what myoplex drinks to take and how to take them if your already taking a protein?

  • Hi guys im very new to this and i notice on the example meal plan it says myoplex nutrition drink for a snack and then again for another snack  I noticed there is one for lean muscle and one to gain muscle for myoplex. Can i take both? I am not sure because i also take a post workout drink called Nitro tech. I would like to input those myplox drinks for snacks.All the help would be great!

  • Greetings Steve34,  I currently use the Myoplex EAS Advantage Low Carb Ready to Drinks (RTD) as a meal replacement and a pick me up after workouts.  I have had no conflicts with Rip Fuel (last challenge) or with the MetRX CLA Max that I am using currently as the drinks have little or actually no caffein in them to conflict with.(not even the Cafe Carmel flavor which has a neat coffee type taste to it). BFL and or Abbott labs folks can tell you more about any problems with matching you might have in this matter as well.  I use the low carb because I am once again going for the lean mean look and trying to drop my BMI 3 points for our Disney wellness program (a $100 dollar incentive just in this matter helps) Best wishes and I hope this helps you out some. By the way have you ever tried the Grenade supplement and what have you heard about it?

  • Steve34...as far as what to take will depend on your goals.  If you want to lose fat and tone go with the lean muscle formula.  If want to build muscle go with the build muscle formula; you will still lose fat but not as quickly.  If you need to gain weight and muscle then drink more of the build muscle formula throughout the day.  Using both the lean muscle and build muscle formulas kind of zero one another out.