Anybody Starting Today 5-7-2012?

  • Tim - awesome pic!  That is quite the motivator!

    Jason - is the 2nd challenge you've completed?  

    I think I'll just keep going with another challenge pretty much straightaway.  We'll see.  Have a great rest of your week!


  • Now, I know most of you are in or around week 9. I am towards the end of week 5. I really enjoy this group because you are a bit ahead of me and I can see and get motivated by your progress, successes and struggles. It allows me to get a glimps of what to maybe expect.

    The first few weeks were a bit of a struggle esp. due to the scale fixation I have and those numbers just not wanting to move. I probably lost only about 3 lbs in the first 4 1/2 weeks (though I did feel a lot better). It did help to read about the general trend that women don't really see any results until week 8 or so, so I have been trying to be patient.

    Then this week, while not changing anything (I went through all my logs several times to make sure) I suddently dropped 3 lbs... in 3 days. I know for certainty I am not dehydrated. So this comes a bit as a shocker. Has anyone else made this type of experience? Do you think this is a fluke and I should expect the scale to go back up over the next few days? Or do you think things are just starting to fall into place?

    Just sort of trying to set expectations.

  • Oh and I only have about 15- 20 lbs to lose... to put it into perspective. So 3 lbs seems a lot ... relatively speaking...

  • Welcome to the week number 12 everyone! I'm not sure who all is finishing a challenge this week or not, but I'm really stoked we made this far! Great hard work on all of your part everybody!

    Alayna- This is actually my 10th challenge I believe. I have been doing them since 2003, I usually try to get at least 1 challenge in every year. I will say this challenge has been one of the best with the work that I have put into it, and all of of the groups support!

    Schattenreich- Welcome to our group, it sounds like you are doing a great job! To answer your question, I think we have all experienced unexplained weight fluctuation from gaining a few pounds to losing a few pounds all of sudden, I would try to stay away from the scale as much as possible, so it doesn't discourage you. I have weighed myself only one time so far and I plan to on my last day. Otherwise I get really discouraged. Keep up the great work, measure your inches. Sounds like you are really on track for getting good results!

  • I debated about even posting today since I don't want to be a downer to anyone, but I am so disappointed in myself!  This was my first challenge and I had such high expectations of myself.  However, the last two weeks not only has my nutrition/workouts fallen apart but it seems everything around me is falling apart. Much of this is due to circumstances beyond my control, but it still feels lousy :(  My only solace is that I can hopefully start another challenge in the future and I really hope to be part of this group again.  It's been an amazing group!  Congrats to everyone and I wish you all great success!

  • Week 12!! Finally here. Certainly has been an up and down road. Welcome Schattenreich. The more the merrier!!

    Tishs - Sorry to hear that it all went pear shaped for you the last couple of weeks. My last 6 weeks were all over the place, trying new workout plans, diets, etc. However, best to stick with what we know works, and that is the BFL way. I didn't reach my goal of a "super-ripped" body as I'm sure people expect when seeing the before and after pics of others on here, but over the coming months sticking to the BFL plan I'm sure I'll get there.

    You have done a lot of work in the first few weeks of the BFL and the good thing about our body is that it remembers, therefore it won't be as tough on your body as it was at the start of Challenge 1. However, the only catch is that you don't leave it too long to get back into it. You stated you hoped to "start another challenge in the future." Then start next week on Challenge 2 with me on here. Take the rest of this week off. Read BFL again, re-set your goals, make a strategy of how to deal with the ups and downs you are currently experiencing and factor them into your new plan. Enjoy this entire week off and re-energise yourself. "Hopefully" and "in the future" are very dis-empowering words as they set no goals. Don't lose what you have already put in. You never want to live with regrets. There are so many people on here who start and stop, not returning for years. Don't become one of those. You've had a 2 week "break", faced some major hardships, and will now use that experience to do even better in Challenge 2. Just don't leave it. Plus I've enjoyed having you around.

    I agree that this group has been great. It's the first page that comes up when I open my browser and I love following what others are up to and the challenges they face. Getting through these 12 weeks would have been difficult without this group, plus it's a motivator to know there are others out there going through similar ups and downs, but sharing the same desire to win.

    On a side note. I bought a couple of tank tops online this week as my current XL version (bought about 10 years ago) is getting a bit baggy. Must be the state of society today, but the new Large version is actually bigger than my XL version. That's a worry.

    It's 5.30am and my last upper body work-out for Challenge 1 begins in 1 hour. Nice!! :)

  • Week 12 is almost over!

    Tishs- I am really sorry you are going through a rough time. Like Tim said it's probably best to rest this week and start a new challenge when you are ready. You have come so far! You have strong motivation and I know you will get through whatever you are going through! Hang in there and if you ever need support I'm here for you. I enjoyed doing this challenge with you!

    Tim- glad to hear you are on your last UBWO I will be doing mine on the last day to pump up good for my after pictures. It's been great doing this challenge with you! You have come really far and I always enjoyed reading your posts! Keep up the great work man!

    Alayna- I think you are on vacation now, I hope you are having a great time and I wish you a safe journey back. It's been a pleasure getting through this challenge with you as well. Let us know how you are doing and how your vacation went.

    Hope you all have a good weekend and I'll check in with you soon!


    * For me anyway!! *

    Hi everybody.

    I know some of you are having a bit of a break, but this morning was the start of Challenge 2 for me. The upper body workout went really well and I added some extra exercises to the mix to target different upper body muscles to keep it all interesting. Felt great, and I must admit it is nice being able to match most people in the gym now, and the bonus side is I am much leaner than everybody else from all my 20min aerobic workouts. Therefore I can really see each muscle group nicely. Just need to get them to increase in size now.

    I also noticed this morning I have all 6 abs at last, although I have to really flex to see them. My aim over the next 12 weeks is to get them really defined.

    I have gone back to the start of my BFL Success Diary and planning my meals again, which I think is so essential. Not much space from all my past scrawling, but a change in pen colour fixed that.

    Feeling really pumped. I have booked a 5 week holiday in January, returning home for summer. I haven't been home for 4 years so will be good to see everybody and surprise them with my transformation.

    All the best everybody and enjoy your break.

  • Tim,

    Awesome on the ab progress!!  And thnak you for the "kick in the pants" earlier in the week.  It was just what I needed.  I am going to join you in starting a new challenge this week, though I will technically be starting on Wednesday instead, since I have to work 14hr days today and tomorrow.  Looking forward to doing another challenge with you :)

  • Oops!  Jason I just saw your post as well... Thanks for the encouragement!!  I really appreciate how awesome have been in this group and though we are all starting at slighty different times, I hope we can keep encouraging each other through the next challenge!

  • Hi Everyone!  We were on vacation last week, so I am technically going to finish my 12th week this week because I just decided to not count last week.  We had a great time - our friends let us borrow their boat, and we played on the lake every  day.  I tubed with my kids, and I felt better doing that than I did several years ago - I kept thinking of that song "I'm sexy and I know it...I work out." Haha!  I'm FAR from sexy, but it did feel good to be able to do things better than I could when I was younger.  And, we didn't even try to eat healthy, and I didn't gain any weight!  That has seriously never happened to me before!  I was prepared to lose a lot of progress because it seems that you work and work to lose 3 pounds and then it all comes flooding back in one fell swoop!  One thing I've noticed that I really don't understand is after a free day (or a free week in this case) I always gain a lot of muscle mass on our body fat scale, and then I gradually lose it all after a few days of eating healthy again.  It's very frustrating!  Have any of you with body fat scales noticed that?

    Tim - WOW!  You can see all your abs?  That is truly amazing!  You should be so proud of yourself!  

    Tish - I'm glad you got back up on the horse.  My last couple of weeks even before the vacation were much more lax than I wanted them to be, and it showed in my results.  I think taking that week off was good for me because it made me more motivated to come back and hit it hard.  It is still hard to eat healthy all the time, but I feel so much better when I do.  On our first day of vacation, I had bought snacks for the road trip, and after Cheez-its, pringles, and some kit-kats, my body was like, "what the hell are you doing?" I felt awful!  I've never had that happen before either!  

    Jason - thanks so much for all your encouragement and support through all this.  

    Are any of you going to post your pics?  I'm not ready to do that yet, but I am going to keep at this until I have the body I want to have for life, and then I will.  


  • Good hearing from you all!

    Tim- Your hard work paid off, I'm stoked for you that you have a 6 pack now! That will be really exciting for you to show off your new self to your family back home!

    Tishs- Glad to hear you are back on track! I knew you had it in you! I definitely want to keep in touch and keep encouraging and supporting each other!

    Alayna- Glad to hear you had an awesome vacation! That's so awesome you got to take a nice break and not gain any weight, strange how the body works like that.

    Unfortunately my new gym closes early on the weekend so I ended up finishing the last of my workouts today. I screwed up bad but not too bad on my eating over the weekend so I'm going to get 6 more small meals in tomorrow to make up for it and officially end my challenge. I'll take my after pictures in the next couple days, I don't know if they are worthy yet of showing. Over the last 12 weeks I did lose around 10 pounds and put on some muscle. I had a great experience with all of you and hope we stay connected. I'm glad to take a small break. I don't really need a break from exercise, mainly just the food, I want to take a break from eating so many meals in a day!

    I have been working hard on my music projects over the challenge and I was wondering if you all would mind me sharing them with you.

    Hope you all have a great week!

  • I've also been wondering about photos... I am a little embarassed to post mine, but it would definitely be easier if I knew others were going to post theirs too... plus it'd be nice to put a face to all the great people in this group :)

  • Week 1 of Challenge 2 is over, and it has been a great week.

    Really enjoy my Upper Body workouts the best and have expanded upon my routine with a few extra exercises targeting the different muscles. So back to feeling sore in the muscles again.

    For my aerobic side I have opted to alternate between treadmill and cross-trainer to keep it interesting, and was topping 176 with my heart rate this morning, which is pretty close to my maximum. Felt great!!

    Tishs - How is your week coming? Did you start on Wednesday??

    Jason - I would love to hear your music. How can we listen to it?

    In regards to pics, I too would like to wait a bit until I reach my target shape, however it would still be nice to put a face to the names, so I will pop up a shot shortly of me in current sporting trim.

  • Jason - I would love to hear your music - let us know what to do!  So, just curious, if you've done 10 of these challenges, what do you look like?  That sounded weird - just why do you keep doing them?  Is it to maintain?  Or do you just love them?  Just wondering...trying to figure out what my "normal" will be like someday when I reach my "body for life."  It's funny you said you need a break from eating so many meals a day - that has been the hardest part for me too!  I guess if my meals could be things like french fries or sweets, it wouldn't be hard at all, but it is a real challenge to get good, healthy protein that I'm not sick of after a while!  

    I'll try and post a face pic to go with my profile so at least y'all can put a face with the name until I'm ready to post my pics.  Tonight, I was craving sweets SO bad, but then I got up to go get me some fruit and cottage cheese, and I felt how much thinner  and stronger my back feels, and I stayed strong!