Young couple ready to start a healthy new life

  • Good morning, I just want to introduce myself to everyone on here as I begin my transformation. I am excited and also quite nervous. I know it will be tough but I am prepared. I train pretty well however my diet is less than encouraging. I eat well during the day however I get home and literally eat anything and everything in site. Unfortunately I do not know how to say no. I need to teach myself discipline and self control. So I have recruited my partner who is the exact opposite from me, he has brilliant self control and was taught from very early age that he cannot always have everything in the fridge. So I am hoping that the two forces combined will result in a successful motivated team.

    Looking at our current bodies; we are both healthy however I have a high fat percentage; which I want to cut down, I want to tone up and really just try and lose as much fat as possible, replacing it with lean muscle. Mitch (my partner) is lean and doesn’t carry much weight, he wants to bulk up and build muscle. We both want to increase our fitness levels, our strength and our overall health. Motivate by a beautiful holiday to the Greek Islands in July I hope that we can really get through this. Mitch is taking the protein power, however I am a little scared. I am not sure if I will be able to use them without the fear of putting on excessive weight. Is anyone else in this same position? Did you try going without the supplements and then converting in later weeks? Any advice would be much appreciated. And yes, I have taken the ‘before’ photos… what a wake up call that was!

  • Sounds like you and I are in the same boat and I too am looking for answers.

    I am lean.  I've gained a few pounds over the past few months but at 47 years of age, 6'2" and currently 200 pounds. I have never had a problem losing weight and I've always been called "skinny".  Until around December, I had weighed 185 pounds for at least the past 20 years and wieghed less before that.  I want to add muscle and be physically fit.

    My wife, a different story.  She used to be smaller.  Life-style, lack of motivation, goals or determination have added a hundred pounds to her 5'2" frame.

    She has agreed to try this Body for Life Challenge with me. I am hoping that together we can meet our goals and become a healthier family with a vibrant future.

    Since her and I seem to both have different goal sets, I am wondering if we will each need differnt work-out routines, different eating regimines and different suppliments?

    Answers and guidance would be greatly apprciated!!

  • Alexandra, I just finished my 1st C1 and I too had a high % BF (33%) and now after 12 weeks down to 26%!  I lost 14lbs of just FAT!  I don't know where you are starting, but about a week before I finished that I needed to add a little extra cardio to increase my body fat loss.  I am a mother of 2 young ones which would've made this difficult., but you may want to think about this & read about it.

    It looks like you need to follow the program and make sure to eat 6 times a day.... don't skip, it will make you want to snack at home later.   The difference in you & your hubby will be the supplement products - shakes & protein.  I did the Myoplex light shakes & protein bars and your husband will be using something different (possibly).  Look on the website and it will recommend the correct products each of you.  You sound like me - I am good until I get home too.  I made sure that I ate 4 times before I got home and started dinner immediately or had fruit & nuts as a stand by!  

    Paul, I recommend the same thing...use the website & compare the differences in products for you & your wife.

    Also, I had a difficult time finding EAS products, but mixes were easier to find locally & I just found a goooood tasting protein bar.

    Congrats & I am jealous - I tried to get my husband to do BFL!

    Oh, do you have the BFL book - get it and pg 83 is the food list.  Also, eat your carbs...whole grain rice & whole grain bread and this will keep you cravings in check.  I did the fist & palm proportion size, but I have read on the forum the exact count of carbs & protien, but I don't remember it.  Someone may come behind me & give you this information.


  • Got the book while on Spring Break and could not put it down.  Once I got home I joined BFL and find great motivation  from the BFL on-line Success Stories.

    Thanks for the reply.