• Looking for some followers for the 12 week challange again. I only have about 10Ibs that I want to lose, my main goals are to step up my efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle, tone and get back into running again.This weekend I will be preparing my meal plans, groceries, cooking and running routines.

    Hoping to find some motivated people to help eachother along the journey and share the experiance.  Let me know if your with me!!!


  • JDM, I am in with you!  Unfortunatly I am still rehabbing from rotator cuff surgery, so I'm only focusing on abs, lower body, lower back and cardio.  Good luck! I'll keep checking back with you to see how things are going.

  • I am also starting on the 16!!  I am getting married in September and want to look amazing for the big day so my goal is overall toning and fat loss!  Excited to share the journey!

  • I started on 9th, which puts me a week ahead, but I'd love to be involved in the thread. Let me know if this works.

  • So what's everyone started planning their meals?  If so what kinds I things have you been stocking up on?

  • I am going shopping Friday! I will update with my list....also lets share what is and isn't working for food.

  • Hello Group! I as well am doing the grocery shopping today, I have not planned my meals for next week as of yet but some food items I plan to mainly focus on are;

    Lean Ground Turkey and Chicken

    Sliced Turkey Breast

    Chicken Breasts

    Frozen Shrimp

    Canned Tuna


    Brown Rice

    Whole wheat Pasta



    and of course various fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables.

    I will plan out and precook various meals with these this weekend and try to keep mixing it up. I would love to share recipe , meal and snack ideas as well! Happy shopping all :)

  • I went shopping this afternoon, and picked up a lot of lean ground turkey and chicken.  

    Prior to my shoulder injury I had great success getting lean eating a lot of the ground chicken breast (makes sure it says breast meat as the alternative has the higher fat/calorie dark meat and other nasty stuff in it).  I found that it is super quick to prepare and the ability to change the seasoning is really endless.  Combine the meat with a whole wheat tortillia and some fat free cheese and you have a quick easy great tasting meal.  

    Having the ground meat alternative close by in the freezer or fridge makes for an easy quick meal if you don't have much time.  

    Other them that I stick with a lot of fish and poultry products.  

    Please let us know if any of you have discovered any good recipes!  

    By the way, where is everyone from, and what inspired you to make a change?


  • Hi All! I'm ready to join. This will be my second challenge....I completed one in October 2011 with GREAT results. So I'm here to tell you all that this really DOES work! Stay the course and eat right and do the workouts and you will see results. I had every intention of going into another one after a 2 week rest period, but two weeks turned into 2 months and 2 months turned into...well....April 2012! And here I am ready to remind myself how great it felt.

    My goals for this challenge are:

    1) Incorporate way more fruits and veggies in place of grains for my carb portions.

    2) Define those ABS!!

    3) Eat more fish.

    4) Lower my fat percentage.

    The thing that REALLY helped me in my first challenge was the communication with others who were doing the exact same thing. So post frequently.....cause I'll be reading.

    By the way, I'm from Southern California.....and my inspiration: When I hit the 50 year old mark (in 5 years) I want to be the HEALTHIEST I have ever been in my whole life! And run a marathon!

    So what are we starting with on Monday? Upper body?

  • I am from Alberta, Canada! I have done the program once before as well also to admit I only made the 6 week mark. For this challange my goals are to focus on :

    1) Nutrition, smaller portions and most important planning my meals ahead of time.

    2) Posting frequently

    3) Run, Run, Run- I will be doing most of the program running and try to encorporate some strength training as well.

    4) I plan to do a 10K this summer.

    5) Continue to step up to a better and healther lifestyle :)

    @Diane33 I will be starting Monday with an upper body workout  :)

  • Hey All,

    My name is Vanessa I am from Southern California as well! I'm 29 years old and I have decided that since I have spent most of my 20's not happy about the way I look, I don't want to spend one more minute feeling this way again! I don't want to waste my last year in my 20's being unhappy with my body. So enough is enough....

    I have done this challege several times in the past - only actually finishing an entire 12 weeks once though. I got really great results, even though I cheated a lot on my diet. (Meaning I didn't see ripped muscles, but I did see a much leaner self!) So I'm trying it again and this time I am sticking to the meal plan. If I got results cheating, then I can't want to see the results if I don't cheat!!

    I recently lost 10 pounds and I have another 10 to go. So my goal is to lose 10 pounds, reduce my body fat % by 10 percent and go down 1-2 sizes. My biggest motivation right now is fitting into a bathing suit in exactly 12 weeks when I go on vacation with my boyfriend and his family. (FYI, he has NEVER seen me in a bathing suit.) So that is my goal, to build my confidiance and feel comfortable in my own skin while on the river! This is going to require LOTS of planning and disicipline on my part!  

    In the past it seems that my eating habits are ALWAYS what messes me up. Not Planning my meals ahead of time has been the number one thing to set me back. So this time I am committed to working out in the morning that way I have time in the evening to have a health dinner and pack for the next day. So tomorrow I will be going to the store and meal planning! Sunday's I will cook enough for Sunday-Wednesday and Wednesday Night I will cook for Wednesday-Saturday. Saturday evening will be my free meal since we like to go out to dinner Saturday Nights.

    Monday I will be starting my upper body work out!

    I have a question.....does anyone know if we can use MIO on this plan? I just discovered this stuff and I LOVE it! It really helps me to drink my water!

    Good Luck to everyone! I am excited to go on the journey with you all!

  • Ok so for food this week i'm going to cook a bunch of chicken breasts for dinner and have plenty of fruit on hand. Like I said I'm going to mostly stay away from grains esp. pasta, but not oats this challenge. Veggie omelets for breakfast sans the cheese. Protein shake made with water instead of dairy blended with 1/4 cup oats for morning snack. Nice veggie mix / chicken salad around lunch with some home made tomatillo salsa instead of dressing. For the afternoon snack maybe a turkey bacon BLT and fruit, for dinner, the chicken and some veggies and for late snack either another shake w/ oats or some chocolate tofu pudding (sounds gross but it's good) and an apple.  Lots of water throughout the day and with meals. And there are my sweet six meals for this week. I don't mind at all eating the same exact thing every single day as long as I like it. Since I cook differently for my hubby and teenagers it's easier to keep mine simple and easy.

    @VaNess as long as you don't mind the artificial sugars in Mio doesn't have any added carbs, calories or sugar so

    I say if it helps you to get your 10-12 servings of h2o in...then use it.

    Everyone.......Even if you don't want to share make sure you take a before pic!!!!

  • I went grocery shopping and followed the week one suggestions for this week.  I am a creature of habit so unless I have a structured week planned I will go back to what I am used to.  I think if I can stick to new foods for two weeks it will just continue to get easier and easier!  Did my before pics last night....ugh.  Excited for the AFTERS!!!!

  • I am starting BFL tomorrow also.  I ordered my journal and cookbook and it came Friday. I have shopped also and am ready. I will be 40 in August and do not want to be fat and forty..I am very short 4' 11" so every pound shows. I weigh 140 and want to loose 30 pounds and be toned. All my weight is in my midsection. I joined a gym near work. Once I get home, I don't work out.. I CAN do this!

  • Hi all just checking in on the last day of life as I know it....glad we have a good group. I am hopeful....yesterday I bought a bathing suit......well actually a bikini from a store that I have never shopped at.....Victoria secret!!!! I must be outta my mind will serve as good motivation....and if all fails (which it won't) I can always use the bikini top as a head band

    Have an awesome upper body workout tomorrow !