Starting May 7th! Any Takers?

  • Was very successful in 2003 with BFL, need to make another major change starting May 7th.

  • Hey, this Rick.  I have also been successful in the past but have gained it back.  I'm really frustrated with myself but I am determined not to give up.  I've signed up for May 7th.  

  • Hi Rick,

    Lets do this together, today I am getting my food list purchased for the week. For me I need to plan ahead to have a legitimate shot at successfully completing this. Is anybody else interested in starting Monday? On day 1 my workout will be 20 minutes  of cardio on Stairmaster.

  • Day 1 is all scheduled, workout in morning and 6 meals planned.

  • I may attempt to start on Monday.  My work schedule of 8-730 may  cause difficulty on MWF and I have plantar faciitis as well, which makes even walking difficult (surgery June 8 for that).  Anyhoo, I will jump in with fits and starts and bells on!

  • I also was successful with this program in 2003, after having my third child.  Am going to begin tomorrow!  I'm very enthusiastic, just finished making my grocery list and planning out some meals.  Looking forward to getting started!

  • My name is Angie and I'll be starting Monday as well.  It'll be my first time with BFL and I'm real excited!

  • I am in...this is my first time doing BFL...I have seen first hand people who have done it...I'm excited to finally look the way I want to look.  

  • My name's Hailey, I'm Starting tomorrow too. I'm Kind of nervous, but really excited at the same time!

  • Hey Guys!

    My name is Athena, and I started this challenge in the middle of September - I got to the beginning of December just a few weeks shy of completing the challenge, then fell off the wagon, and haven't been able to fully get back on since.  I really would like to start with you guys tomorrow - I have a bit of shopping to do, but I know the food and some good recipes like the back of my hand, so it shouldn't be too difficult.  I'm just struggling with "CAN I DO THIS THIS TIME!?" ....Maybe this is the place I can get that little bit of extra motivation or that little extra push!

    I DID think of a name for us tho! I thought we could call our group the Lucky 7's? Hehehe :) What do you think!?

    Here's to tomorrow gang - Good Luck! ;) (I'm also thinking of starting with cardio tomorrow - 20 minute Treadmill)

  • I'm starting tomorrow too. My name's Meridith and would love all the support!

  • Count me in.  This is my first time.  I did last week as a test week to see if I could do it and I couldn't believe how great it was.  I'm looking forward to these 12 weeks.  My name is Kathy.

  • I'm in! I just finished my challenge number 1 (not counting when I did this several years ago) and had a great experience. Looking to jump right into the next challenge. I really enjoyed the support from this forum, it really helped inspire me and keep me accountable.  


  • I am starting with you all today!  This is my first time with BFL and looking forward to the progress I can make in 84 days.

  • Started today on my way to the gym to do upper body as we speak! Lets all keep in touch and keep each other motivated!! If anyone wants to trade facebook info or emails to keep each other updated let me know!! Lets do this!