Nursing this program ok for me

  • Hello everyone!

    I am 30 yr old, new mom of a 7 month old beautiful baby girl...I have about 18 lbs that I would like to lose, however I am still nursing my baby and will try to do so until she is 1 year olf but I don't want to wait so long to try and lose the remaining weight. I have read that we should not diet until baby is weaned but I was directed here by another website that said some of these products could be taken my nursing moms.

    Any nursing moms out there that have done the program?

    also I checked on amazon for the book and found one for women? Is this one just as good as the one by Bill Phillips?

    Thanks everyone for the help and support :)

  • Hi Jenny,

    I am a mom, and still nursing my daughter.  I did my first full 12 week challenge from 1/18/10 until 4/11/10.  It went great, but I have a lot of weight to lose, so I start C2 tomorrow.  The only product I used on C1 was the shakes (packets and RTD's).  I did not use any other products, since I was nursing and wasn't sure it would be prudent.  But, even without any other products, I lost 18lbs, and 19+ inches from 6 measuring areas.

    Now, my child just turned two last week...I know, YIKES!  I have got to wean her!  She is our fifth and final, and it is just difficult to cut her off!  But, that means she is getting very little nutrition from nursing, whereas your child will need lots of nutrition from your milk still.  The BFL way of eating is so nutritious that I think I eat better eating the BFL way, than I normally eat!  So the "diet" part of it should not be detrimental to your milk.  Make sure you are taking vitamins, and do not short yourself on any of the meals.  Eat all six meals.  Do not reduce portion sizes.  Make sure you get your fats, and complex carb portions from oatmeal, sweet potato, brown rice, etc.  If at any time you are feeling fatigued more than usual, you will have to increase your portions some, but that I can't guide you on.  Some of this may have to be trial and error.

    The book most people recommend is the original Body for Life book by BP.  For a "challenge" this book is best, since the food list is most restrictive.  But my advice for a nursing mom would be to use the food list on this site.  It has a few more items that will keep you losing weight, but will give you a little more diversity.  The Eating for Life book has great recipes, but is more for people in maintenance, as the portions are a little larger than for someone trying to lose weight.  But, with nursing and needing a few more calories, you might be able to use them.  One recipe that is awesome, that is in the EFL book, and is even great for the challenge, are the cottage cheese pancakes.  There is a thread somewhere on the forum about them.

    You should journal your food, and for the first week keep track of calories.  I know there is a way to determine how many calories you, as a nursing mom should have, but I don't remember how to calculate it.  Ask your doctor, or search on line.  Then make sure you are getting enough calories for you and the baby.

    Good luck and I hope this helps!  

    Julie (inVA)

  • I would like to add if you have any other questions regarding this subject you should probably contact the fitness advisors at 1-800-297-9776, 8:30am-5:00pm Monday through Friday EST.  They are always very helpful.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Jenny,

    I have been thinking further on this, and I think you should plan out a weeks worth of meals, and journal them.  Ask your pediatrician if you can fax it to her/him for evaluation.  Have daily calorie counts and grams of protein and carbs per item/daily totals too.  Then the doctor can see just what you will be consuming and can advise you.  Just MHO!  Have a great day!  Julie (in VA)

  • Hey Nursing Ladies....

    First of all, congrats on your being mom-the MOST wonderful experience!!

    Anyway, back to the situation.... I agree w/ Julie.... ask your doc before you do anything. Secondly, I nursed my daughter until she was about eight months (she decided to kick the habit :)  ) and within six weeks I lost ten pounds. My mom and doc both said that your body will naturally carry around some weight because it is still dependent on those reserves; I waited until I quit breastfeeding to go on a full force diet/exercise program.

    Just a suggestion. I know you good mommies don't want to compromise the nutritional value of your *** milk.

    Good Luck!

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Great post Katie!  

    On an unrelated topic, when my sister Kate was little, we called her Katydid, apparently a bug that is similar to a grasshopper or cricket!

    Ahhhh, sweet childhood memories.....Julie (in VA)

  • How sweet.... that's what my papa (my grandpa) has always (and still) calls me: "k-k-k-katydid".

    Sweet memories, indeed, to be likened unto an insect :) Good times. Hope your progress goes well.

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    -S. Randall, 2010

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall