a la tortilla whole wheat tortilla with hot sauce.  I know I've said this in every post but I so want to do this right and really want to start tomorrow even thou I haven't read the book. 

  • Where are you getting the menu? from the site? Yes, the book would be better...hope it comes soon!

    If you are not sure of a portion size you can always look at the labels, I generally try to shoot for 20g protein and 20g carbs for every meal. Men I think go around 35g of each...

    Hope this helps, and don't feel like you are pest...We are here to help you! Ask away! :)

    Sharon Wonder-Woman was able to attach the authorized food list on the gb before, I will shoot her an email and see if she can do that for ya!!

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  • OMG, I just posted about your awesome progress.  Yes, I got the menu from this site under first week of menus.  If I'm understanding correctly as long as the three items total 20 grams protein I could eat my breakfast burrito.  Have you posted anywhere what you typically eat in a day on this challenge?  The reason I ask is your progress is soooooooooo inspiring I would love to know what you eat.

  • Okay, first of all, what's your real name...I feel silly calling you that! :)

    Thanks for the comment on the pics, was hoping to inspire someone out there!

    Yes on the protein and equalling 20g, but you have to make sure everything is authorized, see cheese is not on the original list...

    You don't have the book yet, right? Still going to email Sharon for that list...

    My typical day is:

    Oats and eggs (I use the original flavor packets of instant oatmeal then add cinnamon and a 1/2 pkt of Splenda) Eggs are one whole and 5 whites

    Myoplex Lite shake

    chicken *** with brown rice along with a salad or veggie

    protein shake and an apple

    depends with dinner as I try to fix something the family will eat so it is a toss up (they get sick of chicken!)

    last meal is ff Cottage cheese mixed with nf strawberry yogurt

    For some reason my taste buds are used to this food and I crave the good stuff!  Which is way better than past attempts at challenges. I have looked back in my journals and noticed that I used a lot of shakes and a bar every day and really only had 2 meals with whole foods. The more you can feed your body with whole foods the better off you will be...

    Let me know if you have other questions...and tell me your real name! lol! :)

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  • Thank you so much for all your help.  My name is Diane, the only reason I used landhippo is that is what we call our english bulldog (his real name is Sluggo).   With all your help I feel pretty confident starting tomorrow, well I'm off to go make my four meals (2 meals will be shakes)

  • Hi, Diane!! That's much better! Sharon posted the original list under Authorized Food list...I suggest you copy and paste it, stick it in your purse so when you are at the store, you can use it as a reference!

    Best wishes for success! :)

    Oh had chicken stir fry tonight! Yummy! :)

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