Anybody Starting Today 5-7-2012?

  • Hey everyone! I got my new gym membership, and finished my Day 1 workout. Anyone starting today? I'm determined to finish this 12 week round of Body For Life, and looking for others to get this journey going together!

  • Good morning,

    I just finished my last workout this morning - day 84!  So, welcome to the forum - it is what kept me going during my 12 weeks.

    Good luck, eat clean & keep strong,


  • Yeah, going to start today...4th time. It works...I just need to stick to it.

  • Hi Jason! Welcome aboard! I just finished a challenge and planning to go right into my 2nd challenge. I've had a great experience so far and have seen alot of progress. I'm down to the nitty gritty now and one more challenge should do it!


  • I am trusting in the program and starting anew today.  I've had success in the past, but still want to lose more.  I like the structure in my workouts and eating that BFL gives us.  Looking forward to getting to know you and supporting each other during the next 12 weeks.


  • I'm starting today as well,'s been a stressful last few months, gained almost 15 pounds, so I'm ready to get it off, plus another 20!

  • Hello Tonja, jojobear49, moxiekidsmom, ntsbasi and nomoreexcuses! Thank you for your support in this challenge! I have also done other challenges previously as well!

    My day 2 workout felt great, got an awesome sweat going on cardio!

    Hope you all have a wonderful day, looking forward to keeping in touch with all of you and seeing how we all do towards the end!


  • I look forward to getting to know everyone! I had a good workout this morning. Eating is on plan although I could have planned this week out a little better. Looks like I will have to hit the grocery store before the week is out. This is where I always fall down and suddenly find myself going out to a restaurant making all the wrong choices.  But I continue to learn and build better habits.

    kboutin, remember, everyone's "10" level of effort is different, what matters is that you did your best and that  high threshhold will continue to improve. When I started exercising several years ago, I could barely do 15 minutes on the elliptical - I felt like I had run a marathon.  

    Have a great day everyone!


  • Hi Erica! Sounds like you are doing awesome, keep up the great work! I hear you about the groceries, i went and got stocked up today.

    Day 3 already! Had an awesome lower body workout, wish my gym had more calve machines though.

    Hope you are all having a great day and workout!

  • It looks like we have a great group going for this challenge! I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and being able to support each other through this. Just think how great we will be looking this summer.  

    I had a good strong start to the day with a good upper body workout. My eating is starting off to a strong start, but I feel like I should hang a bikini in my office so I can have that reminder of my goals and that it's not worth eating the junk that people bring in to share.  I've been reading articles online here and also on other websites for daily motivation. I've enjoyed reading the interviews that are on; it's been really keeping me motivated.  

    Jason, there are never enough calf machines! We only have one at my gym.

    Tianna, I hear you on the legs. I look like an old woman when I sit down - it's painful! Way to go with your discipline at the BBQ. I show almost none at some of these functions. Sometimes I just eat ahead of time; not going there hungry has helped me alot because when I'm hungry I will eat almost anything.


  • First 3 days, so far, so good.  I had to move lots of furniture at work today and I felt every movement.  I need to catch up on water intake.  

    Does anyone use any apps for keeping journals of food and exercise?  I have a couple pretty good ones.  But I'd love to plan on it and journal in it.  I wish BFL would come up with one.  

    Eating ahead of events is such a great tip! Always having a water bottle handy keeps your hands and mouth busy.  Gum too!

    Looking forward to hearing everyone's tips and favorite meals, etc.

    Hope you are all having a great day!


  • Hi Everyone!

    Started yesterday and I feel great!   I have been on a plateau for the last 2 months and it is very frustrating.  Glad to see there will be others starting with me.  Can't wait to see my results at the end of 12 weeks!  Yahoo!

    Make it a great day!  

  • Hey everybody, how was your workout today??

    Erica- The bikini idea is actually a great idea, constant motivation to remind you daily. I have this medium dress shirt I would love to wear again, I should do the same!

    Moxie- sounds like you are doing great! There is a Body For Life Journal you can get on Ebay or Amazon between 5 and 10 bucks shipped. It helps you keep track of your meals, workouts, and mental attitude, also gives you daily inspirations. I know it is not an app, but I highly recommend it! I use one for about every challenge. Just look up the search tern Body For Life Journal.

    Normars- Sounds like you got a great start, keep up the awesome mind set!

  • Normars- I use the "MyFitnessPal" for iphone.  I love it.  you can log your food and exercise.  It graphs your weight, fitness and nutrition.  

    I also just finished a challenge on Monday and am jumping right into another challenge.  So glad to see some of my BFL buddies from my last challenge on this forum too.  

    I agree, had it not been or the forum, I would have never finished.

    Good luck all!!!!1


  • I use My Fitness pal also.  It's very easy to use both on a smartphone (I have a motorola droid) and on the computer.

    Shannon, it's great to *see* you here! Glad to hear you are also jumping right back in. We are going to be hot mamas this summer!