• Wel done Diane on your new exercises!  I hope the morning workouts are going well.

    Hang in there, everyboday - we can do this.


  • How's everyone doing?  I'll admit, I was a little frustrated at the 4 week mark.  I only lost total of  2.3 pounds, but I was fine with that if I saw a difference in my measurements.  I only lost .5 inch from my waist and .25 inch here or there around the rest of my body.  I was so dissappointed!  While week 2 was a really bad week for me nutrition wise, weeks 3 and 4 were nearly flawless.  

    I decided not to get discouraged enough to quit, and went on with Week 5.  I did really well eating and I did lose 1.1 lbs.  So now I'm feeling more motivated (thank goodness!!).

    I have a new favorite codiment.  Plain fat free greek yogurt with dill.  I still haven't figured out how to stomach the plain greek yogurt as a protein for a meal, but if I add some dill, I can eat it with almost anything.  It replaces mayo on my sandwiches and wraps, I dip my raw veggies into it, use it as a sour cream replacement in my turkey taco salads, adn sometimes add a little to my brown rice to give it a little more flavor.

    Hope everyone is still hanging in there!


  • Well, I am still here.  Needing some motivation!  I am one of those that is seeing very little results so far.  I have others say they can tell but am waiting for when I can tell, maybe I am too critical?

  • Ajbetterman - I'm with you.  I am in serious need of motivation!  It's hard to be eating right and doing the right workouts and see very little results.  I know that the big results usually come around week 8, but right now I'm having a hard time convincing myself to get to week 8!

    Does anyone have any tips for how they are staying strong with the challenge? What are you doing to get yourself through those inevitable plateaus where you don't feel like anything is changing?

  • @ uofugirl - I was hoping that you would get some responses to your questions.  I can tell you what I am doing, I read a lot of the success stories which helps (depending on the day!).  Also I have friended a couple of people from the website that are my cheerleaders and I will message them when I need inspiration or just a quick reminder that this will pay off in the end.  I will say that even though I am not seeing a ton of physical changes I feel better, my tummy "feels" tighter.  I have a 6 pack in there and it is really fighting hard to get out! lol  My biggest struggle is food.  I am on the go all of the time and feel like there are times when I don't make the best choices.  Then I get home at night and feel as though I am starving and make more bad choices!!  I have started buying protein bars to leave in my bag or car so that when I get the urge at least I am choosing something healthy!  I am really trying to be aware of why I eat certain comfort foods and address that.  I don't know if any of this makes sense or is helping you in any way but I feel any support is good at this point!  We have made it half way!!!  WE CAN DO THIS! :)  

  • I'm another one for whom the results (as seen on the scale!) are slow in coming.  I have to keep reminding myself that my clothes are fitting better, I've gone up in the weights on  all muscle groups, I'm more organised, and I'm beginning to look better.  I found it helped to put in writiing all I have achieved so far.  And I am so looking forward to week 8 or whenever it will be that the scale really starts to show something for all the hard work.  

    But hang in there, everybody - we can do this!!


  • Hi Everyone - we are almost halfway there!!!  

    Uofgirl - I know motivation can be tough after so many days of doing the same thing, but I am looking at this as a lifelong change.  Once I finish I plan to continue to eat and workout this way, but I might vary my workouts a little differently, and even focus more on weight training.  But for now, what motivates me is coming to this site and looking at success stories and then also taking it one day at a time - i know this sounds a little cliche, but I have seen my muscles show up after an arm workout (not so much the lower half - as there is plenty of booty to hide them) and so every time I have an upper body workout I envision how much stronger they are getting and how it is showing.  For a lower body workout, I know that working those big muscles I am getting a huge calorie burn and also envision what shape legs and butt could look like.  And then for HIIT, which I think I love, partly b/c it is so short but also b/c I really sweat, I feel it helps to shake off just a tiny bit of fat every time.  I feel firmer and smaller already - I haven't taken my measurements yet but will tomorrow, and am expecting to be smaller, b/c I can feel it.  I haven't weighed myself the entire program and am not going to!

    I have never felt so happy, calm, vibrant, full of energy and patient and I contribute all this to the BFL program, and so even if weight loss is slow, I focus on this as my reason for sticking with it.  

    About diet, I have been pretty good at following it - there have been a few days where I ate a little too much, which is usually after a full blown free day, and so I have finally learned not to go crazy on the free day as there is so much recovery involved.  But I also don't think you should force yourself to ease up on the free day until you are ready.  Go all out every free day until YOU feel like it is harmful or you can't recover and you feel ready, and then transition to not going too overboard. (it took me 6 weeks to learn this). But if you can enjoy a free day and get right back on track the next day - then enjoy that free day.  That bigger calorie day is good for your metabolism!!!  

    When I first started I was also adding a small amount of healthy fat into every meal - not really what the BFL suggests.  I still saw results, but this past week I have taken out the fat in at least 3 of the meals every day and I think that really made a difference.  I can see myself getting leaner this way.  I believe these fats are necessary (ie. olive oil, avocado, nuts etc.) and I don't believe in pills to get my nutrients, so I will not cut these out, but I will cut it out of some meals to really lean out or enjoy them in every meal when I am being a little more relaxed.

    Anyways, I think all this sharing is also what motivates me.

    6 more weeks - let's do this!!!

  • I've been MIA this whole week and I have to say I hit rock bottom. After 5 weeks of doing the program and not seeing results on the scale....even though I said I wouldn't weigh myself....I did and I just got really disappointed. I was stressed about finals coming up and as the days went by without me exercising or eating the BFL way , my mood got worse and worse and grumpy. By the end of the week I had turned into a real life monster! No but seriously- I can't believe how fast I spiraled out of control. I think a lot of my grumpy mood had to deal with my own guilt and disappointment about not following the program. But there is no sense in crying over spilt milk so I'm just going to trudge onward and just pick it up again and continue. The funniest thing is that I weighed myself this morning and I'm down 2 1/2 pounds. Now does that make any sense??   I don't know.... I think my bad mood was more attributed to my own sense of disappointment and guilt that I wasn't following the program and not so much the effect of the food and lack of exercise. I loved the week of eating anything I wanted! I hear people talking about making this program a lifestyle change....I could totally do 6 week runs of clean eating and exercising and then one week of break. And then pick it up again for another 6 week run. I could live like that.

  • Hey Diane33 - I can imagine the frustration!  Please hang in there - it is a great plan.  At the midpoint I had expected a lot more change, however, the way I feel and my clothes do fitting better are what is keeping me going.  I have a feeling I may not have that body I envisioned to have in another 6 weeks, but I am not giving up, and once I get there, I will know I will have made progress, whether it is slow or not.  And I will keep going...

    I have NOT weighed myself at all and KNOW that if I do I will be heavier - I have started weight training in the past only to gain weight BUT lose inches and fit into smaller clothes, and so I will never go by scale.  You probably lost weight b/c you were losing water weight from eating less frequently or stopping the weights.  No one can lose 2.5lbs of ONLY fat in a few days.  I always remind myself the figure competitors and bodybuilders are the leanest people in the world and every one of them will be following clean eating and a big focus on weight training - and I want to be lean!  I used to be a runner and I was 'smaller' but smooshy and gooshy and never felt strong or lean.  Now I feel so much stronger, I don't feel bigger at all AND I find it easier to stay this way.  Please hang in there and stay strong.  

    It looks like a lot of our April 16th -ers have stopped checking in but this is pretty much the only forum I check, for motivation and support,  b/c we are all at the same stage in the 12 week span.  So I will continue to check in....

  • Hi Shell-

    Thanks for the support. I will put the scale away I promise for the duration of the challenge! Keep checking in- I will be with you til the end. I've joined another forum besides this one....ends one week after us. A real good group of people....positive and knowledgeable. You should check in there to have more people to share your success when you finish.

  • It's the starting C2 April 23rd...any takers? thread.....

  • okay  - thanks - will check into that one too.  Had a good workout today and after it, which I did hit a 10, I realized I have been slacking a little, not hitting my 10s and had wine last night.  So am trying to refocus and get back to hitting 10s every day!  Good luck and we'll be in touch...

  • I have been having a really rough week - skipped a workout (but feels like I skipped more) because I had a super sore throat and felt run down, but  my diet was all out of whack.  I had wine on my free day, and then another glass the next evening, even though I ate clean the rest of the day, and then another last night.  My food intake was all clean but I feel SO guilty, but then I also feel like crap!  I was doing so well and on such a roll, and this week I feel like I am back to square one, even though I know I have made progress.  I just wanted amazing results at the end and I was so "gung-ho" (excuse my dated term) for the first 6 weeks, and if I had kept that up, I could have my dream body, but now I feel like I am only going to see mediocre progress.  This is all really negative talk but it is how I am feeling today.  

    I don't even drink more than a glass of wine in an evening, but it really affects me and I feel depressed the next day, but a glass of wine can be so rewarding and enjoyable after a full week of clean eating and great workouts!  I need the workouts to get me in the clean eating mindset  - so I am going to get off this chair and go do Upper Body, and get back on track.  And any progress is progress!  Thank-you for reading while I self-pep-talk : )