how many carbs and grams of protein should i take in for each meal???

  • how many carbs and grams of protein should i take in for each meal???

  • Female is generally around 20/20 (This is what I am around anyways...)

    Males, I believe around 30/30...not sure on that one...

    Some meals might be a bit more or less. I'm sure someone else can chime in on the male #'s

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  • yea i was curious because of this whole thing 1g of protein per pound of body weight and if that was the case then i would prob want the the carb / rotein ratio in the same ball park.  

  • it would look like 38 gr of protein for my weight 227lbs

  • Joey, sounds about right with the wt ratio figured in there. I have seen it though somewhere where they take the lean wt. and multiply that, but it's too confusing so....I would shoot for maybe 35 and if you aren't seeing big results after 4 wks, maybe cut it down a bit on the carbs to maybe 30?

    Can a male challenger please help me out here?? Not sure if I'm on the right track! lol! Don't wanna give out the wrong info! :)

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  • thanks deb, ill try to keep the protein up and start off with low carbs 20 and see how that goes and then maybe after a few weeks tweak it alil bit to see if i get diff results

  • Joey, if it seems like you are very very tired, you might up the will be tired regardless in the first few weeks, but you want to make sure you have the right carb intake for your energy levels.

    Have you seen the Newbies, Read this 1st Thread?? I will bump it up to the top for you! :)

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  • Joey-check out that New to BFL? Read this First thread...

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  • Hey Deb and Joey!

    I've always worked on what are in the "Myoplex Original" for males, from memory BFLMike said it was 42grms protein and 35 carbs??? check here on the website under products and work on that, but I do believe 20 is way to low for a male - shoot for 30 at least otherwise your total intake will be on the "low" side, not good. Cheers


  • What about calories per day? About how many does a BFLer have per day?

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