Am I doing this right!!!

  • Hello I am in my first week and I think somewhat that I have been doing pretty good with my meal plan. Please tell me if I am doing anything wrong.


    4 egg white



    3 hrs later

    Protein Shake



    Tuna on Lettuce



    3 hrs later

    Protein Shake



    Chicken ***



    Small Potato

    * I have been using Red Hot (hot sauce) to give flavor to my evening meal. Is that a problem? Thanks for the help

  • You will STARVE if you don't add some more carbs to your lunch and breakfast! Your muscles NEED the boost from the carbs to have the necessary energy.

  • is it okay to mix in RED HOT hotsause to my dinner? i need something to spice up the plain taste. also if i add a piece of wheat toast for breakfast and maybe a 1/2 cup of brown rice for lunch will that do?

  • You need to make sure you have a protein and a carb with every meal.  Yes adding wheat toast to breakfast and brown rice to lunch will work.   What kind of protein shakes?  If they are low carb you will need to add a carb to those also.  A good choice is an apple, strawberries or a cup of fat free yogurt.   Make sure 2 of the meals include a vegetable and you get a source of healthy fat once a day.   It helped me to print off the food list and keep it with me for reference.   Good luck with your challenge!

  • I just noticed that is only 5 meals.  You need to have 6 meals.

    Oh and it's fine to use a little hot sauce.  I use taco sauce when I need a little spice.  Just don't drowned your food in it and it will be fine.

  • I love Red Hot!!!! I chop up my portion of a chicken *** and a stalk of celery and mix it with a portion of brown rice and some red hot. Sooooo good and you get both your carbs and your protein with a flavor kick!!! My go to carbs choices recently have been brown rice (I cook it with chicken broth to give it more flavor), brown rice pasta, Thomas' lite Whole grain English muffins and Orowheat Thin Buns.

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