"We" got this! 12 weeks! holding me accountable!

  • I just finished week one.

    I came in strong and ended strong. I will say this week didnt come easy. I startted BFL a few years back and "fell off the wagon" as most do @ that point...for whatever reason, so needless to say, starting the first week I was alreayd mentally prepared and walking into old ground. It actaully felt really good. I pushed myself every set, every rep. I was wise about what machine, free weights, and cable machines I was going to use. I didnt care what people thought around me as I huffed and puffed each rep out. It was me, my goal, and my ipod cracking on and cracking out

    !My food plan was perfectly inputting in to a great app call "lose it" (highly reccommend this app) . Im not a calorie counter by no means, I just wanted to gage my portions of carbs, protein, and fats within the correct range that BFL recommends, I also incorpated BETAGEN which actually seemed to reduce some muscle soreness for me. And I did! It seems my 6 meals a day were divided into 110 grams of protein, 30 grams of fats, 175-200 grams of carbs. I avg about 1600 cals a day. Now, today is my free day, and I really am enjoying a cookie and a good meal tonight with my husband.

    I will finsih this. I will commit, no matter what obstacle wants to get in my way...because I know tis coming. !!

    I will say planning and preparing your foods was a must for me this week. So I will hold me accoutable to be ready packed by Sunday night and hit the ground running on Monday!

    Happy 12 to you all! Dont give up...!!

    Roe - the newbie on block!

  • Hey Roe,

    Welcome and Congrats!!!  You got this!!


  • Roe,

    Congrats! Stay focused on the program itself focus on the "for life" part and don't let yourself get focused on how much you have not lost. I think most people who do not complete the full 12 weeks is because they have it in their head that the weight is going to come quickly and if they don't see big results halfway through, they quit.

    Any loss is worth celebrating! You will lose body fat, inches and you will gain muscle! Keep at it!!

    I am just starting week 11 in my first challenge and have met my short term goals. I am already ready to start my second challenge to meet my long term goals and then I am hoping to be in maintenance mode from there on.

    Good Luck!




  • Thank you for the encouragment! it is exactly what I needed to hear today!

    Week 2 running strong and clear headed thus far! I actually have tons of energy! I do look very forawrd to my day to eat an unhealthy meal, but I hoping that mindset will come as I start adapting to the new change of eating right for life.

    My workouts have been hard and intense, hitting all my tens. I am eating right everyday, and have been eating every 2-3 hours as reccomended. Patiently waiting for results and will take it one day at a time. I am trusting the program!

  • I'm looking forward to checking back and seeing how you go. I started on 9 April 2012. I'm super determined and like you, i'm going to hit my 10s!  

  • Hi there,

    Just checking in to see how you're doing. I'm just into week 2, completing my lower body workout today. I migrated out of the ladies section to get a few heavier barbells, which was kind of a big deal for me. I'm not sure why. I had a great first week and I'm still holding strong. It is only week 2, so I'm glad I haven't messed it up yet. lol Weekends are the toughest time for me because I"m notorious for blowing a week's worth of progress in one or two days, so it's a big deal that I made it through my first weekend without setting myself back 10 days.

    I hope all is well. I'll keep checking back.

  • thought I would mention this. i'm participating in another thread with a few people. Some experienced, some newbies, like me. If you're interested, you should come have a look. It's January 9ers, C2, and April 9ers C1, let's start this new thread!

  • Hi There:  Congratulations! I started April2-so I'm a week a head.  You have great wisdom!  Stay Focused on your goals. "When You Believe You Can--You Can!!!  Good Luck !

  • Well!! Well! Well!

    Week 3 ended, closed, and shut and I really feel amazing.

    I really have no expectations. Im not expecting to lose pounds per week, or measurements to shrink (hey that rhymes). Im also not in it to win it, but just get up every day and do it day by day.

    It seems to be working fairly well. I am getting stronger, I am sticking to the core plan of BFL, I am giving myself a free day to eat a good hearty meal, with a few m&ms at the movies it I want them!  I am seeing results!

    A few days last week, I was actaully craving veggies alot, and less bread, i hope that holds up!

    I will be posting my 4 week picture and Im a little nervous because my before shot is horrible.....

    stayed tuned...till next week!!


    Annie! - I believe!

    perth- ill check it out

  • Week 4 came to an end and yet another victory!

    I have been inputting my cals in my ihone under my app Lose it and it seems I have been right at 1630 cals a day. Protein has been 130 grams, carbs about 160 and fat 35-45 grams. give or take

    I have dropped 4 lbs of body fat and the scale shows 2 lb loss, which means my lean body mass is getting bigger and my fat is going away!  This is why i DO NOT rely on the scale, because if i was to only lose 2 lbs in 4 weeks, I would feel discourage, but the scale is not the truth.

    I have seen small changes in my waist area @ week 4. and muscle is definitely hidiing out in the mean time.

    Keeping my eye on the prize!

  • End of week 5!!

    yeah! so, It looks like going on a retreat for 2 days having home cooked meal cartered to you, will seriously put a dampering on your will power!!

    Yikes! I had  2 days of eating off track, I did make some good meal choices while on my retreat, but definelty not following the BFl program... the good news...I am back on track as i reutrn back home!!

    I will say!! i ate some amazing fruit pizza and it was worth every bite... I choose to not let a few days break my goal and end result!


  • RockingRoe - you are really doing great...I know what you mean about 2 days of eating off track...sometimes I think it is worth it! Progress not perfection.

    I know you have read me ranting about the poor eating week I had this past week. I gotta tell you 2 of the 4 free day meals this past week were with just my wife and I. I cannot recall when we last did that. I will tell you even thought I knew I was off the BFL eating program those days...it was worth every excess calorie!

    So, now I just will jump back on line with the program. Did it set me back a little bit if I were perfect through all 12 weeks...

    ...probably...but again it was worth it and I know I willl continue my progress in the future weeks ahead...it is for life right.

    Anyway I just wanted to tell you directly on this thread...great job and keep going strong.

    Enjoy week 6!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!