Anybody Starting Today 5-7-2012?

  • Guys, please help....i find myself feeling rebellious...(really how childish) against whom? Answer = no one....!!!! i ate a piece of cheese cake tonight with a kind of ''screw you'' attitude...but who? no one - again!!!! oh boy.....need to buck up, BIG TIME!!!! What's the matter with me?

  • How is everyone doing?  Things seem much quieter this time around...

    Bree, unfortunately it's not just "no one" you are rebelling's yourself you are hurting.  That was one thing I really appreciated in the book was the comments about making promises to yourself and then respecting yourself enough to honor them.   I just sent you the journal this morning, so hopefully that will help.  And maybe a good time to reread some of the book?

    Tim,  your progress is so encouraging!  Keep it up!

    Jason & StrongFinisher, what has become of you two?

    I just got back from camping.  I prepared ahead of time proper meals in foil packs that could just be reheated on the grill,  I admit I wasn't perfect, but this did help keep more on track then I would have been otherwise...  I also tried to get some good hikes in to make up for the workouts I was missing.  All in all, I didn't fare too badly.  Especially considering my family makes amazing/unhealthy camping meals.  I am probably a little more relaxed this time around, but I think it is because I have really realized this is a lifestyle, not just a temporary change for 12 weeks.  And I know I am not going to be perfect always, so if I mess up, I just try to move forward instead of beating myself up over it.  This is hard because I am a perfectionist!  But it's good for me.

    Anyone else noticing anything different this time around?

  • Hi everybody

    Things are a bit quieter, but that's ok. I think we may have lost Jason and StrongFinisher by the look of it. That's unfortunate. Hopefully they will pop up in the next couple of weeks.

    Exciting times this end. The most important thing of all is that I have started dating a beautiful Estonian girl, whom luckily is into her gym workout as much, if not more than me. So certainly something in common there. She does all the workout classes though so looks pretty good!! I never would have had the confidence to ask someone like her out in the past, but now.... :) (Tishs - My increase in confidence is what I'm noticing. Finally!!)

    Bree - So the rebellious streak is coming out. How funny!! Tishs is right, reread some of the book. I think the Tesco challenge thing is with USN. They have a 12-week fitness challenge:

    I have stocked up with Myoplex for the next 2 months so don't have the budget (or cupboard space) for any more unfortunately. I checked out their Training Plans and they are significantly more intensive than the BFL. I will incorporate some of them into my current plan and in a couple of months may consider doing the challenge.

    Tishs - Good job on the camping side. I love camping but only seem to enjoy it back in Australia where you can go wild camping, which you can't do in the UK. Good to see you prepared in advance for the different foods available, and it is certainly okay to not always be perfect. You still have to enjoy life, and sometimes that means the odd piece of something yummy.

    Finally as it is the end of Summer there are 50% discounts off laser hair removal treatments. Sooooo much better than shaving and waxing, so goodbye ingrown hairs!! Can't wait to get started.

  • That is awesome Tim!  There is a guy I am interested in currently, but barely have even spoken to him. I haven't even dated for 8 years.  This is partially due to a lack of confidence, but I also an pretty afraid since my last relationship was really bad.  I was engaged to a guy who was very emotionally abusive and controlling.  He told me on a regular basis that I was not enough of a "barbie" for him and would list off all the things he didn't like about me physically.  To this day, those things loom in my mind whenever I meet anyone I might like.  And whats even worse is he still runs in the same circles, so I see him at least once a week with his new wife (25 years younger than him) and baby.  A constant reminder that affects my confidence.  I wish I could just make those thoughts/feelings disappear!  Anyway (sorry for the tangent there), I hope that getting to a place where I feel proud about how I look will not only make me feel less intimidated when I see him around, but also, and most importantly, bring back my confidence.  

    BTW I've been meaning to ask you, what are some of your favorite places in Australia that are sort of off the beaten path (not so touristy)?  I've wanted to visit there for several years now and always like to talk to people familiar with Australia so I know exactly what I want to do when I do eventually make it over :)  So far on my list is the wildlife santuary in Perth, the Karjini Gorges and swimming with the whale sharks!  I also am interested in seeing the "cowboy" culture there.

    One last thing, I actually thought of you when I designed a blank printable journal (I think you were the one that mentioned you were writing really tiny in a journal you had already used).  Just wanted to double-check that you don't want me to email a copy to you?  Feelings won't be hurt either way , but just wanted to make sure :)

  • Alright Tim, you inspired me... that and the endorphine-fueled confidence I am feeling after my workout this morning.  I FB'd that hot guy (I mentioned in my last post) and asked him out for coffee.  I might be setting myself up to crash and burn, but at least then I can stop thinking about how to "arrange" situations so he can get to know me better and look past my what I consider my flabby appearance.  Whew, kind of an adrenaline rush.  Now I just have to wait for his response, since he only seems to get on FB once or twice a week!  Thanks for the inspiration Tim!

  • Congratulations!! Go for it!! It's exciting isn't it. Even if it doesn't work out and you don't get the coffee don't let that stop you. Just find somebody else. There are plenty of people online. Just keep your chin-up and stay confident.

    In regards to the journal I would love to have a look at what you have put together. My email is

    Be careful in regards to copyright issues though.

    In regards to Australia you've chosen some pretty nice places. The country is the same size as the USA so it is difficult to see it all on one trip. Perth is nice. I lived there for 5 years. In Queensland on the other side I would recommend the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest, Whitehaven Beach, and the Whitsunday islands. Whitehaven beach sand is so pure it was used to make the lens for the Hubble Telescope.

    Tasmania where I grew up is the place to go for the freshest organic food, especially seafood, cheese, berries, etc. Like a miniature New Zealand with spectacular mountains, beaches, rivers and waterfalls.

    For cowboys you would be looking for Australian Stockmen, and some of the stations are absolutely huge, with one almost 6x larger than the largest station in the USA. For a very unique experience head to the Birdsville Races, literally in the middle of nowhere, but attracts thousands of people, and you'll also share the pubs with drunk camels. Plus don't miss the lead-up event of yabbie racing in a nearby town. Yabbie's are like crawfish.

  • Yeah, pretty much crashed an burned on with the coffee thing, but actually still thankful that I did it.  I saved myself all the time spent wondering if he is interested and trying to figure out ways to "bump into him," etc.

    Tim, I just sent you an email.  Thanks for the warning.  But since they also have journal pages you can copy print off of this site and in the main book, I am no too worried about it... plus I am not selling anything :)  In fact, I was thinking about submitting the one I created to this site and to the BFL site, so that they could provide to others :)  You'll have to let me know what you think of it first though. :)  And thanks for the tips on Australia... I will have to add those places to my list :)  Just curious though... you seem to really love Australia, so why do you live in the UK (I think that is where you mentioned you live)?

    Hey Bree, where have you been... missing you :)

  • OMGODDDDDDDDDDDD....i just typed a whole thing on here to you both and flipping wiped it off somehow....screeeeeeeaaaam!!!!!!!.....ok, I'm not going to say it all again.....sorry i've not been on for ages but i've been run off my feet....

    Suggestion - it looks like it's only the 3 of us on here about i set up a secret FB group and then invite you both, then we can chat freely without the whole world checking it out? What do you think?  All i need are your FB names and then I can do it from loads to say but pissed off now that i wiped my huge essay a few seconds ago...must be the Universe telling me something...don't want to lose contact with ya both

    Bree xx

  • Hey Everybody,

    I apologize for my extremely late late reply!

    I have been on the road for awhile now, just got into Texas from Florida. Life has been good but crazy, my band got on the News again on Fox 13, will be airing September 27th. A major record label is looking at us and one of my original songs is going to be in rotation on a big internet radio station.

    I'm glad to see you are all still keeping up with the program and working hard with it. I didn't want to admit it to you all but my last few weeks on the challenge were really brutal, I finished it but I felt really depressed and out of energy. I think I may have pushed it way too hard. I may be low on testosterone, so I am going to get that checked out soon. Getting myself distracted with music and resting as much as I could, got me back into place for the most part. I'm back to eating healthy and on a exercise routine, just kind of taking it slowly.

    Anyway I just wanted to let you all know I'm sorry for my absence and I hope to still stay in touch with you now that I am a little more settled in than before. Please don't be mad at me and I hope to talk with you soon!

  • AfricanAvatar, that has happened to me once or twice also... very frustrating!  How have things been going otherwise?  I am open to the private FB group idea.  Looks like we are back to 4!  What does everyone else think?

    Jason, so glad to hear from you.  I've been wondering what happened to you.  Sounds like you are getting back on track!  And sounds like big things are happening for you band!  Any place we can hear your music yet?  I have given up on trying for perfection this time around and figure that making the right decision most of the time is at least better then making the wrong decision all the time.  Taking that pressure of seems to help me stay on track better.  You were doing a slightly different program this time around weren't you?  How is that going?

  • Hi Tishs,

    Good to hear from you, I am doing a slightly different program, with a lot of the same BFL principles. So far I feel really good mentally and physically, getting my strength back and more motivated. I would like to do another BFL round with all of you by the book. I think my problem like you said was I was going for exact perfection, not missing one workout or one meal the whole challenge, and also I focused too much on losing weight, which in turn made me super weak, it wasn't worth it.

    Here are a couple videos of the music stuff we have been working on. It's a very silly band, we sing about aliens, wizards, mermaids, time travel. It's all in good fun, jokingly kind of like a Spinal Tap thing which keeps it fun, but we also take it pretty seriously.

    Here is one of our music videos-

    Here is us on the news

    Part 2-

    I hope you like it :)

  • Jason... thanks for sharing!  :)  Very interesting venture, I've never heard of anything like that before... how does "brobot" know what and how to play?  Does it have to be programed, etc?  

  • Hey Jason...I love it mate, I really do....It reminds me of the experimental nature of Peter Gabriel...that's one thing I love about our music here in the UK...oh, and by the way, which one are you?....Tishs, I shall wait to hear from Jason and Tim before I set up a group cos I need all your FB names....had a great week!

    I have lost another 4 pounds. The lightest I've been in 5 or 6 years. i can''t afford to lose much more weight but I do want to continue to build muscle! My biceps have increased by 1cm each and calves also 1 cm each....I love it. Had my free day yesterday and ate 3 Krispy Kreme doughnuts....oh yum and boy did I totally love them, every mouthful...back on track today. I love the clean eating

    Hope you're all doing ok?

  • Oh and Jason....I love your (plural) whacky sense of's things like this that attract attention in the media...well done!!! Now for the BFL....just wanted to say, I was about to go to bed but my son and his girlfriend and another mate came in here with a pile of pancakes with lime juice and cinnammon sugar...oh yummy....I know I should not have, but I chose to so I shall deal with it.

    Tim, come on where are you? How's it going with your new girl? And you Tishs? Any response from the bloke you spoke to?

    Sorry, I'm prying but I like you guys and hope you are happy.....;)

  • Hi Tishs! Thank you for your compliment! We program Brobot through a computer. It kind of works like midi but opposite. Basically we program solenoids on Brobot to hit the drums or cymbals in time and just have all work in a pattern that sounds like a drummer. Kind of confusing, but easy to understand when you see it up close. How are you doing this week?

    Hi AfricanAvatar!- Thank you for your compliments as well! Peter Gabriel is awesome, I loved what he did in the early Genesis. I am the bald guy with the mustache in the video also known as "Pistache". Congrats on your weight loss and progress! You sound very motivated! Keep up the awesome workI can send you a private /message/e-mail for my Facebook info if that is what you need! Have a great week!