May 14th2012 My BFL start date (first timer)

  • Anyone going to join me? I'm currently planning my work outs and meals. Would be nice to have a buddy or two :)

  • I am starting May 14th also   I did this over 10 yrs ago and lost 30 lbs   If you haven't bought Eating for Life book I strongly suggest it great recipes that are really easy to prepare .  

  • I am starting May 14th as well. So glad to have found this thread.  I have been mentally preparing myself for about a week now.  I have my journal all ready to go and am finishing up planning my meals and work outs as well.   Going shopping this weekend and Sunday will make my meals for the week. Good luck to us all!!!!!           :-)

  • Me, too! First timer, three little ones (which means some abs that are ready to get toned!), and excited for the journey! Looking forward to turning to you all for support and accountability. Good luck, all!

  • Welcome folkloremom. This is going to be a great adventure.

    We can do this!!!

  • Super excited we will be doing this together :)

  • Super excited we will be doing this together :)

  • I have two. Next week they will be 12 and 4

    Super excited!!

  • I am a single mom of twin 8 yr olds and they are big supporters of me getting healthy.  I lost about 65 lbs 2 yrs ago and ran my first half marathon and they were so proud however I have gained 45lbs back :( what I was doing this wasnt realstic or sustainable thats why Body For Life works.  Glad I found all of you!  We got this!  

  • I am starting May 14th also, but I am currently deployed to Kuwait so my food options are VERY limited....gym is no problem and I am an avid long distance runner; but running 30 miles a week and eating (what I thought was healthy) has gotten me NO WHERE in the last 3 months!!!

    I am going to try this program to the letter and see where it takes me...I am in and I will need help staying focused, the last 3 months has really disappointed me on my weight and body fat so help me do this right!

  • That's awesome that you were able to do a half marathon. I am running a 10k in a couple months--that seems plenty long to me! ;) Looking forward to doing this together!

  • Well I have to be honest I don't even think I can run around the block so kudos to all of you. One of my goals is to run a 5k in about a month. I know that is probably pushing it on the time, but if even if I finish that would be a huge accomplishment for me.  I was a smoker for 25 years and couldn't (DIDN'T) do anything to exert myself.  I recently decided that I had way more to offer myself than to cut my life short.

    I have one son he is 20.

    JTB I am with you. I am going to need the same help you need to stay focused.  

    One of the things I have done is made a calendar counting down the days to success.    :-)

    We Can Do This!!!!

  • Hey everyone.... I'd like to join you guys too :)

    I've been looking into this for the past few weeks and guess there's no time like the present to get going.

    I've got a few busy months coming up and get married in just under 100 days, i've got about 10- 15lbs lbs to loose by mid August.

    I lost about 20lbs last year and have kept most of it off but a few lbs have crept back on and i'm worried that my emotional eating is starting to creep back in.

    I workout at least 4x per week anyway, so hope the workouts aren't going to be a problem but i really need to push myself to get the best out of my workouts.

    Looking forward to the journey forward and having to be accountable to my fellow BFL'ers..... lets do this!!! Good Luck

    "Train like an athlete, eat like a nutritionist, sleep like a baby, win like a champion"

  • I am also starting on May 14th. Excited for this new plan. Grocery shopping this weekend to prepare.

  • I'm also starting on May 14th!  I'm using the next two days to get organized. Just think of where we all could be in 12 weeks if we give it all we got! I know that there will be rough patches...I just want to bring myself to the best that I can be! It's great to see others starting Monday as well! Best wishes