Anybody Starting Today 5-7-2012?

  • Had a great day yesterday.  Did go over my cal goal for the day, but I will make sure to keep a better tab on that today!  lol:)

    I did my 3 miles yesterday and tried the HIIT version.  I sprinted (for an old, chunky girl) 1 min and jogged/walked 1 1/2 mins.  I did 1.5 miles this way.  Then the next mile, I walked for 1 min, then for the next min, I did, high steps, football run, just whatever I could think of that would require alot of energy and whoop my tail.  It was not pretty!  Thank goodness, I live out in the country and I was mostly entertaining the cows in the pastures.  My daughter rides the 4 wheeler while I walk and she kept laughing at me.  Oh well, I had fun and by the time I got home, holy cow!  I was drenched and my legs were screaming!  Couldn't get my UBWO in yesterday, so I hope to get to the gym this afternoon.


  • Mythmere, thanks, I've never heard of that (probably because I've never done any serious weight training before).  I am going to have to look into that.  I didn't even know you could overtrain :)

    Jasongiter, I start both my cardio and weight workouts between 6:30am and 7:00am every day (and let me tell you, I am so NOT a morning person), but I may not be getting enough carbs.  I work full time, additionally have my own photography busines and  and having been working on remodeling my apartment into a studio, so as of late I have been frequently relying on protein shakes a lot more then usual.  I will try increasing my carbs and see if that helps :)   Thanks.

    Strong Finisher, great question, I am curious about that too.

    Blessed Mom, LOL!!! Totally got a visual on that :)  Great post!

    By the way, I just wanted to share a super easy recipe with everyone.  I really need to go grocery shopping, so I had to be creative with what was left in the fridge this morning.  I mixed some greek seasoning, salt and pepper with my portion of cottage cheese and put that in one side of a shallow container and put a diced tomato in the other side.  Later while at work, I toasted two slices of bread, topped each with the seasoned cottage cheese and then the tomatoes... actually was really good!  Going to have to make it again :)

  • Happy Thursday Everyone! We're already over the hump of the weeks!

    Strongfinisher- Sounds like you are getting some good workouts in. To answer your question, I would say definitely try for a higher weight the next time, if you are able to finish all the reps in your last set.

    Shannon- Awesome to hear about your cardio workouts, keep working hard with it!

    Tishs- Sounds like you are getting awesomely creative with your meals! It will definitely help to try new things and keep it interesting! I haven't had cottage cheese in years, I'll have to try it again. From the sounds of it, you may jut be burning a crazy amount of calories from all the business you are doing during the day. At night your body may be starving for more carbs and calories to relax you and help you fall asleep. A little science for you- carbohydrates release serotonin in your brain which is relaxing, protein stimulates dopamine in your brain which makes you energetic, both are great chemicals, but a balance of both is ideal.

    Hope you all have a wonderful day and a great workout tomorrow!

  • So glad it's Fri!!!!!  This wk has kicked my tail (workout wise and just being busy)!  Ready to enjoy my 3day wknd.  Glad to hear you all are moseying on along.  

    Tishs- I'll have to try he cottage cheese recipe.  I really like cottage cheese.


  • How is everyone today? Can't believe how fast this week went by! Had a great UBWO today!

    Shannon- Good to hear you worked hard on your workouts this week! Hope you have an amazing weekend!

    Question of the day- What are your opinions on protein bars as meal replacements? Also what you all think of Cliff bars? They seem to give me a decent energy boost, with a good amount of protein and carbs, also pretty low in calories.

    Hope you have a great workout everybody!

  • Hi everybody. Great reading the posts from everybody and glad to hear you are all going well.

    Week 3 has been great and I have been sticking to the plan. Wednesday was my Free Day as I was traveling with work and luckily the sun came out so I sat on Scarborough beach (British town north-east coast) eating fish and chips, followed by a soft serve ice cream. Good weather is extremely rare in this part of the world so we have to make the most of it. A McDonald's meal and McFlurry when I arrived home late at night rounded off the day. The next morning doing the running was very hard. Who would have thought that with that healthy diet on Wednesday I wouldn't have much energy?!?! ;-)

    I weighed myself on Wednesday night at 85.7kg, the heaviest I have been in about 10 months, but tonight (2-days later) I am back to my usual stabilized Body-for-Life weight of 84.5kg which is good. One thing I noticed today though when I took my shirt off after my UBWO this morning was my chest was looking a bit bigger and I was starting to see some ab definition, although you do have to squint to see them. Very inspiring to know the hard work is paying off. My weights I'm lifting are also steadily going up.

    In regards to protein bars I can't see they would be a problem, however I don't have any. I love my Myoplex with berries and ice blended too much to swap out for a bar. Gives me something to look forward to and I no longer have cravings for Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream.

    I enjoy cottage cheese mixed with zero fat flavoured yoghurt. It also tasted pretty good today for lunch mixed with plain cooked pasta, although that is a bit boring and a lazy way of getting your carbs and protein. Lazy, who me??


  • Tish - that sounds really good!  I'll have to give it a try - I mostly eat cottage cheese with fruit for my last meal, and I love it!  My husband says he doesn't know how I eat it without throwing up!  To each his own!  

    Jason - we really rely on protein bars for their convenience - we at least eat one a day.  Our favorites so far are Cliff bars (the chocolate mint is our favorite) - we've tried the myoplex bars (like them a little, the cookies and cream is a little too hard to eat - so dense!  But we do like the caramel crunch better) And I've tried this revolution bar that reminds me of snickers.  You can get them the cheapest on Amazon by doing their "Subscribe and Save" option where you have them delivered automatically every month.  

    Tomorrow is our free day!  Woo-hoo!  Really looking forward to it!

    Down 10 pounds so far, but according to our Withings scale (body fat scale) it says I have lost 9 pounds of fat and 1 pound of muscle.  That is disappointing because I feel like I should be gaining muscle with all the workouts we are doing.  I can feel muscles in my legs that I couldn't feel before so I hope I'm building some muscle!  

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  • TassieTim- Incredible job, sounds like you have come a long way, keep up the amazing work!

    Strongfinisher- 10 pounds is awesome, you are really making some good progress! Love your determination!

    Thanks you two for the advice on the protein bars!

    I'm off to get in my Saturday cardio for the week! Week 3 almost done!

    We're about 1/4 done everybody! Congrats for making it this far!

  • Start of Week 4 everybody. Let's go!!!!!!!

  • Welcome to week 4 everybody! How was your free day last night?

    Had a great LBWO today, seems like I'm increasing my weights each week.

    How is everyone doing? So glad to have you all on board with me! You are all doing an amazing job! I hope to hear all about your week, workouts, and eating!

    Question of the day- what is the strangest thing that has happened to you while working out at the gym or at home?

  • Wow!  Another week!  Didn't get real cardio in this weekend, but we went to a river and floated the rapids and it had a very swift current.  Just trying to walk out to where the kids were playing, was a workout!  Not to mention trying to paddle to keep from getting stuck in shallow water.  I did eat clean w/ the exception of 4 cookies.  And for me that is a feat.  My husband stopped and got donuts for himself and the kiddos on the way.  I made myself a ham sandwhich w/ wheat bread while we were stopped.  If you could only understand, that I have always looked for any excuse to cheat and eat "bad" stuff.  I am so excited that I have no desire to not eat clean.  Everytime I even think about not eating clean, I think Florida!  

    Good luck to all.  Got to go to gym today, but scared, my shoulders are sun burned from the river.  That's gonna hurt!  Oh well, what don't kill me will make me stronger!  

    Good luck and God bless you all!


  • Way to go, Shannon, on eating clean!  That is a feat!  It's so hard when you're out of your normal routine. On our last free day, we made this delicious Korean BBQ that's made with beef ribs, and it is one of our favorite things to eat.  Well, about 3:30 that night I was up, hugging the toilet and praying to throw up to relieve the pain in my stomach!  I think all the fat on that meat just made me sick! That is quite a feat for me too because we used to eat like that all the time!  

    Jason, to answer your gym question, I'm not really sure, but some people would probably say my husband working out is one of the strangest things they've ever seen!  Lol!  He was trained in high school to, I don't know, moan, for lack of a better word when he is reaching his high point and really working hard to lift that weight.  He makes some quite loud noises, and I just look away.  I would die a slow and painful death rather than make that loud of a noise and call attention to myself!  Working out in the gym is a huge step for me.  I am SO intimidated by all these people who seem to know exactly what they're doing.  After the first day, it was much better - at least I know how to use all the machines I use.  And using dumbbells is pretty self-explanatory, but I am still one of the only women I ever see in the "manly" free weight side of the gym.  And we probably look pretty dorky carrying around our black notebooks with our BFL sheets in them, but I don't care.  In about 9 more weeks I'm going to look like one of those in-shape people who know what they'e doing!  

  • Jasongiter, you were totally right.  I upped my carbs/calories a little bit and I am sleeping much better!  :)  Thank you.  I recently discovered the Quest Protein Bars.  They are amazingly tasty!  If you can find them, you should try the coconut one... it's divine.  I found them at Max Muscle.  Glad to hear your program is going to well.  Great job on the weekly weight increases.  I increases my UBW today and could barely drive to work afterward :)

    The strangest thing that has happened at the gym so far is this crazy guy I see almost every workout that wears headphone and listens to music about being sexy, which he randomly and loudly belts out singing along with when he is lifting really heavy weights.  He is so entertaining, I kind of miss seeing him when he's not there :)

    Shannon, sounds like you are doing awesome.  I actually was wondering if I wasn't pushing enough on my cardio when you said you were hitting 3 miles, but then I talked to a runner friend of mine and he said you are just a very fast runner.  And great job on the nutrition end of things too.  Way to go!

    TassieTim, great that you are seeing results already.  I am just barely, but I am really counting on my 8th week!  We'll see what happens.

    Strong Finisher, I can totally relate today especially.  Usually there is hardly anyone else in the weight area in the early morning when my friend and I go.  She left early today so I was by myself.  All of  a sudden about 20 very fit and very tattooed, good looking guys all showed up to workout together.  I was the only girl, no makeup and out of bed bad hair (you know what I am talking about girls), etc... first time I felt really out of place!  lol. :)  Was so glad when I finished my workout and could get out of there :)

    Here's a question... do you guys even notice us girls in the weight area as much as we feel like we stand out?  I am guessing probably not, but at least give us some peace of mind :)

  • Hey everybody! Had a great UBWO today, my arms feel really sore!!! Still needing to up my weights each week, pretty exciting!

    Shannon- Great work and will power! I am glad to hear you are staying on top of it all! The desire to eat cleaner gets easier the longer you do it, it seems anyways. I think they say it takes 28 day to develop a habit?

    Strong Finisher- My day after my free day was about the same, my stomach hurt so bad after loading up the day before. I liked your story about your husband working out. You should get it on video :) I often have wondered about what people think about me carrying around my BFL journal around the gym. But so far I had someone come up to me who had done BFL before from Australia. He saw my journal, shook my hand,  and was super stoked to share his BFL experience with me. Also a personal trainer from my gym had also approached me and asked me what my journal was for. I explained the program to him and he seemed pretty impressed. So overall if anything people are probably just interested in what you are doing rather than thinking you look like a dork carrying a book around.

    Tishs- Great to hear all your positive motivation and encouragement! Keep doing what you are doing :) Glad to hear the cal/carb increase helped your sleeping, and i will definitely look into those protein bars you are talking about! I liked your story, that guy sounds interesting! There are some strange characters that go to the gym, I'm sure people think that about me when I go in all unshaven and wearing my rock/metal t-shirts :)

    To answer you question, I don't think people are looking or noticing you the way you think. I'm sure everyone is a little paranoid of that working out in a gym, esp. when getting started again or you are new to it. For me personally when I see women in the weight area, I think its awesome, I don't stare or judge them, just maybe a glance here or there just like anyone else in the gym. If anything someone might be checking you out in a good way

    My strange story in the gym is this- sometimes I'll go early in the morning, there will be like literally no one near any of the treadmills, elliptical, or arc trainers. The whole area is vacant, I get on one of the cardio machines and some random person will walk up and workout right next to me. Out of like 100 machines they'll choose the machine next to me every time. I don't really care, but I find it really strange, and its always someone different. One time a lady did that and starting singing really loud with her headphones on :)

    Hope you all have a wonderful day!

  • HAHAHA!  I'm laughing out loud about people singing along with their headphones - that is awesome!  I would love that kind of entertainment!  

    Tish - kudos to you for finishing your workout when the 20 guys came in!  I guess I would've finished too, just because once I'm there I'm not gonna waste the trip, but oh my!  

    And Jason, the story about the people choosing the treadmill right next to you is hilarious!  Awkward!  I always try to give at least one free machine between the next person if it's possible.  I guess take it as a compliment - even unshaven and unshowered you're still "attractive"  - literally!  

    Today this guy was lifting on the bench next to mine, and he'd lifted several sets when he picked up his bench and moved it as far away from me as possible.  My husband leaned over and whispered to me, "Do you smell bad today?"  He probably just didn't want to look bad lifting next to someone as powerful as me!  Ha!

    They always have random music playing, and the other day it was playing, "You're so damn beautiful." over and over again.  And as I was struggling to lift a weight and making a pretty ugly face (but at least not moaning!) my husband came over and said, "You're so damn beautiful."  I laughed so hard I nearly dropped the weights!