Belts and Pants tell the truth!

  • Hi gang. Today is day 56 of my challenge. Just got back from a real good cardio and ab workout. I set a new peak today of 8.1 on the treadmill. I was really suckin' wind when I was done. Yesterday I took my 8 week pics. When comparing them to my Day 1 pics and 4 week pics there is a difference but I thought the change would be more noticable. Our eyes and how we perceive ourselves can be misleading. Here are the facts.....My pants are belt which was on the first hole when I started is now on the second hole (and almost on the 3rd). So even though I may not see a huge difference......the difference is there! Because belts and pants don't lie! From passed challenges I know my final 4 weeks show the biggest changes. I'm really stoked for this next 4 weeks. When I'm done my 12 weeks I will post my pics. Hope you all have a great day.


    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • I've joined the belt notch club fit4life.  Week 4, Day 3 and down 19 lbs from a start of 221.

    GO RED WINGS!!  I grew up in Detroit near the Ambassador bridge.

  • Congrats, Fit4Life!

    I am staring Week 10 tomorrow and the inches are melting on me! I am going to get measured tomorrow but I am wearing much smaller clothing already!  

  • Add me on the Belt Notch Club vip list as well.  I'm on Free day of the end of week 7, and I'm on my last notch on my belt.  Darn it, that means that one more go around and it's time to get new belts.

    When I started I was a tight 38, now those are falling off, I'm a loose 36 and a tight 34.

    So yup....I said my prayers today, and I said, let me get through this 8th week, because I am ready for weeks 9 through 12, where I don't plan to linearly change, but exponentially change.

    Woohoo!  Let's do this!

    Anyone else wanna Join the Belt Notch Club Vip List?

  • JamesK: I grew up right across the river in Windsor. I still live in the area.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Way  to go Confidence!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Keep it up MarquiD!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • I will try to get my husband, Brett, to join it! He is on Day 1 today and wants to lose about 4 inches in his waist!!


    Here’s a little inspiration for those of you who are worried about not seeing any changes in your body so far. It’s what’s called the "Paper Towel Theory"

    Let’s assume you go out and buy two rolls of paper towels, each with only 84 paper towels on it (one for each day of the challenge).

    You put one aside, and keep it for future reference (your "before" picture).

    The other one represents you (I’ll call your paper towel you "Ed"). The core represents the lean Ed. The towels represent the fat that is covering the lean Ed. For sake of argument, let’s say that Ed wants to lose 21 pounds of fat, so (84/21) each sheet represents a quarter-pound of fat lost. Let’s also assume that Ed loses his fat equally during each day of the challenge.

    Each day during the first week, you tear a sheet off of Ed, representing the fat he has lost for the day. Next, you put Ed next to the full roll ("Big Al") for comparison. No noticeable difference!!! Even at the end of the week! This can’t be working for me!

    But, being a good Ed, you continue to follow Body-for-LIFE. At the end of weeks two and three, you continue to compare Ed to Big Al, and still notice very little difference. That stinkin’ Bill Phillips MUST be a liar!

    But Ed is determined! He works hard! Hitting his 10’s…eating his 6 daily meals. Three more weeks go by, the sheets peeling off day after day, before Ed gets up the courage to stand next to Big Al again. Holy Myoplex! Ed is skinny! OK, not skinny, but less huge!!!

    By the end of the 12-week Body-for-LIFE program, Ed is down to his lean dream, or somewhere near it. Ed is happy. We are happy. Big Al – well he’s not so happy.

    The lesson to be learned is that fat, like paper towels, comes off in sheets. When you are heavy, you are big around. And when you are big around, that fat is spread over a MUCH larger area – just like that outside towel sheet. The closer you get to the lean you, the more each lost pound of fat shows, because it is spread over a smaller area.

    While the outside sheet may only cover 1 layer of the roll, the inside sheet may go around 4 times. That last sheet looks like it gives you 4 times the results of the first sheet, but in reality, the results are the same – your perception is just different! And you’ll never see the inside, if you aren’t patient while the outside is coming off!

    Seems so logical when you read it like this!

  • I have heard that before and it was definitely worth repeating. That is so much like my experience. Thanks for posting that Legs!! All the best.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • No problem there fit4life. Like my friend DeboRAHRAHMO says though, there are some places where it seems we have Extra Absorbancy Bounty on. :) None the less, it too shall fall off.