Anybody Starting Today 5-7-2012?

  • Hi everybody. I hope you all are going well.

    Had a great UBWO this morning. Had shaking muscles by the end of it and again struggled to put my backpack on after it. That's a good sign!! Also enjoying the slightly warmer weather and I actually walked back home in my gym gear. I never would have ever considered doing that at the start of Challenge 1 as my pot belly and lack of muscle definition would have had me too embarrassed. Now I have a lot more confidence in my appearance. Not yet at my goal but well on the way. By the end of Challenge 2 I promise to put my pics up.

    Alayna - Good job on the fruit and cottage cheese when the craving hit. I like cottage cheese with a fat-free flavoured yoghurt. However sometimes my brain thinks that being fat-free I can eat several. Probably not the best idea but better I guess than polishing off a tub of Ben & Jerrys icecream. :)



  • Hi everyone...can you believe that you can feel shy on a blooming computer screen? How ridiculous, but there you have it!!!

    Tim has very kindly invited me to join this group as he said that you are all fantastic people on here. He has also been so kind as to answer a lot of questions that I've had and given advice on some things that I've been struggling with. Oh and Tim, thanks for responding to my cry in the wilderness on my original post!!!

    I started on Monday this week, my first challenge ever and I feel like I've been hit with a sledgehammer. Did lower body yesterday and any form of curtsying for Her Majesty, just would not be an option as my thighs are totally dead. Tim, I'm sure you asked the same question of BFL team. I asked about being involved in the challenge (without the prize) and they said that it is fine and that they would still take our photos into account they wish to hear what is going on from all round the world.  

    Today is cardio and once again Tim, thanks for the advice around eating on that front. I've cocked up I think.  Following the suggested eating plan on BFL website it says to eat at 7, 10, 1, 4, 7 and 10 which sort of suits me. So I've eaten this morning before I go to do the aerobics session...ooops but the problem is, I can't see how to schedule balanced eating if I don't start at 7a.m. I see a couple of others in this group have been talking about the difficulty of 6 times/day. It's SUCH a lot of eating!!! hence the shakes I suppose.  I can tell there is a lot more to learn. I also see on the BFL site that they mention more exercises than are in the step at a time!

    Anyway, off to do cardio now, look forward to connecting generally and thanks Tim!

  • Hi Everyone,

    How is everyone doing?

    Welcome AfricanAvatar!  This group is awesome, you'll love it!

    Tim, I did have a "soft" start last week and this week.  I actually convinced my boss to join me in the next challenge!  Our official scheduled start day is this monday, so I just added a couple "pre" weeks to make up for the weeks I'd missed.  I am looking forward this next go!

    Question to the group... with the price of groceries ever increasing, eating 6 meals a day gets pretty expensive.  What are some good and super cheap meals you have found to make?

  • Oh and Jason, we haven't heard from you in awhile...  Everything OK?

  • Hey Everyone!

    Sorry for my late reply! I just got my internet up and running for the first time in about a week. Thank you for checking in with me! I've had a really nice 2 week break. I really really needed it! I'm going to be starting up my new eating and workout routine on Monday. I'm glad to hear you are all on track and doing well!

    I've been doing a lot with music! My band was on the news, we are going to be on the news again next week, we are completing a Kickstarter project, recording, and getting ready to play some shows. Having a lot of fun!

    I want to respond to your posts and have you check out my music, I'm going to try and put that up for you tonight.

    It's really good to see you all on here and keeping it going. Talk with you soon :)

  • Thank you Tishs.....I've decided to do my free days from after lunch on a Sat to lunchtime on was the first free day and as i am in Devon & Cornwall on holiday here in the UK, i decided to go and have a famous Cream Tea (Tea, scone, strawberry jam and clotted cream)....ok, well, the jam was so sweet that it made me feel sick, the cream was nice but I could leave it, the scone had been made with margarine (GROSS!!) super sensitive taste after no naughty carbs for a week.

    Have loved the first week, apart from the pain but I hope that will ease. I agree that it can get expensive with the 6 meals a day but turkey and chicken is really quite cheap here so I've been using a lot of that and also vegetarian sources of protein like mung beans.

    Jason, what kind of music do you play? Tim, you still there and doing ok?

  • So seems the crew are all coming back after a couple of chilled out weeks post Challenge 1.

    I started my "Super Free Sunday" early last night after a really crappy day of problem solving for my business. I did the fastest 20min session first thing in the morning I've ever done, topping 16.5km/h for the last minute. Sweet!! And a nice ab work-out to finish. But the rest of my Saturday was spent inside on my computer working, whilst the sun was shining outside. Anyway at dinner time I couldn't be bothered cooking so I started my free day early. I devoured one large Pizza Hut pizza, some wedges and some chicken wings all in one sitting. Yum!!! I actually don't feel bad because I hadn't eaten like that for 14 weeks and I can still virtually see my six pack when I squint. Plus I think we have to let loose sometimes. :)

    I am having a light Sunday now and healthy meals again.

    Tishs - 6 meals a day is expensive. I do have 2-3 Myoplex's  a day which works out at about £1.80 per serve. I noticed on AfricanAvatars initial forum topic that another Brit was having just Whey protein mixed with fruit and a banana to keep the costs down. That sounds like a good alternative and would be cheaper than Myoplex whilst still providing the right mix for the meal. I may investigate that option.

    AA - I love Devonshire teas. Scones, jam and clotted cream is simply yum. Although as you noticed, as it so sweet you can't eat much of it.

    Jason - Great news on your music. Can't wait to hear it.

  • Super happy!!

    Hadn't been to the Post Office for several weeks and one of the counter staff just asked me if I had been working out because I look so much leaner and healthier. They could really notice a difference in my face and upper body. This is the first time somebody random has noticed a change in how I look. Certainly makes you feel good!! :-)

  • cool is that!!!....guess what? My internal fat has come down by 1.2% in just over a week...probably the honeymoon period....I went into health food shop here (Holland & Barrett) and there was a body builder in there who also suggested the best of their whey proteins and adding some fruit to it to make it into a kind of smoothie drink. I love the chocolate drink stuff anyway, tastes like melted ice cream to me....could eat that all day.

    I told this guy that I was hoping to get my fat down to round about 12 - 15% and he looked at me like I was mad.  Well, I just kept quiet and thought about all the success stories that I've read on the BFL site and thought, just you wait dude, just you me. So Tim, when I hear what you've just said about people in your PO noticing....that gives me hope...taa!!!

    I am so much less sore this week. Does that mean I'm not working hard enough? Are you supposed to be in 'so much pain' every time you train? Or does it just mean that you're actually just getting stronger? I'm also surprised at how quickly my body is responding to this whole process. Even the cravings for chocolate have disappeared and believe me, in my case that's a major miracle...... is raining cats and dogs outside, the wind is up, the sky is grey, the air is muggy, i want to hibernate but I think I will TREAT myself with a trip to the gym as I was not able to go this morning.  

    Hope you all have a fantastic day today. I just thought that as I'm typing this some of you are just getting up in the USA and are probably just going off to the, I shall think about you in the early morning there whilst I go now at 3.30 pm

  • Hi everyone.

    Just back from my UBWO. Well I have decided to be the first to bite the bullet and post a before (sad, and belly out) and ongoing (happy, and belly sucked in) photo. Bit of a rubbish photo (as they all are). Next time I will look into the lens. Also you have to admire the UK tan!!! Trust me, being an Australian, being this white is sacrilegious. :)

    AA - You will always be sore in your first week, then the soreness goes down. Nothing to worry about. It's just your muscles getting used to it. You will start walking out of the gym with shakey muscles from now on, and doing the simplest things like putting your t-shirt on will be a struggle.

    Now some obvious points with this photo. Yes, the hairy chest is gone. Seemed like a good idea last week when I used the hair removal cream, but my god, did I get the mother of all rash/red spots/ingrown hairs!! Some spots still remain, and I won't do that again, so will stick with trimming it instead. Also for some reason my head looks extra large, so perhaps this is a side effect of BFL. And the flash I used makes it looks like I stuck it onto the photo. Any other complaints I can think of?? :)

    I have also no idea what my body fat was to start with, but it is getting down down a bit now. Like most males, we collect fat internally (see my bulbous tummy), which is the worst type of fat. Getting that down has been a real challenge. Abs seem to be coming in nicely.

    Anyway it would be good to see what the rest of you look like, even if it is not a Before and After photo. I will wait till the end of Challenge 2 before I post a pic in the "My Transformation" section of this site.

    Starting Weight: 81.2kg (179 pounds).

    Day 102 Weight: 84.2kg (185 pounds)

  • Hi there,

    I have created a support group on Facebook called Body for Lifers!

    I have just started the Body For Life program (8/15/12) and know I need an easily accessible support group. I would really like to have a forum where questions can be answered, encouragement given, progress celebrated and ideas generated. I know that over the next 12 weeks it will be easy to get stuck in a rut either with eating or training and having a group of fellow Body for Lifers will be invaluable!

    Come join us!


  • Hi everyone.  I haven't had a chance to read through everyones new posts, but will soon.  Though a fantastic looking photo caught my eye!  Can I just say WAY TO GO TIM!!!

    Will catch up this weekend with everyone, but in the meantime, I have created a journal PDF file, if anyone in the group is interested.  You can just print it out, bind it and poof it's done.  I condensed the each day into one page, though there is still plenty of room to write.  I also added a few opening pages like the Laws of Attraction Board, and an overall progress chart of workout weight increases and body stats, etc.  If anyone wants it I can email it, just drop me a message :)  This is just for the our group since I don't want to impede journal sales at the bookstore :)

  • Hello healthy people!

    Jason, how is your new plan going?

    AA, I've never tried mung beans, I will have to check those out :)  Thanks for the tip.  And I like your attitude of "you just wait dude."  At the gym the other day some guy was going off loudly to his buddy about all the people who don't know what they are doing and how they should be at the gym... what an a**!  I felt the same way... you just wait and see what I am able to do on this program!  I was really sore for the first week too, but it seemed like my body just got used to it after that.... though my legs are still sore from my first leg workout after my break... guess I will have to get used to it again.

    Tim, You are right, while buying the whole container of protein powder seems spendy, in reality it is pretty cheap per serving.  That is awesome that the post office people noticed!  Last week, my boss actually said I was looking great... he is the one that started the new 12-weeks with me :)  Now about your photos - AMAZING!!!  You seriously look hot (don't take that the wrong way... but since you are across the pond I hope I can say that without offending)!!!  Wow!  Seeing your results is so encouraging!  I am not quite there yet but hope to get there by the end of this 2nd challenge.  FYI "my head looks extra large, so perhaps this is a side effect of BFL" LOL!  More likely that you had the camera zoom set differently :)

    I do have some good news though... I ended up either half-off or completely off the plan for about 5 weeks altogether.  I was really worried about having a major backslide.  I was dreading taking my new beginning measurements for this challenge, but I finally did the other day... I have only gained 0.5lbs!  I couldn't believe it.  That definitely made me feel better after the last bit of my previous program being such a mess.  And really amped me up for this go round!

    A Happy & Healthy week to everyone!

  • Hi everybody

    Super UBWO this morning!! Increased my weights again so now I'm bench pressing 52kg on dumbbells (6 reps), up from only 20kg (6reps) when I started.

    I started to notice some issues with my right shoulder making some noises in the joint, which had me worried, but my daily dose of Glucosamine (1500mg) and MSM (2x1000mg) seem to be helping there. My Dad is up with all the natural vitamins and told me what was good and what was crap. I must admit I think he may be right as the noise has gone down and my joint seems to be moving easier.

    Thanks Tishs on your comment. Bit embarrassing but thank you. It is always a bit scary putting yourself out there, especially in the "let it all hang out" pose of day 1. My posture was always pretty crap back then, but now I'm much more conscious of how I hold myself.

    Good work only gaining 0.5lbs in your 5 week sabbatical. You obviously weren't as bad as you thought you were. Shows you are making the right changes with your diet and heading in the right direction. You stated your boss started with you. How is he coming along along?

    Jason - Where are you mate?? How's the music project coming along?

    AfricanAvatar - Quiet on your front. What's happening? How's progress? Hope you don't mid me shortening your tag to 'AA". It's an Australian thing shortening peoples names. :)

    StrongFinisher - How's everything coming along?? Are you into Challenge 2?

  • Tishs,,,,,yes please, I would love love love a copy, my email is thanks!!!! Mung beans need to be soaked overnight, I have a really good recipe for an Indian dish made with mung beans and rice called 'kitcheri' if anyone wants it then let me know, it's a good way to get some vegetarian protein and carbs all in one go. Don't eat too much and then it's not a problem (as with all things)

    Tim....sorry have certainly not abandoned you,,,EVER! You were the first person to support me and I'm with you all the way! Confession - i hate the computer but have had to learn to have a bit of a love affair with it otherwise my business partner, husband etc,..will crucify me - however i try and avoid it as much as possible....eeeeek, bare minimum comes to mind. Anyway, you look AWESOME!!! even being so wow wow, what a difference!!! seriously, you can be proud to take your top off. good on ya mate!

    Oh and Tim, i went into Tesco (huge one) the other day and they are selling LOADS of supplements! They are selling a make called US something, can't remember, but you can tell they have taken on the BFL idea and they are looking for ppl to become ambassadors for the company, you can win £6000, years membership at a DW gym plus personal training sessions should go in for it. I thought I might check it out. Having said that I really like the BFL system.

    I had a really tough couple of days over this last week. Missed two exercise days as I was just not feeling well. I think the exercise caught up with me a bit. I'm really competitive with myself and i think i was pushing myself way too hard. So I need to calm down into a gentler rythm methinks. I'm also changing gyms as the one i go to is becoming really dirty, machines not working ive decided to upmarket a bit and pay more for a nicer environment.

    Just moving into week 4 now having had to readjust cos of the 2 days out and feeling fitter and still sore but i am fascinated to see what is going to happen to my body.  I don't have a huge amount of weight to lose so I'm really hoping that there will be a noticeable difference like with you Tim....I don't know, we shall see. I can already see a difference in my husband (hmm an that's nice) however I have heard/read that it takes till about week 8 or so before women begin seeing any's hoping and working.

    Trust the rest of you are all well and can't wait to hear how you're doing. Oh and Tim...when I can see a significant difference then I promise I'll put pics up too....goood luck everyone!!!