Get in Summer Shape! April 9- July 1st!

  • I have not problem finding time to workout, I'm just worried I'll burnout because my job keeps me quite active. I'lll have to get some vitamins, and maybe add in some extra food on days I'm feeling particularly sluggish.

  • Day 4!! I just have to say I'm LOVING the 20 minute HIIT. Its like a high! It may seem silly but finishing makes me feel powerful and accomplished. I enjoy seeing how much further I can push myself each time.

    The weight lifting has been going well but I think I can workout a little harder than I have been. My problem is I'm still not sure WHAT do do. I really want to try and make 2 of my workouts next week free weights.

    I have a question for all you Challenge veterans, how often did you switch up your workouts? How did you handle your Free days? I'm a binger, and have a hard time getting back on track after a "cheat" even if its allowed. I'm not ever going to give myself an entire day, just a meal every now and then. I'd be interested to hear though how other people handle it, or if you did it at all?

  • @brpwatson: I am not going to allow myself to have a whole cheat day, oh the damage I can do LOL. I am going to allow myself 3 hours on Sundays. That will be enough time to eat a meal that I have been craving and have a treat and not be hungry. I must NOT have items on hand that will still be there when the 3hrs are up, say like cookie dough.

    ENJOY the process!!! Know that this takes time, Just be committed to doing your best EACH DAY

  • Sounds like I am in the right place!!!   Food is for sure my downfall.  I have two kids (8 & 13) in my house and they only eat a treat after dinner but I must say I was proud of myself for not cheating last night.  In the past I would eat something I wasn't supposed to when no one was around.  But I know that the only person I'm cheating here is myself....

    @run4life - So you messed up a little this week.....  Just be sure to stay FAR FAR AWAY from that stuff...  I've had cookies and Sun Chips (my fav) sitting in our break room at work and everytime I would go in there to fill up my water I just look and tell myself...  I know what that stuff taste's like.  If I really want it I will have it on my cheat days.   Chocolate and cakes have always been my downfall.....   I tell myself that if I can get to my goal weight (want to lose 30 lbs.)  then it's OK to have those things once in a while.  But not like what I used to.

    @bprwatson - I hear you w/ the cheat day.  I am making Saturday's my cheat day (so I will have one less workout this 1st week) but I don't want to go crazy...  I would like to enjoy a few beers or maybe a glass of wine (or two  ;-) ).

    But, I think it's a good idea to give your body a little of what it's craving so it doesn't hold on to the fatty cells thinking that it will never get it again....

    @ crawfish - I agree, I can't have things that are still around after I've gotten my taste for them....  Becuase I will feel the need to eat all of it to be sure it's gone for the start of the next week.   LOL

    Well, I hope everyone has a great Friday.

    Saturday is my Cheat Day (I know, only day 6)  But I am starting my weeks fresh on Sundays....

  • I t hink most of us have struggled with the good food thing.  I read where on BLF'r writes down during the week what she sees or thinks about for her free day, so she doesn't miss any good thing.  I am so determined to get this fat off - that I am doing one cheat meal, not a whole day. The exception is I too enjoy a glass of wine or two. I'm trying to change my attitude toward food from I live to to eat - to I eat to live.  

    I frequently look at my before picture - and that's usually enough to kill my appetite  (^_^)...Best to you all this weekend,


  • @ Proverbs31 - Love it!!!!   Great idea w/ looking at the before picture!!!    

  • About 20 years ago, my wife (at the time) and i went on this strict diet eating only steamed veggies and cleanly prepared food and it was hard but we supported each other (and kept each other from cheating!). The carrot we hung out there to chase was having dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant at the end of the diet time (8weeks). So we ate clean for 8 weeks and lost fat weight and headed to the restaurant for the victory dinner. I vividly remember taking the first few bites and instead of my mouth feeling flooded with the wonderfulness I remembered, it tasted like I took a huge mouthful of lard and was munching on it (even tho I know one can't really "munch" lard). Our mouths and tasted buds had been thoroughly cleaned by eating so clean for the previous weeks that the food I thought I craved turned out to be the last thing my body wanted to ingest.

    We have 11 more weeks to do some cleaning...

  • My day 4 minus one Free day to match this week coming up and I am doing great.  I am also starting to monitor caloric and Grams of Protein, plus carbs and other items this time around.  I need 7 days according to Dr Life with an average caloric count to figure out a base calories required to lose to reach 200lb level. (it's quite a formula he has in his book..The Life Plan, (Dr Life is a former BFL Champion from 2006 I believe).  Today is a LBWO day, my favorite and I will be going for a 415 lb final set lift in the Leg Press exercise with increases in all others as well. I do love LBWO, (not so much the ab stuff but that goes with the line up doesn't it).   I can related to the taste of eating out after eating clean and I vividly remember how salty all of the food tasted on that first meal out after the competition, WOW!  My goal this time around is to reach the 200lb level, with a 18 or 15 % body fat level (10 if possible) and a BMI drop of about 3 full points to score a bonus with my employers health plan as well on the side. wish me luck on this one, I know it will be tough but when the going gets tough the tough get going!!  Hope everyone is doing well so far, Hang in there and Keep Moving Forward!!

  • WPBill -  I am with you on the weight reduction side of goal in my C2 is 10 Kg - 22 lbs or 79,200 calories.

    I set that at the end of C1 and I need 18 more pounds to hit it..but I am expecting several plateaus along the way.  

    I will have to look into the Dr Life book...the approach you mention has me interested (7 days caloric count to figure out base calories...need some insight on how to do that). Great lifts by the way on the  LBWO!

    The eating side is always the hardest for me.

    Seems like eating is the one thing I am able to do until I hit failure  (-:

    Be sort of true over the weekend group but have soem fun too!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!