Anybody Starting Today 5-7-2012?

  • Had another good workout this morning.  A little hard to get my butt out of bed, but I managed! Eating my oatmeal right now and had egg whites earlier. Lunch will be a burrito bowl with chicken, black beans, brown rice, fajita veggies and salsa. Tonight I have a date at an Irish pub - not sure how that is going to go down but I'm going to look online and see if I can find a menu. I don't want the guy to think I'm nuts for ordering and requesting an entree with all these modifications. But I want to live the plan and today is not my cheat day.  I guess if he can't tolerate it, he just won't make the cut, right? Should be interesting to say the least.


  • There's just something about the BFL cardio that I love, and I sure hate it when I'm on the treadmill.  Had a blast, though!!  Finished at 9 mph and got a killer workout for the ole pecs yesterday.  Eating is fine, just taking the baby steps right now!!

  • Ryan- 9mph? Wow that's intense, good job buddy! I had a great cardio today too! That tread mill is kicking my butt, I haven't ran in years! You feel so good after you finish it though, I'm only up to about 5 mph at the moment hope to increase it soon.

    Erica- sounds like you got some good meals planned out! Good luck on your date tonight, hope you have fun. I'm sure you will figure out what to eat, it seems like there always a way you can make it work wherever you go. Think one portion protein, one portion carb, and vegetables. You can do it!

    Moxie- glad to hear you have used the BFL journals before, I love them! I think have at least 4-5 of them full and I started a new one with this challenge! Glad to hear you had a great workout! Let us know how the before pictures go, I took mine the first week and don't even want to look at them until I finish the challenge.

    Alayna- Sounds like you are really motivated! As far as abs go, have you tried leg lifts, I'm sore for days after starting those. They really seem to work good. As far as 6 meals ago, from what I have read- the more you eat, the more the increase in metabolism. Maybe try a week of 6 meals and try a week of 5 meals and see what yields the best results. Keep up the good work!

    Have a wonderful day everyone, keep up the awesome work!!!!

  • Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week! I've been doing pretty good this week, not great but good. I would give myself a grade of B+.  Definitely room for improvement.


  • I'm right w/ you NMExcuses.  B to B-:(  Just have been really aggravated coming off my last challenge and not seeing more results.  I do have a sluggish thyroid, so I know my body is working against me in some ways.  I have seen noticeable results, but ready to need new clothes! lol.   Did go to the gym yesterday and enjoyed it so very much!

    Good luck to day!  Eat clean and work hard!


  • How are we all doing today? Almost 2 weeks through already!

    Erica- glad to hear the workouts are going great! Keep up the awesome work!

    Shannon- hang in there! I'm sure you will get results, what are some of your goals? Are you eating clean and hitting the high points as hard as you can?

    Question for the day, where is everyone from?

  • I am from God's country!!!!  Texas Lol:)

  • Hi everyone.  I am doing the 12 weeks with a friend, but she is already only doing the program half way.  I don't want to lose my motivation as well, so I thought I'd be a little more active in this discussion.  :)  I am into week two now and haven't seen much physical change, but feel great!

    Cardio seems to actually be getting harder for some reason, maybe just because I went from sitting all day everyday to 6 days a week of exercise and my body is in "shock."  Has anyone else experienced the same this week?

    Also I was feeling really hungry between my first two meals, but a friend who has previously completed the BFL challenge recommended adding some dry oatmeal to my protein shake (1st meal).  Tried it today and felt so much better.  The texture was a little strange, but it tasted good.  I am going to try grinding the oatmeal into a powder with coffee grinder tomorrow so it isn't so lumpy in my shake tomorrow :)

    Really excited about the 12 weeks and looking forward to being successful with all of you!

  • I'm from Maryland!


  • Tishs, welcome to the group! The visible physical changes typically come after several weeks.  Many have said that the 8 week mark was the big week for them.  What are you eating for your first meal? I have eggs and oatmeal and it really "sticks to the bones" and gets me through the morning.


  • Hello Tishs!  Bought groceries last night and stocked up on the good stuff.  My whole eating desires have changed.  That is one thing that I have really loved and been shocked w/.  Yesterday, I didn't bring my food and snacks to work w/ me and when it came time to order lunch.  I found myself, looking for the healthier alternative.  That is soooooo not me.  I'm a bacon cheesburger and fries kinda chick!  lol  Haven't gotten my workouts in this week so far as scheduled, but I will make up this weekend.  

    Good luck all!  


  • NoMoreExcuses, thanks for the input.  I also read a few success stories on here and many of the women experienced no major changes until weeks 6-8.  So I am just going to stick with it.  As far as my breakfast, I have been doing my workout on an empty stomach and then having a protein shake about 45 mins post-workout (at about 8:45am), then I have a meal at about 11am of one of the cottage cheese dips with fruits or veggies (from the Eating for Life recipe book) or the cottage cheese yogurt mixture.  Then I have a wrap or sandwich with veggies and protein at about 1pm and so on.  I am fine the rest of the day, just was getting hungry between meal 1 and 2.  But I have been adding the oatmeal to the shake and it makes all the difference.  Guess I just needed my portion of carbs after working out along with the protein, like my friend said.  I was also thinking about making some fruit puree and freezing it in an ice cube tray to alternate with the oatmeal powder for some days too.  (I have to make my shake at work, so I use a shaker cup rather then a blender).  Also, if you haven't gotten it, the Eating for Life book is awesome... the recipes are really great.  The Eating for Life plan is a little different (more of a maintenance program after doing BFL, but the person I talked to at the BFL contact number said most of the recipes still work for BFL, you just have to adjust some of the portions).  It has really helped me stick to the eating plan, especially while at work.

    Blessed Mom, that's awesome about the change in your cravings.  I am at the same point.  I haven't really craved anything not on the plan, which is unusual for me too.  Even on my free day last week, I thought pizza & ice cream would have hit the spot, but I really didn't even enjoy it.  Then I felt yucky during my workout the next morning.  Think I actually want something healthier on my next free day.

    Oh and a little something exciting... Usually when I pull my jeans out of the dryer, they are hard to button and pretty tight until they stretch out again.  Today I put them on out of the dryer and they fit perfectly!!!  This makes my unchanging weight not even matter! :)

  • Hey everybody! Sounds like you are doing a great job, keep up the good work! Just wanted to encourage everyone to keep working hard, and give it your best, time is flying by! Almost 2 weeks down!

    I'd post more, but I'm on my way out to go play some live music tonight.

    btw.... I'm normally from Phoenix, AZ, but temporarily staying near Tampa Bay visiting with family. Talk with you tomorrow!

  • Hi everybody

    Seems like this is the thread to be on for those starting 5-7-2012, or 7-5-12 how we say it on this side of the pond.

    My introduction is that I'm 35 and originally from Tasmania, the island state of Australia (yes, that is where the Tassie Devil comes from). I now live in Manchester, United Kingdom.

    Progress so far is going great!! Put on a bit of weight initially (I'm 83kg or 182 pounds), but that has dropped back a bit and stabilised. I drink 2 Myoplex's a day and am enjoying the change in diet. I have really noticed that I'm more awake during the day and my digestive system is happier. Six meals a day is perfect and I'm rarely hungry. I'm also using the Eating for Life recipe book and the Success Diary.

    I don't own a car (don't need to here) so each morning I have a 15min walk to the gym which is a good way to wake-up at 6am. This morning was the running bit for me and hit a max of 15km/h for my final 30sec, a new record. I finished with some alternative abdominal sets from yesterday which I will incorporate into my normal routine as I could really feel it.

    Tomorrow is meant to be the Free Day, however I have to shift that to next Wednesday as I am across the country working then and will have no access to a gym. So upper body tomorrow whilst all of you are enjoying the yummy foods.

    Have a great Saturday everybody!!

    - Tim

  • Hi Tim,

    Nice to meet you and welcome to our group! As far 5-07-2012 goes I meant it as May 7th, but either way you are welcome to be a part of our thread. I am 35 too, hoping to get in shape before I turn 36 this year.

    Tishs- Hope your cardio workouts are going better for you. I notice if I don't change up the cardio, it makes it seem harder, like it becomes too routine or something. For instance I'll do the Arc trainer on Tuesday, Treadmill with running on Thursday, and maybe the elliptical on Saturday. It really helps to mix it up. keeps it interesting. Good idea about the oatmeal, I'll have to try that! Hang in there you are doing great!

    I was curious if anyone here was keeping track of their calories for the day? I know it's not required to do the program but I was wondering what everyone's caloric intake for the day was like.. I seem to fluctuate quite a bit.

    I hope everyone has an awesome Saturday and a great free day tomorrow! We're about 1/6th complete great job everyone!