Anybody Starting Today 5-7-2012?

  • Also, there are two threads with people starting May 7th - what do people think about combining them?

  • Hi Jason.  I'm here.  To the others who are in, I completed a challenge recently, with Jason as my support system.  I'm getting back into it and gonna rip it up!!

  • I really like the dailyburn tracker.

  • I started on the 7th as well.  This is my first time and I am very excited!

  • Hey Tishs- welcome to our group, let's kick some butt and take some names!

    Ryan- so glad to have you back man! Lets make it it happen again!

    Erica- I'd be down for inviting them to ours, I personally like what we have going on here.

  • Jason, I do too, but I figured the more the merrier!

  • My husband and I started on Monday too.  I've been reading the forums, but decided today I'd jump in and post something!  Has anyone figured out a way to shower and do other basic skills without lifting your arms?? Ha!  Just kidding, but holy cow! The soreness is astonishing! We did our upper body workout on Monday, and just today my arms are starting to feel normal again (except my left triceps - it is still sore!) just in time for my legs to become jelly-like and make me look like an 80 year old with arthritis whenever I sit or stand!  Oh well, I guess that means it's working, right?  Does anyone know if the soreness continues the whole time? If you're constantly reaching 10's, does your body stay in a constant state of soreness?

    My main goal is to finish the challenge - I've never stuck with a diet or exercise program for 12 weeks (except one other time) But this time will be different!  That's why I decided to post something - a little accountability!

    And thanks for the info about the BFL journal -I'm going to go look for it right now!  

    Good luck everyone!  Looking forward to seeing everyone's results!


  • How is everybody today? Day 5, how was your workout? Got a killer upper-body in. I don't know about you all, but this week is going by quick.

    Alayna- Sounds like you and your husband are really hitting the gym hard. I was pretty sore up until this morning as well. From past experience the soreness does start going away, usually within a few weeks, but then when you break through new harder high points your muscles may have some soreness, but nothing like when you start the challenge.

    Erica- I say invite them on over, or I can invite them if you give me the link.

    Blessed Mom- Welcome to our thread/group, how did you do on your last challenge?

    Have a great day everyone, we're almost done with number 1

  • We took our free day yesterday, and it was good.  Today we got back on with our 2nd upper body work out, and it felt so much better to not be so unfamiliar with everything!  Also, on a Saturday afternoon, we had the whole gym to ourselves!  It was awesome!  It's slightly intimidating to be a woman on the "manly free weight" side of the gym!  But, since most of my exercises start with the 5 lb. weights, at least I know I won't be in anybody's way!  I was able to increase some of the weights this workout since the first workout was pretty much just figuring everything out. I'm interested to see if I'll be as sore tomorrow as I was after the first workout.  So, far I've lost 7 pounds and I'm thrilled!  Looking forward to the second week!


  • Alright everybody, we made it to the end of week one! Be proud of yourselves! This is so awesome, I'm really stoked to have a free day tomorrow!

    Would love to hear about everyone's first week, let me know how you are doing! Keep up the hard work everyone, and enjoy your free day :)

  • Had a good strong first week - no pounds lost but I do feel stronger.  Will be taking the weights up a notch later this week.


  • How are we doing today everyone? We made it through our very first week! I had a great free day yesterday, feeling kind bloated but it was worth it. I can't believe how fast last week went by. My LBWO went great today, and I met someone at the gym from Australia who had done BFL many times before, it was pretty cool.

    Erica- I'm glad you had a good first week, can't wait to hear how this week goes for you, Keep up the great work! I think I'm ready to take it up a notch as well.

    I hope everyone is doing great, and hope you all had a good first week.

  • Jason,  I have 3 Body for Life journals that I've used.  One totally complete!  I got an iphone in Jan. and I'm looking to get full use of it.  I like to use Calorie Counter and DB tracker.  Also a cool app while groc. shopping is fooducate.  I am much better at writing things in so I'll probably end up buying the journal.  

    I also have ifitness which I think will allow me to put in the workouts as a plan, but it takes time to figure it all out and it's a luxury I'm short on right now.  

    Did everyone take pictures and measurements?  I haven't yet.  But I plan on doing that this tomorrow am.  It's so fascinating how our bodies change.  Looking forward to smaller sizes!

    I had a great workout today.  I ran 3.2 miles, and tried to keep with HIIT the first 20 min.  It's challenging without having a timer in your ear every minute.  I tried not to look like a fool!  Hope you all are doing well.  


  • It feels good to be starting week 2!  Today, my husband was really excited because he realized about halfway through the day that he had moved his belt in a notch!  He was pretty discouraged because he hadn't lost any scale weight, but the notch on the belt is even better!  

    We did our lower body workout today, and I don't think I worked as hard as I should.  It's not as easy for me to hit the 10's on my legs as it is for my arms - not sure why.  Like, when I'm doing my arms, there just comes a time when I'm trying my hardest, but I can't lift it one more time, but I haven't gotten there with my legs.  Maybe it's because I'm mostly using machines??  I did lunges the first day, but I really hated them, so I only did that for my secondary exercise this time.  But I think I should go back to lunges because I felt really sore afterwards, and to me that means it's working.  And the ab machines at the gym I don't think are getting the job done either.  What do some of y'all do for ab exercises?  I was thinking about doing crunches with progressively heavier medicine balls.  Any advice on legs or abs would be appreciated!

    Also, one more question - how important do you think that sixth meal is? Sometimes, I'm just not hungry, and I hate to eat that late at night if I'm not hungry!  But, I've read you should eat to nourish your muscles while you sleep.  What do you think?  

    Keep it up everybody!  It feels good to have more energy!


  • Alayna, I also detest lunges, but they really work! I have found that the exercises I hate the most, the ones that seem to be so much harder than the alternatives, are the ones I need to do and will make the changes I want to see. So, I have taken a new approach - if I find an exercise that I find awful and really hard, this is the exercise I stick with until it becomes easier. On my last BFL challenge, those exercises were lunges, tricep dips and overhead presses. For legs, I have found lunges and squats to be key.  I do them with a barbell on my shoulders- you can do these on the smith machine or with just with a regular barbell. Or hold hand weights at your sides - you can drop them if it gets too much.

    For abs, there are so many options. I have been taking a Les Mills CX90 class which is a 30 minute core conditioning class. Lots and lots of ab work there and the plank combos are really what kills me. But I'm getting a little better with them - still hate them though!

    As for that six meal, I don't always eat that one, because late night snacking is a real problem for me. I crave every bad type of food in the evening, so I've found that not eating after 8pm works for me. If I can get in a little snack beforehand, that's fine, otherwise I skip it. I'm real interested to get people's take on this one - not sure if I'm messing up the program by doing this.