First week on program, I have a few stupid questions.

  • Hello Everyone.

    I picked this book up at a free box. I read it in 2 days. Very excited, it makes alot of sense. This is my 3rd day. Here are a few stupid questions.

    Drinking water is very hard for me to do, does (s.f.) flavored water, tea, etc. count as fluids drank?

    Are bananas anywhere on what we can eat? 

    Are there any condiments allowed: fat free mayo, lite salad dressing, mustard?

    I work in an elderly woman's house 12 hours a day, 3 days a week. Any ideas on how to make shift some of the upper body and lower body exercises that use pullys and weights, etc. I tried with an exercise band and it was tuff.

    Everyone wish me luck and please don't hesitate to help me. After 2 days I already feel better, I am trying to avoid knee or lower back surgery.

    Good luck to everyone else i saw that started on 4/30.

    I am 54 years old. btw.


  • Hi Jeannie! First off, I think your user name is great. Needed a smile this morning. :)

    First off there are NO stupid questions. The stupid questions are the ones you don't bother to ask. So never be afraid to reach out!

    Here are some answers for you:

    1. Personally I don't consider anything other than water a substitute for water. I had trouble with water at first too. Some people chug down 1-2 16oz glasses at a time, and some people just sip steadily during and in between meals. Figure out what might work for you. I drink 16 ounces first thing in the morning, then another 16 ounces at the gym, so that is 4 glasses right there. It's not that difficult once you start adding it up and establish good habits.

    2. Bananas are okay by the book, but they tend to be high in sugar and carbs. I think 1/2 a medium banana is a good carb portion but they are a VERY high glycemic fruit. If you're looking to lose weight and tone, I would say those in moderation too. The fruits that you'll gain most benefit from are berries.

    3. The book does mention fat free mayo in tuna salad and I have done this from time to time, max 1-2x a week. Most fat-free versions of normally full-fat foods like mayo and salad dressing are full of additives, modified food starches and other crap that isn't good for you, so try to exercise extreme moderation with these. If you can avoid using it, I would suggest doing so. For salad dressing, I would recommend you replace dressing with balsamic vinegar and olive oil (maybe 1/2 Tbsp of each) on a salad, or find something with all natural ingredients and no modified food starches or anything you can't pronounce. Whole Foods makes some wonderful oil-free dressings with no questionable ingredients. Stuff like mustard is fine though. If you read the labels there is usually not much there beyond mustard seed, vinegar and water; I put yellow mustard on sandwiches all the time. It has basically no nutritive value to just make sure you basically treat it like "nothing" and get in your protein, carbs and veggies in addition.

    4. The workouts can be anything that works that muscle group and helps you reach your high point. I have heard of people exercising with resistance bands. I have switched it up sometimes at the gym between machines, guided weights and dumbbells. As long as what you're doing is getting you there with reps, resistance and effort, that is all you are looking for. I know you can also get dumbbells that are adjustable with different weights, so you only have to take 1 pair with you and they can adjust anywhere from 5 lbs to 20 lbs. That might be a possibility for upper body?

    Good luck and here's to the first 12 weeks of the rest of your life! You can make it happen!

  • Jeannie - I have the same problem with drinking straight water. Unfortunately, drinking "water plus stuff" means some of the water has to go towards flushing out the "stuff" or otherwise making up for it. Tea I've heard can be a diuretic, so that's probably not a good substitute.

    Sugar free flavored water is what I use myself right now - I've been using those litlle "Mix n' Go" packets (they go by a bunch of names) that you mix with a 16.9-oz bottle of water. Because the artificial sweeteners can be an appetite stimulant, I'm trying to cut back by using less mix in more water, plus adding in a glass or two of just water (no flavoring) each day. My water bottles are 32-oz, so I started by using two packets per bottle, then recently cut back to one packet per bottle. In a week or so I'm going to dig out my half-gallon jug and start mixing one packet in that, then refill the water bottles from there. Hopefully I can go to drinking just straight water from there, but if that proves too hard I'll move to mixing one packet in a gallon jug. If going "cold turkey" on flavorings is too tough, you could try something like that.

  • I also appreciate my user name. I am 54 and after 4 kids my boobs don't get any smaller as i grow older.

    Any way, i have been for these 3 days drinking water.. However today i had flavored s.f. water and i can drink a 32 oz. bottle in 1/2 the time it takes to drink water. I am still drinking water along with that. Perhaps i will do some research and see what is the least harmful for my purpose and limit it daily.

    I love bananas. Even if i can 1/2 of one every other day, i'll be thrilled.

    I will have to pick up some weights. I have a few smaller hand weights but that's it. I can't afford to go to a gym so i'll do my work out at home.

    Thank you so much for answering me. Tell me, have you done the 12 weeks yet? How are you doing? Have you any pointers? This is the end of my 3rd day. I feel so good. I am never hungry (must be the water).

    Keep in touch. thanks

  • Thanks for the info. I will try the water packets. And watering them down is a fine idea. As long as it is easier to drink. I swear that my brain knows when it is water and doesn't let me swallow. I have been drinking as much as I can, but I know it should be more. Please keep in touch. I love any info that will help, I am very motivated.


  • Hi Jeannie,

    Hope the flavored water endeavor works out. If it gets you there, it gets you there!

    I think 1/2 a banana every other day is a great start. I love bananas too. And don't forget you can indulge as much as you want on your Free Day! I have started to tighten up my eating so for me Free Days are for a lot of stuff that is technically admissible during the Challenge (potatoes, peanut butter, red meat) that I have elected to cut out in an attempt to get that final push over the ridge.

    It sounds like you have a great plan AND a positive attitude. Both are keys to getting through this and making those life changes!

    I'm on Week 10 right now. Thus far down 8 pounds, 5% body fat, and about 12" overall off various measurements (mostly thighs, true waist and wearing waist). Clothes are hanging off me these days and I have gone from running a 14:00 minute mile to a 9:30 minute mile and from 12lb chest presses for my 6 reps, to 30lbs for my 6. I am working hard to get the last of my stubborn belly + side fat off but it seems to be slowly melting away. I turn 30 the day after Day 84 and wanted to do something that would make me excited for the next chapter in my life.

    I think my #1 piece of advice is to listen to your body; it will always tell you what it needs. And track everything (food and exercise). Not only will you get a great visual of your day, you'll be able to go back and forth in time and see how far you've come with your eating, your running and your lifting. My journal has been a great motivator!

  • I do keep track of everything. It is good motivation.

    I had 1/2 a banana today, yum yum. You don't realize how good it is till you don't have it for a while.

    Today is my 5th day. I got to do my 20 min. walk outside. That was great.

    Putting just a tiny amount of the s.f. flavor packet in water goes along way. I drank 4 cups in no time at all.

    Good luck on your birthday and new goals.

    I went shopping at the farm strand today and got 5 bags of fruits and veggies. Planning ahead is a huge part of the program. If there isn't good food to eat you're in trouble.

    Please keep in touch. Boobs.

  • Boobs,

    I love your user name of the main reasons I read this post was to see what the rest of the name said!!  Haha!!

    I am so happy that you are feeling so great since exercising!!  Keep up the great work and you will find that you build muscle behind your boobs with your chest exercises and they become way less flabby and way more perky!!

    I talked to a trainer for a little bit who was way in favor of the resistance bands...she said they really worked your core (mid section) and even suggested using a stability ball with the dumbbells instead of a bench.

    Good luck to you and your 12 weeks!!  i love your can do this!!

  • I am so glad to hear you say that the exercise will help the boobs. I have had 4 kids and with age, whew, it's a nasty joke someone is playing on us women.

    I used the bands with a few hand weights on sat, my 6th. day, to do my upper body w.o. and i really liked them. You  have to be creative with a few ex. but i managed. It's all good.

    Today is my 8th. day. For my free day i was going to go to dairy queen and get a confetti cake blizzard, but i ended up eating all kinds of fruit and cottage cheese and yogurt. Before bed i did have a dish of ice cream with chopped recees cups on it. But it was no big deal. Which is a great thing.

    Where are you on your 12 weeks? I hope you are also doing well.