Weight lifting question.

  • I'm starting on April 16th and I have a question about weight. Is there a way of to know the correct amount of weight to lift during the exercises or is it just trial and error that you tweak after a couple of weeks?

  • It's kind of trial and error at first until you get familiar with your own intensity levels and capabilities.  I'd say start out lighter than you think (of course if it isn't hard at all increase it), but you don't want to injure yourself at the start trying to lift mad heavy weights.  Hope this helps and good luck!  Oh!  And don't forget to really focus on proper form in your lifting to avoid injuries.

  • I agree, start light and see how it feels. When I started, I was doing everything at 5lbs for upper body and about 40lbs for lower body, just to get an idea of where my strength level was at. Also, KEEP NOTES! I'm in Week 7 and continue to track my workouts through a phone app so I can not only chart my progress, I can also refer to where I left off from my previous workout in terms of weight. Another thing to keep in mind is that different muscle group exercises will require different weights: For example, I can start chest presses at 15lbs for my first 12 reps, but for flyes (also chest) I have to start at 12.5lbs. So keeping track of how much effort you have to put in, and documenting it, is very important.

    Good luck and all the best in your Challenge!

  • Thanks, I'll do that. Can anybody point me to a tracking program for my computer or do you think it is just as easy to keep track in an Excel spreadsheet?