Anybody Starting Today 5-7-2012?

  • Welcome to week 9 everyone! 2/3rds down 1/3 to go :)

    Good to see everyone is still in it and staying strong.

    Tim- Sounds like you are doing better! I got to commend you for going from one challenge right to the next!

    Alayna- 5.5 pounds lost last week? Wow! How much have you lost all together? Great work :)

    Tishs- If I am in a real pinch, I'll grab a grilled chicken salad, you can pretty much find one at any fast food or regular restaurant, just be careful and aware of the calories and fat in the salad dressings. Jack in the Box's Southwest chicken salad is about 272 calories as long as you switch the regular dressing with the balsamic dressing they have and ditch the croutons and cheese.

    Have a good week everyone, the finish line is in sight :)

  • Tish - I've also grabbed an Arby's mid-size roast beef sandwich.  I requested the nutritional information from them, and while I can't remember it now - it was a good amount of protein for not so many calories - at least as far as fast food goes!  

    I've lost 17 pounds, and I'm excited!  I told my husband that I can actually feel a strong person inside me.  It's kind of weird - I've never felt like this before.  But I can feel myself getting stronger on the inside.  Now, my body just needs to get busy and start melting off all the fat on the outside so I can see that strong person more clearly!  I don't think my husband feels such a radical difference because he has always been pretty muscular, but I haven't so this is a new thing for me!  

    Happy Fourth of July to all the Americans!  Have fun and stay safe!


  • How is everybody today? Just wanted to check in with you all. Did everyone have a good 4th of July? Mine was pretty awesome, although I was tempted to eat bad. I beat temptation, but I was definitely on the edge of wanting eat cheeseburgers, brats and rootbeer floats. I hope you are all doing well with workouts and eating. Keep working hard everyone!

  • Week 9 is almost over everyone! Hope you are all doing well. It's getting kind of quite in again here, so just wanted to check in and make sure everyone is doing ok.

    Alayna- Great job on your 17 pound weight loss! That is incredible keep up the awesome work! I would be really stoked to lose 15 myself by the end of the challenge

    This seemed to be kind of a long week for me, I've really been tired and low energy lately. I'm thinking of upping my calories a little bit and seeing what happens.

    Question of the day- What is the workout you hate the most, and what is work out you love the most?

    Have a happy free day peoples!

  • Hi everybody

    I'm still here. Wow, so week 10 is about to start. I have had a pretty tough last week or so as I was struck down with a head cold (aka Man-Flu). I thought initially it was just bad hayfever, as tis the season, but my head was stuffed up more than usual. I continued my UBWO's but my aerobic sessions took a bit of a hit. This also ricocheted on to my diet, which was still okay but with a few slip-ups. I'm starting to feel better but still have some of the lingering effects.

    My knee is feeling really good and I think I may be able to start getting back into the LBWO's this week but being much more careful. Doing alternative sessions the last few weeks due to the injury has made me feel now as though I haven't been doing the Body-for-Life Challenge justice, and my gains have, as would be expected, slowed down.

    I will certainly be giving everything for my last 3 weeks, but I think most likely I will reach my goals in the early weeks of Challenge 2 when I will be back to full health.

    Hate most about work-out: They play the radio really loud which drowns out my headphones. Okay when there are good songs, but annoying when it is just talking.

    Love most about work-out: All of it!! (also a plus having lots of attractive girls wandering around).

    Good luck everybody!!

  • Hey Everybody!  Things are going good here!  In week 8, when I lost 5.5 pounds, most of it was lean mass according to our scale, and that was frustrating me.  So, this week, I have made a concerted effort to get all 6 meals in for the first time in the challenge, and that has made a huge difference!  I really should have been doing this all along, as many of you said, but I just didn't think it was that important!  This week, I have lost 1 more pound of fat, and gained back 6 of the pounds of lean mass I had lost which makes me feel so much better!  (Never thought I'd say gaining weight made me feel so much better!) But I know that I have to have the gained muscle in order to have the really good fat loss.  

    My husband ordered and watched this video called Lean Source that is very similar to BFL in concept - just the workouts are slightly different, and it was saying that after 6 months you start to see significant fat loss.  So, that would be at the end of a 2nd challenge in BFL, which is what I was thinking.  Anyway, I know this is working - you just have to keep it up!

    Tim - I'm sorry you had a bad week, but glad your knee is doing better and your man-flu is on the mend!  

    Jason - I'm sorry you have been so tired - that really stinks!  I hope upping your calories will do the trick!  

    Question of the day - I like the LBWO the best, and probably cardio the least!  I just know it's going to be 20 minutes of hell with no relief! ha!  At least on the weight days, you get a minute to rest between each exercise!  Maybe one of these days I'll be able to say I LOVE working out, but for now, it is just something I do because I'm committed to getting myself healthy!

  • Hi everyone.  So I ended up really slacking off last week again.  I realized something though.  I have been putting off going to the grocery store until my next payday, so I didn't have a lot to choose from for meals.  Then I ended up skipping some meals because nothing sounded good.  This made me too tired to work out.  Then I got a little depressed (amazing how much endorphines do) because I wasn't working out which made me even less motivated.  So lesson learned is that nutrition really is the foundation for the program and a person can snowball out of working out very quickly.

    Today I got up extra early and weeded my garden, then arrived at the gym a little early and got a great workout in.  I feel 100 times better and want to hit these last several weeks hard.  And even though I felt terrible missing last weeks workouts, it actually gave my knees the reprieve they needed and I had no problems in today's LBW.

    Alayna - Wow!!! 17 lbs!  That is awesome!  Way to go!  Can't wait to see your pics!  I know what you mean about the strong person inside.  I was very fit at one point in my life (dancing 8hrs a day), but I have never felt strong like I do now.  In fact, a few weeks ago at my job I had to change a 200-foot roll of banner paper and usually the roll is pretty heavy.  Well I lifted it up with the usual force and, to my suprise, almost ended up throwing it!  I forgot how much stronger I was and that I didn't need that much force.  It was pretty funny.

    Jason - My favorite workout is LB, though I also really like the tricep exercises for some reason.  My least favorite is cardio, probably because I prefer to do this at home with pretty much limits me to running.  Hope your week picks up.  An increase in carbs in my last meal definitely helped me have more energy the next day.

    Tim -  Hope you feel well soon.  I am on the same boat regarding the changes.  I think I will likely see the biggest changes in my next challenge as well.  Just keep up the good work!

    Strong Finisher - Maybe in the next challenge it would be better to measure inches instead of using the scale.  Sounds like the scale could be inaccurate.  Glad you started doing your 6 meals!  Makes all the difference.  Keep it up :)

    One last thing - read this at your own risk :)  This is dangerously yummy!

    I found an amazing recipe I was able modified to fit the program.  Probably shouldn't have it everyday, but I think it is healthy enough for a once or twice a week:

    Quick Cake in a Mug


    4 Tablespoons flour (I used gluten-free flour with 1/2 tsp xantham gum, but could probably use whole wheat flour)

    1 Scoop protein powder

    1 packet stevia

    2 Tablespoons cocoa

    1 Egg

    4 Tablespoons milk (I used fat-free evaporated milk)

    3 Tablespoons olive oil

    Small handful of dark chocolate chips (optional, otherwise sugar-free)

    1 Coffee Mug


    Spray mug with a little cooking spray.  Mix flour, protein powder, stevia and cocoa in mug.  Beat egg until frothy in separate bowl and then add it to the mug along with the rest of the wet ingredients.  Mix well.  Stir in chocolate chips.  Put in microwave for up to 3 minutes on maximum power (1000watt).  Watch and when it stops rising and sets in the mug (it won’t overflow, even though it looks like it might), stop microwave.  Tip contents out of mug onto saucer and enjoy!

  • Welcome to week 10 everyone! Almost there!

    Tim- Sorry you had a flu going there, that seems to be a common thing that happens in BFL challenges. I have it happen during several of my challenges.  I'm wondering if it is because your immunity lowers when working out. I am glad your knee is doing well and and you are feeling better. Keep up the good work man!

    Alayna- Glad to hear the 6 meals are working out for you. You are really having some amazing results each week. Have you compared your before pictures with the way you look right now? You must really be having some really brutal cardios with the way you describe them. I feel like I need to take it up a notch, because I still like doing them, if I hated them maybe I would have better results. Keep up the good work, you are doing awesome!

    Tishs- Sorry you had a tough week last week, sounds like you are back on track though. I know you will do well just keep pushing, less than 3 weeks left you can do it! That recipe sounds awesome, I'll have to try it out!

    I added in a bit more calories and it definitely seems to be doing the trick, I have had way more energy in the last few days.

    The workouts I love the most are Triceps and chest, they always feel good and seem to have immediate visual results. The workouts I hate the most are hamstrings and back, they seem to always be really painful, but maybe that is a good thing.

    Have a good week everyone! Hang tight! :)

  • Boy it is really quiet this week... hope every is just really focused! :)

  • Very focused!!  :)

    I have had a great week!! Really enjoying the program and back to full health. Hit the treadmill 3x this week and really pushing it hard on the final "power minute". Dripping with sweat after it. Yeah!!!

    Tishs - That recipe sound yum!! I love anything with chocolate.

    Rest day tomorrow. I'm cooking a healthy Thai-style pork and chilli noodles tonight for a group of friends, and they will be cooking me an un-healthy full-english breaky tomorrow morning. Perfect!!

    Have a great weekend everybody. The end is in sight!!

  • Hey Everybody! I'm still here and hanging in there. Another tough week this week, a lot of stress, but I am determined!

    TIm- Glad to hear you are doing well and having a great week! Keep up the amazing work!

    Tishs- Hope you are doing well, sorry it's been so quiet :(

    Alayna- Hope all is well with you too!

    Week 10 is almost over, I can just about taste that day 84 free day, almost there :)

    Have a good weekend everyone!

  • Hey Guys - just checking in!  Glad to hear the final four is still holding strong!  Hope everyone has a great week 11.  This is going to be our last week, then we're going to take a week of vacation, and then we'll finish our challenge during week 13.  Do y'all have a plan for what you're going to do when the challenge is over?  Jason - are you still going to do the ABCDE thing?  Tim, are you going straight to your next challenge?  I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet - probably just another challenge.  I think the momentum from this challenge will just keep going into the 2nd one - at least that is my hope!

  • Hi.

    Yes, I will be following on and doing my next challenge straight away. I'm right into it now and really enjoying it.

    Just thought I would share another photo with you. I arrived at my gym this morning to find that the Australian Olympic Swimming Team have taken up residence for a couple of weeks prior to the Olympics starting down in London. Being an Australian myself it is pretty special. Anyway here is a photo of the pool as I see it from literally just outside the door of my gym, with the Aussie Swim Team training below. This is the spot where I do my ab workouts and stretches, so a good view. A great motivator to help me complete Challenge 1.

  • That is awesome,TassieTim! BTW looks like a really really nice facility!

  • Hey everybody, sorry my posts are behind, it's been a crazy week. My band just released a music video, a Kickstatrter project, and I am involved with a 48 hour film festival this weekend. I'm sticking to the workouts and eating healthy, found a new gym that's closer and I really like it a lot.

    How is everyone doing? Can you believe we're this close to finishing? Quitting now would be like dropping out of high school senior year.

    Alayna- Yes I will be moving on to a different program after this 12 weeks is up, to change it up a little bit. I will probably do the ABCDE or another similar loading/cutting program. Hope we can all keep in touch again through the next 12 weeks though.

    Hope everyone is doing well, keep working hard, give it all you got! Update me with everything you are doing, let's make a strong finish!