Anybody Starting Today 5-7-2012?

  • I'm from Texas too!  Glad that I've completed 2 weeks!  Starting to notice a little difference in how my jeans are fitting!  But, I too have been amazed at my lack of cravings - that has never happened before in any diet I've done.  Hope everyone is doing good and staying motivated!

  • Hi Jason!

    We did the October challenge at the same time :)

    I saw your update in my email that you were starting on the 7th, but I'm not starting til tomorrow, but maybe I can follow along with this group a couple of weeks behind:)

    I had such an awesome experience with my first challenge and met most of my goals for my Bahamas trip, (hence my screenname) and now I need some more motivation!  Still working out 5 days a week, but some bad eating habits and lots of wine creeping back into my diet - and it's almost swimsuit season!  

    These forums really help me stay on track!  Sounds like everyone is doing well so far.  I can say that this program seriously changed my life!

  • Holy sore hip and pelvic muscles batman!!!

    I thought my days of sore muscles were relegated to Week 1, but alas 'no'. I did the Bent-Knee Leg Raises for my Abs (Page 173 of the Body-for-Life Bible) on Saturday and it really was a killer and incredible for my lower abs. And today I can barely walk. My hips in the past have always been my downfall with exercise, having had an arthroscope in my right one 10 years ago due to a labral tear training for my first triathlon. Alas a week before the event my sports doctor suggested I give up road cycling and running. My days of triathlon were over before they began. My weight steadily increased and my fitness disappeared until a few months ago when I started back slowly into running again.

    Ten years ago, my fitness and training was patchy at best and I'm not surprised I ended up injured. Doing the Body-for-Life program has really shown me the best way to build up strength slowly, and discover muscles I never knew existed. The Bent-Knee Leg Raises are obviously working muscles I have rarely used in my abs, hips, and pelvis, so with careful progression over the next few weeks I can hopefully really strengthen those areas to assist in the prevention of any future injuries.

    Who knows, if I do this all nice and slowly and follow the whole plan I may just be able set my sights on a triathlon one-day after-all. How exciting!!!!

  • How is everyone doing starting into week 3?  I am still feeling really excited about the program, though today's workout was tough after having such a "naughty" free day yesterday :)  Hope everyone is pushing hard this week... the clock is ticking down!

  • TassieTim- LOL!  at your introduction!  My goal this wk is to work out hard 6 days this wk.  I allowed myself to get too "busy" last wk and cul my workouts.  I ran/walked 3.2 miles last night and it was HOT here in Tx at 6pm.  Anyway, I have snacks and am prepared to day.  Florida in 3 wks and 5 days!  Now, that's when I say Holy cow Batman!!!!  lol


  • P.S. Strong finisher, what part of Texas are you from?  I live near Texarkana Tx.  

  • BahamasBound!  Heck yes you can be a part of our group! So glad to hear you had an awesome Bahamas trip after your last challenge, I was wondering how that went for you! So happy to have you with us!

    It's looks like a lot of people here are from Texas. Awesome state! I lived in Austin from 2008 to 2009, and Houston from 2009 to 2010. I'm traveling back through Texas next week to visit family and head back home to Arizona.

    TassieTim, Blessedmom, Tishs, Strong Finisher- Sounds like you are all doing a terrific job with your motivation and workouts keep it up!

    Welcome to week 3 everybody! Hope you had an awesome free day last night! I know I feel like I gained 5 pounds in food weight from yesterday :)

  • Went to the gym yesterday and did the LBWO 5-25.  S-O-R-E already!  But that is good.  I also walked and ran 3 miles last night.  More walk than run, but I did run the 1st mile.  I have slacked on my cardio the past 2-3 wks.  I've really got to amp the cardio up.  I feel great this morning though!  I personally like the feeling of being sore---- a reminder that I did get out of my comfort zone yesterday!

    Praying everyone has a blessed and awesome day!


  • Shannon- Awesome to hear you got a good cardio in! 3 miles is awesome! I know what you mean about feeling sore! I love that feeling too. Keep up the good momentum, I really feel like I need to boost up my cardio as well.

    How are all of you doing with hitting your high points on your workouts?

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Woo Hoo, down 1 # today.  Got my 3 miles yesterday and hoping to go to gym today.  I leave for Florida in 3 wks and 2 days.  SERIOUS BUSINESS here!

    Good luck all today


  • Question....  Is Malt o Meal a BFL food:?  I looked at the ingredients the other day and it lists it as a wheat breakfast on the box, but whole wheat was not the 1st ingredient in the ingredient list.



  • Way to go Blessed Mom!  3 miles is amazing (I am only hitting a little over 1)!

    Jasongiter, you are really great at encouraging everyone... thank you!

    Strong Finisher, experiencing the same thing... I haven't lost a pound on the scale yet, but my jeans are also fitting significantly better.  And according to my measurements, I have lost 1.5 inches in the waist already!

    I did miss my cardio yesterday.  This is the first workout I've missed and I was really mad at myself for not getting up earlier.  I don't know about anyone else, but I am having a terrible time sleeping.  I would think after working out so much I would sleep great, but somehow I have only been averaging about 5 hrs a night.  Yesterday my body  just hit a wall and wouldn't get up.  So I am going to make up the missed cardio on Sunday.  Hopefully, I can start sleeping better soon :(  Anyone have any good tricks for getting better sleep?

  • tishs

    Without having read any of your other posts, and myself being only a beginner in the program, but I do know that what you describe is identical to the warning signs of over-training for weightlifters. That's the end of my expertise, though, I don't even know how that would correlate in this program... but it's exactly the symptoms they tell weightlifters to watch for in case they aren't waiting long enough for muscles to recover after lifting.

  • Hey everybody! How was your LBWO today, or other workouts going this week?

    Shannon- Good to hear about your progress! I'm not sure about the malt o meal, you may want to call in to the BFL 1-800 number and see what they say about it, but I'm guessing it would be a decent carb portion. What part of Florida are you going to? I am about a half hour west of Tampa, it's beautiful here, hope to maybe move here someday.

    Tishs- Good to hear about your measurements and progress as well. Don't beat yourself up for not getting in a cardio, it can happen. Good for you for making it up though, that is some great dedication! As far as the sleep goes, I notice if I work out at night I can't sleep all night, too stimulating. What time of the day are you working out? Also if you are not getting in enough calories or proper carb portions that can keep you from getting tired as well. if worse comes to worse you could always try, Benadryl, Melatonin, or Advil PM. I'm sure you will get it back to normal soon!

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Good to hear everyone's updates! Jason - thanks for keeping everyone posting and encouraged!  Shannon, I'm originally from Lubbock, TX, but we're in Abilene now.  We've moved all over west Texas, but stayed in this area. But, we're going to Arkansas for a vacation this summer (one of the lakes I can't remember which one now!) so I'll be passing through your area then.  And, we leave for vacation right after we finish the challenge - I'm really hoping for a better swimsuit experience than last summer!  I think I'm going to take some more pics at the end of this week.  I feel like I'm making progress but I want to be able to see it!  I doubt I'll post them quite yet, but one day I'll be brave enough!  

    Workouts are going well - here's a question - my thought has been that if I can actually complete the 12 reps on the last exercise of a set, then I should increase the weight for next time.  What do y'all think?  I know I am hitting my high points on my arms, and I increased all the weights for my LBWO today, and I definitely felt that it was a better workout.  I really haven't been that sore since my first workout,  and that worries me.  I'm usually a little stiff the next day after a workout, but not really sore.  But, we do our workouts in the morning, and my arms and legs feel like noodles for most of the morning usually.  I've been thinking about moving our  weight workouts to the evenings once Little League is over and we aren't spending every single evening at the ballpark!  But, I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to sleep.  But, most of the time I am so exhausted after a weight workout that crawling into bed would seem like heaven!  I bet I really would have sore muscles the next day if I did that!  

    Anyway, sorry for the ramblings!  Hope everyone is having a great 3rd week and staying strong and motivated!  Even if I don't see a lot of movement on the scale, I definitely feel stronger and healthier!