Coping w/ Graveyard Shift

  • Hi Everyone! I did BFL a couple of years back and it worked great!  I lost about 60 pounds in 2 challenges, but unfortunately I have fallen off the wagon and I am close to where I started.  I have a good grasp on the program itself, but it was much easier back then because of my work schedule.  I now work the night shift (11PM-7AM) 5 nights a week and I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to structure everything around this kind of schedule.  Any help is appreciated! I am reading the book again, and I am planning on starting up again on Friday or Monday, depending on where I'm at, (Friday's are actually my Monday's).  Thanks again, I look forward to actually using this forum this time around!

  • WOW, I have a similar problem and I hope that you are still working the program.  I work the night shift 7pm to 7am and I need to figure out when to eat, when to sleep, and when to exercise.  I'm starting today (when I wake up).  lol

  • I also work irregular hours and what works best for me is to do my cardio as soon as I wake up, 20 min and I'm done for the day.

    Weights I like to eat a meal wait 1-2 hours then do the workout other wise I find it saps my energy a little bit. But I still do it within an hour or 2 of waking up.

  • Sound good, but I'm not sure that it will work for me.  So far I have been going to the gym right after work.  If I go home first I may never make it to the gym.  lol  I like going to teh gym when thre are less people there, such as 8 or 9 am.  I do need to add a meal prior to my workout.  I didn't yesterday and I light headed.

  • I too am a night shifter (7p-7a). I am trying to figure out when to best schedule my workouts... if I try to lift after work, then go straight to bed, doesn't that kind of negate the metabolic benefit of the workout?  But if I have to be back to work that night, I won't have time to get up and eat, then work out...

  • Im not sure about the metabolic benefit, but first thing in the morning is when i have time. Lol

  • Very little metabolic difference - get the workouts in at a time that fits your life and where you can make the most of them.

  • Im just not sure that if i wait until i wake up that i will get my workout in.  Im motivated after work.  Lol

  • Hello nightshifters,

    I just started this Monday and I am glad I saw this thread.  I worked on Sunday night and I was so tired once I woke up and it was hard to start so I might take the advice to work-out after work.  

  • I'm a nightshifter and I work out in the evening, which is really my afternoon. I started doing morning cardio (when I get up, which is really in the afternoon), but after about 8 weeks, I ran out of steam to do cardio when I get up, so I switched to evening time (My afternoon)

    If any of that makes sense to you nightshifters out there. :-)