Looking for a Mentor- Starting April 30, 2012 for the first time.

  • At the end of week five I do see changes. The scale isn't changing dramatically but 1 lb a week works well for me.  The scale said my body fat was up a little this week but I know those scales can be very tricky to get it right.  Also one of my goals at the end is to do 10 push ups. Couldn't even do one good one when we started and now can do 8 with good form so I know something is working!  My upper body measurements have dropped considerably.  I'm sure the hips and thighs will follow!   Keep it up those who are still committed to finishing strong.

  • Hey all!  Sorry it's been awhile, but I am still here with you.  My computer crashed at home, so I try to eek out a few minutes to write before work and it's been busy!  I think of you all every day and commend you on still being here and working through this together.  I realize sometimes the changes are slow, but they will come.  You have to have faith!  Every little step you make is progress!  I still am having trouble sticking to the eating plan and am thoroughly  convienced that my lack of journaling is to blame for this (as well as my lack of self control! lol).  I find that the journaling keeps me on track.  I have been avoiding it and am not progressing like I would like.  Lesson learned?  Workouts are amazing though, so at least I feel like one thing in my life is stable.  Remember that you are special and every step you take in a positive manner is a step in the right direction.  I commit to writing in my journal and being here for you more, instead of popping in!

  • Hi Everyone, I have been really horrible about posting but I am still hanging in there in this challenge and hoping to finish strong.  I am a teacher and this is the crazy time for my job.  Just finished my last report card so I can come up for air now.  I also managed to get laid off and then hired for a new job over the last month so it has been a whirlwind.  I have done OK staying with the program but the stress definitely set me back a bit.  I am trying to schedule out my workouts with friends who I know will keep me accountable.  I'm looking forward to BIG results at the end so I need to get working a little harder.  I'm glad so many of you are still working toward that finish line.  Let's finish this together!  We can do it!

  • Where is everyone? Hope that you are all ok?

  • Hi Mariposa, I'm still here chugging along. The weight is coming off very, very slowly -- about a pound a week. I've been very consistent on the plan, I've only missed one work out (on Memorial Day) and I'm still very good about planning and logging my meals. I did hit a plateau for the couple weeks, but the middle of last week I switched up my cardio and the weight started to go down again. I'm also very excited for the next 5-6 weeks, since that is when everyone says the most changes happen. How is everyone else doing?

  • Hi Mariposa, I'm still here too.  Feeling like I really need to step it up if I want some great results.  I like looking through some of the before and after photos to motivate me.  My weight loss goal is only 10 lbs so I know it might come off kind of slow.  I am only down 4 lbs right now.  It also seems if I just look at food I gain a pound or two back.  LOL.  I'm doing the best at my weight training right now.  Need to get the food on track and really work at fitting in all my cardio each week.  Great job diet pill getting over your plateau.  It sounds like you are doing great so far!  I really need to start to plan my meals out and journal I think.

    Home stretch everyone!

  • I've lost 13lbs and a total of 11 inches from my body. But I've hit a plateau on the scales for the past two weeks, even though the inches have been dropping. I assume this is because I'm putting on muscle? Anyway, I'm quite happy with my progress and proud that I've managed to continue with the programme. I have far more energy than I did before I started and my fitness is beginning to return. I can do far far more cardio now and I can lift more weight too. All in all it's good. I just really hope I'll see some more results in the coming two weeks. Take care all, and well done!

  • Mariposa, you are doing amazing!  Way to go.  Yes, I bet you are gaining a lot of muscle.  I'm guessing you will be very pleased with your results the last month if you keep going strong.  Don't give up!  

    How are your meals going everyone?  I always struggle when I am trying to feed my whole family too.  It sound like some of you log them which I'm sure really helps.  I am going to try some swimming tomorrow for my cardio so that should be fun since it is something new for me.  I mostly do running or hill walking with some Zumba thrown in for fun.

    Have a great week all!

  • I'm still hanging in there. Haven't missed a workout yet but my eating isn't the best. I'm still doing fairly well though. More likely I'm inclined to have a drink with the girls or a glass of wine on the porch. Still I will finish strong and know that I have formed some good habits.

    Hope the rest are still hanging in there.  There's no doubt I feel better and have more energy.


  • How is everyone hanging in there? I had a 2.5 pound weight loss breakthrough this week, which is crazy because I ate way to much potato salad on 4th of July. I was scared to weigh myself and couldn't believe the scale! I'm still chugging along, i've lost about 12 pounds so far, although I feel like my body looks exactly the same, just a little bit smaller. I guess I still have about 15 more pounds to lose so i'll have to do another challenge after this. I'd love some updates from everyone. Only two weeks left!

  • Great to see the plateau end, dietpill.  I was doing fairly well until I went on vacation last week. I had every intention of following the plan. I failed to journal ahead and plan meals and such. Needless to say I gained, 4 pounds!  So I'm writing that week off and tacking another to the 12 week program or maybe just count on another 12 week program, not sure. I do see changes in my body though and that is encouraging!  Stick with it. The finish line isn't too far off!