What are the right supplements

  • So, I am starting the challenge - I have done it in the past and got decent results but not great results.  I believe the reason was 1) I wasn't tough on my diet - just ate "generally" well, and 2) I have never done the supplements/vitamins/etc...  This time around I am going to do it all.  However, I am not a health guru and when I look at the supplement options (EAS or any other company) it all looks like greek.  I have no clue what I should or shouldn't take.  Can anyone give some feedback?  

    I am male, age 35, currently 220lbs and 6'2".  I don't have major weight to lose but I need to lean down and tone up.  Thanks for the help!

  • I have used during my last challenge CLA, EAS creatine(not made anymore sadly), and a good multivitamin to help keep the immune system up during those really challenging weeks and workout periods. All of those seemed to help out with my results that time around.